Femdom Artists

Devil Woman

Bill Alexander, an almost forgotten cover illustrator of erotic paperbacks of what we now think of as the vintage period.

I used to blame the editor or art director for the convoluted, amorphous cover art that many of Unique Books and Wee Hours books have. Now I suspect it was really due to Bill Alexander’s flawed talents. He deserves a place at the table with comics artist Fletcher Hanks and film director Ed Wood. Artists manqué whose very failings leave their works forever lodged in our memories.

Nothing really is known of Alexander other than that he may have been African-American.

Bill Alexander Femdom Devilwoman

This cover is an old favorite. Partly because I don’t know what is happening but mostly for the Devil Woman costume. The Femdom content you ask? How could a woman who dresses like that not engage in the recreational torment of men?

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One Week for Stephen Berg

Images by poser artist Peters1967 for the Femdom ebook One Week for Stephen Berg.





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Hey, Look At My Pathetic Sissy!

Heartless Mistress invites strangers to laugh at her sissy slave.


Femdom Punishment Timer

Surely no dungeon is complete without this handy dominatrix helper.


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Bent Over a Saw Horse Spanking

Do you suppose she puts the saddle on him?


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Everything is Funnier With Laughing Gas


Tight Bondage Straps

Tight straps, her foot on his leash and her foot in his face.

German Femdom Tight Uncomfortable Bondage

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Femdom Art of Paul Kamm

Paul Klamm best known as Paul Kamm also used the pseudonym C. Soulier. A German Femdom S&M and D/s artist of the early 20th century. The quality of his work is variable but never bad. His female sadists – often governesses – are notable for the ferocity of their facial expressions. They whip young men with a terrifying glee and demonic gusto.

Two of his covers:

Paul Kamm German Femdom Art

A touch of sissyfication:

Paul Kamm German Femdom Artist

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Woman’s Dildo Slave


Sissy’s Wear Pink

All sissies show their true nature best when wearing bright pink.


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