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No Sex For You, Ever

Giantess Keyholder

Tall Mistress makes it clear to her little man that his orgasms are a thing of the past.

Femdom Keyholder Male Chastity

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Caught Masturbating

Sometime didn’t expect to be caught wanking and is going to have to pay with a caning.


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Madame Brutal

Once again from the pages of Italian comic books. Madame Brutal looks like a dominatrix cum superheroine who fights evil.

Madam Brutal

Madame Brutal

See more comic book femdom.

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The Girls Smiled at His Punishment

Not my kink. I rarely viewed my teachers with much respect and never felt submissive.

I would say the smiles on the faces of the girls are the highly of this spanking sequence.










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His Inflatable Butt Plug


Anal Penetration Therapy

Two drawings of a well-hung strap-on nurse. Femdom Hospital has assigned her to provide your daily anal penetration therapy.



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Suck On It!


Men Are Such Clowns

Yeah, I’m very fond of small men being mocked, discarded and variously used by women.

As always: if I don’t credit an artist I don’t know. Attributions are always appreciated.

And comments are always a delight.

Man Femdom Mistress Clown Plaything

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Sissy Humiliation: Forced Kissing

Mistress laughs at the kissing sissy slaves.


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Becky’s Hot Box

If you look at the bag on the floor you’ll see that Becky is a professional dominatrix.

Doesn’t look like an exciting scene in the making.

Norbert Smutdudley Becky's Hot Box Bill Ward

Norbert Smutdudley?

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