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Wastrel’s Spanking

A woman uses birch rods to punish her husband for wasting all their money, driving them into bankrupt poverty.


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Split Knee Spanking

This woman feels there are many fun ways in which to spank a male and is eager to share them all with her sister Mistresses.


Time For His Spanking

A very dominant wife take a submissive man in can for his afternoon corporal punishment.


Woman Spanking Man With Belt

As an ignorant your masochists I knew nothing of quirts and tawses. My mind ran riot with a variety of belt spankings and whippings.


Sexy Spanking

A Femdom threesome.


Morning Wake-Up Spanking

Better than coffee.


Cunnilingus Spanking

Do you think the spanking stimulates the action of the man’s tongue?


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Stand & Bend Over For Your Spanking

This position, having him stand and bend over a chair is this disciplinary woman’s favorite position for spanking her boyfriend.


Family Spanking Session

Maternal use of hairbrush to discipline naughty males.


Drop Your Panties For Your Spanking

You can tell that this – sissy? – male dreads the coming corporal punishment.


Shower Brush Spanking

A long-handled shower brush makes for an effective spanking.


Angry Woman Spanking

A familiar style. Can you tell me the name of the artist of this spanking illustration?


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F/m Over-the-Lap Hand Spanking

Dominnat woman spanks a submale while other women watch with enjoyment.


Know anything about this artist?

Forest Spanking

Even deep in the woods the woman can stop and discipline a naughty male with a spanking.


Over the Knee Spanking

Over the knee spanking with a hairbrush seem to be really popular with some folks.

Disciplined domesticity OTK Spanking

I like whips and canes better myself.

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Ping Pong Paddle Spanking

During a game of ping pong the male became too aggressive. She found the paddle a handy cure for his insolence.


Sex Spanking

Bill Ward drawings of a man being made love to by one woman while another whips him.


Grandmotherly Spanking

Grandma demonstrates that no man is so grown up as to not need to be spanked. A peeping tom peers though the blinds watching with envy (that is probably you). I don’t see his signature but surely this must be Franco.


Brotherly Spanking II

A naughty young man laughs mockingly seeing his brother spanked. Soon his gloating will turn to tears as she teaches him the cost of enjoying the suffering of others.


Brotherly Spanking I

Unsure which of the young men were responsible for rowdiness and irresponsible horseplay she takes the easiest option and punishes both males.