Strong Wife’s Memorable Spankings

Mistress Wife has strong muscles and lots of endurance. Her submissive husband will remember this spanking all week. Then she will give him a fresh taste of discipline.


Artist: Benitojba

German Politics Spanking

Female-led political imagery.


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Piano Student’s Spanking

Many a piano student has learned to avoid sour notes after a series of firm OTK hand spankings from a mature piano teacher.


Enema Before Spanking

Once for medical reasons this wife had to give her husband an enema. How embarrassed this made him surprised her. And aroused her. She liked seeing being weak and foolish.

This was the firs step in her self-discover: she liked dominating and even being cruel to her husband. Slowly she started restricting his behavior and speech. She assigned him many chores making her life more easy and comfortable.

A naturally submissive male he nervously but helpless responded to the change in his life. Within he was irrevocably enslaved to his wife.

When she has the time she likes to give her husband an enema before spanking him. Celebrating that first step.


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Crimson Butt Spanking

Kid’s behavior had become far far too insolent. She was determined to spank him long and hard until his butt blushed bright crimson.


Bill Ward: Sissy’s Car Window Spanking

If her sissy slave has been annoying or the Mistress Owner has a sadistic impulse her sissy can be spanked if there is a convenient wooded area. The car door with an open window serves as an ex tempore spanking bench. Sissy spanked the trip can continue.


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Get On My Spanking Bench

Young dominatrix puts on a sexy outfit and orders a male slave to a spanking bench. She planning a long and enjoyable evening inflicting pain, listing to a man moan and whimper.


Nightly Female-Led Spanking

Every night at bedtime this Mistress Wife spanks her husband. She wants him to fall asleep conscious that is a submissive husband in a wife-led marriage.


Spanking Bench Bondage Spanking

Every woman should have a spanking bench in at least one room of her house.


Femdom Spanking Art by Endart

Drawings of women spanking and dominating men by the highly celebrated spanking fetish artist, Endart. Endart retired in 2009.



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