Femdom Artists

Bill Ward: Sissy Male in Tears

Why is the sissy male weeping?


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Sissy Water Torture

Bill Ward Mistress subjecting a bound sissy male to a weird form of water torture. What is her purpose? What will be the effect?


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Bill Ward’s Belinda

Cover to a sadomasochistic graphic novel.

Bill Ward Belinda

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Bill Ward: Men are Like Dogs

This reminds me of a Robert Bishop drawing in which the human male slave and a dog were begging their Mistress for a can of dog food that she was opening.


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Bill Ward: Whipped to Shreds

Brutal dominatrix whip rips through a man’s clothing.


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How a Secretary Dominates Her Boss


Bill Ward: Island Bondage

When the man washed up on the beach the island woman made him her slave.


Bill Ward: Tease & Denial

He will be permitted to service her but never will she allow him to take off his chastity pants.


Sissy Man Wearing a Bra

Dominant wife demands that her submissive husband wear a bra at all times. A mild scene for Bill Ward.


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Nurse Hates Male Masturbation

I understand why Nurse Chastity has bound his hands and body. But why force the man’s eyes open?