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  • Sni { "My pinkie is bigger than your clit stick, Sissy girl." } – Aug 01, 1:21 AM
  • Sni { Not to mention kills the same man through massive and sudden blood loss, But that's probably her intention anyways. } – Aug 01, 1:19 AM
  • sizedsmall { This would be one of my persistent nightmare fantasies. } – Aug 01, 12:09 AM
  • Rick { WoW !!!!! "Out of This World" !!!! } – Jul 31, 5:31 PM
  • martin { superbe dominatrice } – Jul 31, 4:06 PM
  • Sni { Bare hint of a smirk there, Just a twich on her upper left lip but nothing else. A little bit of amusement in regards to her slave's length? his begging? his lack of endurance? The unique tic tac toe pattern... } – Jul 31, 1:40 PM
  • Sni { A nice period piece that seems to typify everything I love about NOIR. } – Jul 31, 1:20 PM
  • Throne { Voloh is SO naughty and has SUCH a vivid imagination. Imagine a grown man having to take lessons while a harsh instructress criticizes his technique and weight. And the entire time his penis is shamefully displayed. } – Jul 30, 9:58 PM
  • bob kenn { hello. please send info on skye piblications you have for sale. thanks. bk } – Jul 30, 3:09 PM
  • Missy { Please add me to the list. Would love to meet like-minded, kindred spirits. Hugs, Missy } – Jul 30, 11:47 AM
  • martin { superbe } – Jul 29, 2:49 PM
  • Frank { I think he is about to learn about financial domination! He will soon be a money slave. Believe me, I know. } – Jul 29, 1:52 PM
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Schoolmistress’ Cane

Alphonse Friaux was a very obscure European – possibly of Polish descent – fetish artist who worked during the early 20th century. His theme was schoolteachers and governesses exacting corporal punishment on their young charges. The sadistic women often have an expressed of crazed glee.

Schoolmistress Canes Boy by Alphone Friaux.

What do you think of the Femdom artwork of Alphonse Friaux?

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