Cravings of the Flesh

I wonder if the text of any of the Eros Goldstripe books that Bill Ward illustrated lived up to the covers.

Cravings of the Flesh Eros Goldstripe Paul Black Bill Ward

(Oh, darn, I’ve already posted this.)

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Santa Claus' Mistress

Santa Clause always ends his Christmas chores with his Mistress.

Santa Claus whipped by dominatrix

Once a year? Poor Santa.

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Cuckolded Sissy Husband’s Dog Food Dinner

Poor cuckolded sissy husband would be lucky to be treated like a real dog.


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Wife to Hubby: Drop Your Pants

Wife orders husband to drop pants for a hairbrush spanking.


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Mistress Wears Opera Gloves

When Mistress dons her black opera gloves you know that she is getting ready for some fun.


Artist: Esfenico

Sissyboy Was Too Sweet for Football

Slick Sissies, Forced Feminization Fantasies


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Sissy is a Christmas Present

Elfin girls are dressing a sissy slave for Christmas fun.


Artist: Rocket Dave

Gagged Sissy Slave

With a gag and a little bondage you can keep your sissy slave quiet for as long as you wish.


Sissy’s Public Punishment

Mistress gives a lesson in how to discipline an sissy slave.


Flagellants of Chicago

Flagellants of Chicago

Chicago ProDomme erotica?

Chicago Professional Dominatrix)

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