Femdom Artists

The Dominatrix is Ready to Punish You Now

You are next in line for a beating by Mistress.


Artist: Donfield

Spanish Dominatrix

I’m guessing the woman with a whip is Spanish because that was the nationality of Antonio Bernal Romero, the artist who drew her. This was a 1974 trading card. I wish I were a European.

Spanish Dominatrix Antonio Bernal Romero

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Shirt Ripper


The artist seems to have vanished.

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Femdom Reform School

Strap-on dilos are a novel addition to penology.


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Holiday Spankings

Mistress is offering free whippings and spankings to good submissive males this holiday season.


Artist: Foxmaverick

Trampled & Crushed

A surprisingly bloody drawing by Jim of Germany of a trampling dominatrix who has ruthessly crushed two helpless male slaves.


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The Old Slave Man

Back when Usenet was popular I used to read alt.torture. The newsgroup could be quite disturbing at times. I remember the crazy guys who would post long desperate articles begging to be locked up in a tiny cage forever.

Artist: Placker

A vignette.

Femdom Boot Worship

The drawing expresses the intense feelings of worship a Mistress’ black leather boots inspires in many submissive men.


Unannounced Family Visit

Not that I can read the text.


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Longing for Her

I hope that this illustration of a man thinking of, picturing a woman that he misses might appeal to some of you romantic woman worshippers.

Man Dreams of a Woman He Worships

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