Femdom Artists

Bill Ward: Sissy’s Alcoholic Enema

A Bill Ward dominatrix giving a feminized male slave a whiskey* enema. Or is it merely anal training?


* I have no idea: choose your own preferred beverage.

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YouTube Channel for Strap-on Sex?

Mistress likes to increase the man’s humiliation by streaming their strap-on session on the web.


Slave Man’s Beach Bondage

Hope his Mistress things to move or release him before the tide comes in.



Sex slavery do you supposed? (Drat, now I have the one Pussycat Dolls song I know running through my mind.)

Pussycat Doll-Male-Sex-Slave

Pussycat Doll-Dominatrix

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Spank Him ‘Til He Bleeds

Bleeding Checks, Sidney Harlan

Bill Ward’s copiousness is astounding.


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Closeted Slave Man

A spare closet is handy for keeping a slave man out of the way when not in use.


Collared, Leashed Slave Male

young Femdom couple.


Slave Waiter

This group of mature Dommes prefer their slave men to be young, dumb and full of … muscles.


Mistress Owns His Penis

Mistress reminds the slave man that what rests between his legs belongs to her.


Under Domme’s Boot

Mistress keeps slave man in a position that reminds him of his inferior status in life.