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Happy Valentine’s Day

Will your girlfriend or wife gives you a spanking today?

Submissive Boyfriend Spanked on St. Valentine's Day

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Extraterrestrial Spanking

In outer space no one can hear you whimper and beg for mercy.

Outer Space Femdom Spanked by Alien Women

I like light blue skin. When will skin dying become a fad?

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Bedtime Spanking

I discovered Banjo by his Yahoo! Group. He was the first F/m artist that I encountered who used 3D rendering software.

Banjo was an amible and prolific artist so specialized in F/m corporal punishment, especially hairbrush and hand spankings.

He wrote me asking if I’d like to preview his new site but I never heard from him again.

Below is a sequence of a young man getting a bedtime spanking at the ahnds of his girlfriend or wife.










I first heard from Banjo when he offered his answer to my question about Choosing a Hairbrush for Spankings.

Applicant’s Spanking

Female Led Workplace Spanking

His response to discipline in one of the first tests a prospective male employee undergoes.


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Spanked & Soaped

Did your boyfriend say something you didn’t like. After you spank him wash his mouth out with soap.

Woman Mouth Soaps Submissive Boyfriend After Spanking Him

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Girlfriend Punishes Boyfriend

Girlfriend? Boyfriend?

I don’t know. Anymore than I do with the entries that mention Mistress Wife and subhubby.

Maybe these people hooked up on Craigslist or Alt.com for one night of BDSM.

Boyfriend Punished Dominated by Girlfriend

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Spanked Cuckold

I assuming that having spanked her husband (or boyfriend) the woman is telling him to get out of the room so she can spend time with her female lover. Otherwise as far as I know cuckoldry was not one of Banjo’s themes.


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Female Sadist with Hair Brush

This is perhaps the illustration of Banjo’s that I enjoy best. Because I am able to feel that she is a genuinely sadistic woman who enjoys spanking and beating men.

Sadistic Woman Hairbrush Spanking

Sincerity is an important virtue for sadists.

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Employee Evaluation Spanking

Female Led Workplace Spanking

How one female executive communicates her evaluation of employee performance.


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He’s Late for Work

Spankophile Employment Policy

If being late for work would get you a spanking you’d never arrive on time. Then you’d get fired.

Mistress Boss Spanks Employee

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Femdom Barbeque

Frugal BDSM: common kitchen items – in this case a spatula – can be used to punish a wayward male. Or just hit him for fun.

Female Led Barbecue Mistress Wife Spanks Husband with Spatula

What did this poor man do wrong?

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Mouth Soaped & Spanked

What did the man say to motivate the woman to make him wash his mouth out with soap?

Femdom Mouth Soaping Punishment

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Corner Time

Never have found the idea of being made to stand in a corner interesting. A stock or cage or even some nice chains and cuffs.



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Spanking Party

And she’s just the first. Imagine how red his buttocks will be when all of the women have applied a firm hand.

Femdom  Public Spanking Party

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Mistress Traffic Cop

If speeding got you a spanking you’d become a reckless driver wouldn’t you?

Dominatrix Police Officer

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Motivational Spanking

Female Led Workplace Spanking

On the first day of a man’s employment he’s given motivation to perform well.


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I’m Not Your Girlfriend

She is your Mistress, Goddess or Owner. Not your Girlfriend.

You are her slave or male submissive. But not her boyfriend.

How does that make you feel?

Mistress Is Not Sub Male's Girlfriend

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Kidnapped Cop

Why did these women abduct a police officer. Did he write her a ticket that she felt was undeserved?

Femdom Dominatrix Kidnaps Police Officer

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Beware Her Hairbrush

I remember that years ago I was quite captivated by this severe looking woman with a hairbrush.


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The Return of Banjo

Banjo, the Australian Female/male spanking artist who vanished from view a few years back is producing new art and posting it on a Blogspot blog:

Banjo’s BBS

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