Humbled Male

Submission can often become peaceful even if a little confusing and overwhelming.

Bernard Montorgueil Humbled Submissive Male

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  • I like to see these unfamiliar Montorgueils. Thanks, Richard. This is a particularly nice one…and it’s almost as if he is portraying a Barbara Steele type of female, although I know he did these pictures long before Miss Steele ever came on the scene. They’re from the 30s and 40s, right?

    The streak of white in her hair reminds me of the coiffures in two classic horror films: Bride of Frankenstein, and Blood of Dracula. The latter film, from the 50s (you’ve probably seen it), was interesting in that it had lesbian overtones with a older female mad scientist at a girls’ school taking control of an unruly, unhappy new student. I recently saw it for the first time and was amazed at its subtext, like something out of a paperback illustrated by Stanton or Bilbrew.

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