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Whipping a Man’s Testicles

The testicles are the most vulnerable part of a body. No other part of him has such acute, finely tuned pain receptors.

Testicle torment as a stimulant for analingus performance is one of those things I’ve often dreamt of. How about you?

(Of course my fantasy involves pulleys and a leash.)


Frugal folks: generic flyswatters are cheap.

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Bad Boy’s Punishment

I wish the guy being whipped looked older. I’m not comfortable with mother / son imagery in this context. But the basic scene does reach me at a very, very deep level.

Bad boy's belt whipping.

Does this appeal to your punishment fantasies?

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Woman using her wiles and sex appeal to emasculate a man.


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How To Make a Man a Sissy Slave

Seemingly a novel about the enslaving and feminization of a man.


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Making a Man Cry

OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Would you like for a woman to punish you until you break down and cry?

Woman Hairbrush Spanks Man Until He Cries

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Fah Lo Suee

Images of Fu Manchu’s Daughter.

Sax Rohmer’s Fah Lo Suee, the Daughter of Fu Manchu is a good example of the dangerous, manipulative Asian woman. A racial stereotype mostly faded.

Though Lucy Liu …

The best images of Fah Lo Suee are from the early 20th century serial. But they are mostly photographs.


Since I adore Myrna Loy and am a fan of Boris Karloff I enjoyed the series greatly.






Painting by Ron Miller.


Anna Mae Wong played a different daughter of Fu Manchu. I haven’t seen the movie but fear she may be a forced for good.



Katharine Hepburn of all people. I ran across this picture of her as a potentially sinister Asian woman when looking for depictions of Fah Lo Suee.


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When I first saw this cover of Satanix I thought the woman was holding a cane. Clearly she is a deadly sinister female.

Satanix Italian Comic Book

I don’t know what Satanix is gloating about. Probably about the unhappy fate of the man.

Satanix Fumetti

Satanix appears to be a very obscure fumetti. Here’s what little I found about the comic book’s creators:

Magnus (Roberto Raviola pseudonym) was born May 31, 1939 in Bologna. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts where he spends his license in 1961. He made his first comic in 1958 He vendicatore (The Avenger) and He dottor Kastner under the pseudonym Bob Volpe (Bob on Fox). In 1964, he met Max Bunker (Luciano Secchi pseudonym) in the Italian publisher Corno. He signed in the name of Magnus Magnus pictor fecit just another nickname by which he signed early in his career. Together they create a hero to many formats pocket for adults called fumetti neri in Italy with his writer’s appointed time: Max Bunker. Magnus died February 5, 1996.

Other images of Comic Book Femdom.

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Wastrel’s Spanking

A woman uses birch rods to punish her husband for wasting all their money, driving them into bankrupt poverty.


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Worshiping His Maid

Were I able to read the text I might not have posted this image here.

Man Enslaved by Maid

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Omphale Feminizes Hercules

A painting of Omphale’s feminization of Hercules. An even deeper humiliation in classical times than now, especially for a warrior.


Painting by Erika Meriaux

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Men Are Such Pigs

More Strap-on Sex


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Female Assassins

A very violent and bloody Historietas Perversas (Mexican comic book) cover. They’ve certainly worked that poor fellow over.

Femdom Art Female Assassins

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Mystery Package

What is in that package? The woman doesn’t appear to need any spouse, boyfriend punishment instruction or guidance. She has a paddle. Of course Jay Em women enjoy inflicting corporal punishment with belts as well.

Husband spanking instruction guide

Gentle Reader: Do you know what is in that box?

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Sumuru, Female Supremacist

Our Lady, Madonna Sumuru

I’ve only read the first Sumuru novel. Sumurua is the head of an organization, cult devoted to fulfilling her wishes.
Sumuru believes that the world must be ruled by beautiful people. Particularly women. With Sumuru at the apex.


Sumuru was a late creation of Sax Rohmer, a hack author best known for creating Fu Manchu. Superfically Sumuru is like the middle and late Fu Manchu novels. World conquest for the good of the world. Pitiless and ruthless in the pursuit of goals.


Sumuru seems a perfect fantasy object for the admirers of female supremacy.


Continue reading Sumuru, Female Supremacist

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Spanked by Girlfriend

Her girlfriend.


Strict Female Disciplinarian

Every male that she met remembered the severe intensity of her punishments.


Split Knee Spanking

This woman feels there are many fun ways in which to spank a male and is eager to share them all with her sister Mistresses.


Time For His Spanking

A very dominant wife take a submissive man in can for his afternoon corporal punishment.


Prehistoric Origin of Femdom

Cavegirl defeats caveboy at the dawn of homo sapiens.

Prehistoric Femdom Woman Defeats Man

Howard Post cover art.

© DC Comics

More comic book femdom.

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Woman Spanking Man With Belt

As an ignorant your masochists I knew nothing of quirts and tawses. My mind ran riot with a variety of belt spankings and whippings.