OTK Flogging

Another one of Alphonse Friaux’s sadistic women dealing out punishment.

Friaux Femdom OTK Flogging
Over-the-Knee Birching

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4 comments to OTK Flogging

  • Rory Nache

    I love this image–so well-defined, intense, and realistic. The lady seems to be enjoying herself, and that’s always important.

  • Crimson Kid

    A wintertime outdoor spanking scene, with a bare-bottomed boy on the receiving end–but in his case I don’t think that he’s feeling at all chilly back there. I agree that the woman’s happy enthusiasm makes this a highly enthralling scene–I certainly wish I could enter that picture and be that boy for the next ten minutes.

  • eunuch

    Hey what about these guy Nanshakh? I don’t seem him listed.

    • I greatly admire Nanshakh’s talent and enjoy his creations. Long ago I was a member of his Yahoo club back when Yahoo had such.

      By the time I started Femdom Artists Nanshakh had put his images behind the paywall ar Erotic Illusions. When a Femdom artist has a paysite I never use the artist’s work without invitation.

      Elsewhere I did cheat and posted an old favorite.

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