Women Spanking Male Masochist

Women engaging in recreational punishment of a masochist. The standing male is a special spanking servant that uses his masculine muscles to help the ladies in inflicting pain. Judging by the masochist’s facial expression they need to redouble their effort. Make him cry.


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Brutal Spanking Bench Punishment

Mistress Owner sits on her slave man to make it hard for him to breath as she punishes him.


Femdom Spanking Machine

Self-powered spanking machine keeps Mistress’ arm from getting tired.

Femdom Spanking Machine

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Venus Spanking Cupid

Goddess Venus spanking Cupid.


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3D F/m Hand Spanking

Submissive man over woman’s lap for his daily morning spanking.


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Matriarchal Police Spanking

In this matriarchal society the officers of the Male Crime Squad are charged with locating male malefactors and punishing them. Men are not citizens and are never put on trial (though the execution by torture of subversive men is broadcast on service similar to YouTube).

Misdemeanors – e.g., – getting in a woman’s way on a public street – merit summary corporal punishment. Spankings are quantified in proportion to the crime and the male’s submissiveness. Mercy is never shown but it is thought prudent to reserve brutality for repeat offenders or outright rebelliousness.

Men are taken to special spanking chambers and locked into the spanking frame. A specialist performing the spanking while another specialist monitors and records the effects of the punishment.


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Hairbrush Spanking

This spanking cartoon looks like it probably dates from the better phase of Bill Ward’s gags and glamour girl work.

Bill Ward Femdom Hairbrush Spanking

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Spanking Rule: 25 Strokes

Obviously the first twenty-five are just a woman. If all these women’s pleasure in spanking men but be requited then he’s in for a very, very long punishment session.


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Wife Gives Husband Red Hot Spanking

Mistress Wife’s firm corporal punishment gives sub hubby a red butt.


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Feminized Male’s OKT Spanking

Interesting illustration. Wonder if there is more than these three drawings.