Cravings of the Flesh

I wonder if the text of any of the Eros Goldstripe books that Bill Ward illustrated lived up to the covers.

Cravings of the Flesh Eros Goldstripe Paul Black Bill Ward

(Oh, darn, I’ve already posted this.)

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Limousine Spanking

Man spanked by his Mistress in her limousine.


Sissy’s Disciplinary Whipping

Bill Ward drawing of a sissy being brutally punished by Mistress.


Sissmale Slave’s Torment

What do two Bill Ward dominatrices do for fun on a quiet evening? Torment and degrade a helpless sissy slave.


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Woman Leads Man to Her Torture Dungeon

Sadistic woman leads a man to a dungeon where all of the spectacularly bizarre tortures drawn by Bill Ward await.


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Husband’s Black Eye

Two-fisted wife controls her husband’s reality.

Bill Ward Femdom Mistress Wife

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Ropes of Lust

He Was a Sexual Beast!!

Ropes of Lust, Bill Ward art.

She had ways to chain his savage lusts!

Looks like the masked dominatrix uses manacles instead of ropes or chains.

The cover copy makes it sound like an orgasm denail, enforced chastity novel but that is unlikely.

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Outré Femdom Ceremony

Coven? Cult of female superiority? Weird woman worship? What is this strange ceremony about?


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Bill Ward: Sissy’s Alcoholic Enema

A Bill Ward dominatrix giving a feminized male slave a whiskey* enema. Or is it merely anal training?


* I have no idea: choose your own preferred beverage.

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Spank Him ‘Til He Bleeds

Bleeding Checks, Sidney Harlan

Bill Ward’s copiousness is astounding.


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