BBW Redhead

BBW Mistress with red hair.


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Facesitting & Masturbation

Forced analingus with a reward. If the bound man’s tongue does due diligence his Mistress strokes his penis. Since she enjoys tease and denial after her last orgasm she doesn’t give him one. Instead she locks him back in his chastity belt.


The Domme on the stool is her Femdom Life Coach.

Japanese Mistress & Her Slaves

Japanese F/m drawings. I know nothing about them except that I really like the second drawing.

Japanese Mistress Female Led Relationship

Japanese Mistress Rides Male Slave

Japanese Mistress Whips Slave

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Domme & Sissy

Mistress enjoying a routine night of sissy corporal punishment and humiliation.


The Invaders

What military organization are these female soldiers part of? Do they honor the Geneva Conventions?

The Invaders Gene Bilbrew

Imagine the Other World Kingdom going to war …

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Kissing Her Breast

What did her slave man do to earn such a reward?


Woman Pinches Her Nipple

Perhaps she is arousing herself.


Initiation at the Femdom Fetish Party

Initiation at the S&M Party

Perhaps you would like to be initiated into Femdom by a Domme at fetish party?


Femdom Anal Ashtray

I burst into laughter when I first saw this picture. Not that I don’t think the situation isn’t demeaning and objectifying. A woman using a man as an ashtray is a classic Femdom situation. Variations are always enjoyable.


BBW Female Dominance

The women’s constant rough handling leaves the hapless man not a moment’s respite.