Femdom Artists

Time for Punishment

Once again a surprisingly strong woman takes a male in hand to discipline and punish him.

Woman Punishes Male Slave

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18th Century Female Domination

Male servants become woman’s slaves.


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Beware Women with Red Hair

When I was a little boy there was a girl with deeply red hair. I’ve never forgotten how amazing her hair seemed.

Redhead Female Sadist

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Buxom Domme

Pin-up drawing of a dominatrix with huge breasts by Splatpunk.


Naughty Husband’s Spanking


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Sissy at the Beach

The girls at the beach have something to laugh at.


Une Maîtresse

Doesn’t remind me of Maîtresse, the movie. Too generic for me to guess the image’s provenance.

Maitress: French Dominatrix

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Her Beautiful Feet

Foot worship image by Grateful3D.


Trapped in Woman’s Web

I like the womanly web almost as much as the female puppet-mistress. Art by C. Coles Phillips.

Trapped in Woman Seductive Web C Coles Phillips

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Sissy is a Sex Toy

Mistress knows how to get some value out of her sissy slave.