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  • Bibliophile { Gloria Steinem. But she freely acknowledged that she borrowed it from the Australian writer Irina Dunn, who was putting a feminist spin on a line she found in one of her undergraduate text books: "Man needs God like a fish... } – Jul 24, 1:33 PM
  • Rick { Ah yes, the ultimate male humiliation !!!! } – Jul 24, 8:54 AM
  • Ray MacMeeken { I really love this cover or poster photo. Can you imagine what fun she will have. } – Jul 23, 11:40 PM
  • Johnny { A feminists Gloria (something) I don't remember any more..... } – Jul 23, 10:42 PM
  • Throne { Who doesn't like Devil Girls? As a kid I was fascinated by the newspaper comic, HATLO'S INFERNO, by Jimmy Hatlo. I just wish the demons who tormented all the sinners had been female. } – Jul 23, 12:46 PM
  • Tim { And keeping them hydrated, it seems. } – Jul 23, 7:37 AM
  • Sni { Che Lives! } – Jul 23, 3:20 AM
  • Sni { "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" I always remember that quote but I have no idea who came up with it. } – Jul 23, 3:18 AM
  • Sni { I really love this cover art, Thanks for sharing it with us. } – Jul 23, 3:15 AM
  • Sni { I remember buying the first issue of Devilina some years ago, I still have it. I've always thought of it as a really poor knock off of the Warren Comics magazines especially Vampirella on the part of Martin Goodman, but... } – Jul 23, 3:11 AM
  • sizedsmall { The very first erotic image I saw was one of those Nazi female dominatrix magazines. I must've been very very young, but I remember being strangely attracted to the image on the cover. Now I collect femdom erotic art like... } – Jul 22, 9:30 PM
  • Rick { Super idea, will check it out. Thanks. } – Jul 22, 8:06 PM
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Namio Harukawa: Police Woman

Has this man been sentenced to a term of face sitting and smothering in some Femdom jailhouse?


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Namio Harukawa: Blonde Mistress

This seems comparatively mild for Namio Harukawa’s later work. As does the woman’s blonde hair.

Blonde Japanese Sadistic Dominatrix

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Too Tough for Any Man

I think I saw Angels’ Wild Women and typical of exploitation movies the film didn’t live up to the poster copy.

Hot, Hard and Mean …
Too Tough for Any Man!!
They’ll beat ‘em, treat ‘em and eat ‘em alive!

Sadistic female Hell's Angels motorcycle chicks

Sadistic biker chicks isn’t anything I’ve ever fantasized about. Not that I’m anything but open-minded in these matters.

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Pathetic Sissy Husband

Is this their wedding night? Or does she always dress like that to augment her feminized husband’s frustration. She looks happy. He look pathetic. Perhaps she wanted a pathetic sissy husband knowing that he would be easy to control and afford her the pleasure of scornful laughter.


If Pigs Could Fly

What a hilarious and lovely image of female domination.

Can any of you decode the artist’s signature for me?

If Pigs Could Fly Femdom

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Bill Ward: Sissy Flagellation Party

Be a sissy naughty or nice the times comes when his Mistress Owner will entertain herself and friends by having a sissy flagellation party. Often the sissy male slave is drained of all tears and too exhausted to whimper for mercy.


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Psychotic Realism & Latex

The artist who signs his work TDKev says of him self:

After a wonderfully horrid education at the hands of Nuns and Christian Brothers I escaped to attend Chelsea and St Martin’s Art schools before leaving to work on Storyboards, portrait painting and private commissions. I was exposed to “Skin Two” London Fetish Scene and new and varied commissions followed. A fall into a basement led to a strange 10 year obsession, from which I am now mostly recovered, although obsessions of a minor nature remain irresistibly attractive.

Sounds like an interesting guys. Someone to share a few pints with.

Female domination is by no means TDKev’s main theme. But I’ve selected a couple of images of his that are:

Mistress Lara
Mistress Lara Goth Dominatrix

Rachel X
Rachel X Femdom Mistress

© TDKev

Visit TDKev’s blog.

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1,000 Convicts and a Woman (Story of a Nympho)

After reading Forced Gigolos maybe you’ll be in the mood to watch:

1,000 Convicts and a Woman (Story of a Nympho)

White Man … Black Man … any Man!

To the warden’s daughter prison was a giant playpen.

- A Cage full of men -


1000 Convicts Woman Prison Femdom

British sexploitation. Alternate title Fun and Games.

My thanks to Marcos.

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Tough Women

Women Who Defeat, Beat Up Men






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Sissies: Born to Scrub Floors

A sissy maidservant fulfills his basic role, slaving away to give Mistress a spotlessly clean home. And it keeps sissy in the proper position: kneeling.