Femdom Art Comments

  • Richard { In the last couple of years I have seen so much erotic art with ten gallon breasts and five feet cocks that Ward's exaggerations have come to see pretty mild. } – Jul 27, 7:25 PM
  • bootlicker { Reminiscent of Ilsa in Siberia, perhaps? Cossack, by the way, with two "c"s. } – Jul 27, 7:09 PM
  • bootlicker { The posters are more exciting than the film. If only the producers would start with the posters, then make a movie which reflects that image, the films would be great! Of course, they'd never get past the censors, but we... } – Jul 27, 7:07 PM
  • bootlicker { I agree, Richard, that Ward's "G-cup" breasts are unrealistically exaggerated, and they ruin most of his cartoons. Even though most Femdom situations are by nature unrealistic in our society, we can dream about them under the "accept [just] ONE impossible... } – Jul 27, 7:01 PM
  • Rick { "Party-PartY" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! } – Jul 27, 2:40 PM
  • Timothy { thanks for pointing out the safety pin through his erect penis head...such exquisite torture...Tormentress displays Her succulent full breasts to add to his deprivation and suffering ...beautiful! } – Jul 27, 8:02 AM
  • Timothy { especially love sub's face forced to worship toilet bowl while Dominatrix's foot and/or shoe pushes slave down deep into toilet !! } – Jul 27, 7:52 AM
  • Timothy { Such delicious torment for sub/slave as he is suspended by his nipples now stretched to their max and his hard penis under going forced elongation. Goddess derives great amusement as Her girl friend tramples slave in mid air. his suffering... } – Jul 27, 7:48 AM
  • martin { j'adore } – Jul 27, 3:55 AM
  • martin { j'aimes bien } – Jul 27, 3:54 AM
  • sissywayne { @littlekippy...Don't feel bad. There are a lot of "small" guys everywhere you go. For example... I've had prostate cancer, went thru radiation therapy and most everything else. At any rate, my little dickie is so small a person would barely... } – Jul 27, 12:53 AM
  • Timothy { Bound slave will be there for a VERY long time. his gorgeous round and firm ass will be available for a VERY long time. his penis will be bound for a VERY long time. his bondage is complete! } – Jul 26, 11:34 PM
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Dominatrices Revenge

Glossy, full color image of Bill Ward dominant female sadists in their dungeon.


Bill Ward: Crawling on His Hands and Knees

Bill Ward drawing of a woman making a man crawl on his hands and knees in public.

Must have been hell on his pants.


Bill Ward: Sissy Flagellation Party

Be a sissy naughty or nice the times comes when his Mistress Owner will entertain herself and friends by having a sissy flagellation party. Often the sissy male slave is drained of all tears and too exhausted to whimper for mercy.


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Bill Ward’s Lady Leather

Lady Leather appears to be a cruel and demanding Mistress who favors feminizing her male slaves.

Bill Ward Lady Leather Art

Bill Ward Art: Lady Leather

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Hairbrush Spanking

This spanking cartoon looks like it probably dates from the better phase of Bill Ward’s gags and glamour girl work.

Bill Ward Femdom Hairbrush Spanking

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She Beats Him With a Board

A Bill Ward drawing of a woman being a man with a board that has a nail in it. Over the top but I know some of you have brutal, thanaterotic fantasies.

Bill Ward Dominatrix Board

Leather Lovers

Her breasts are so huge it is hard to believe she can stand up straight. Not that the idea of kneeling before a woman, arms and legs bound isn’t exciting. The top of a presumably New York skyscraper is an odd choice of venue.

Leather Loves : femdom novel.

What do you think of how the dominatrix is drawn?

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Bill Ward: Sissy’s Confusion

Mistress is training a new sissy slave. To keep the feminized male’s mind malleable she is keeping it confused. Gentleness is followed by sadism. Sweetness alternates with suffering. He cannot anticipate anything and surrendering to being wholly the creature of his Mistress Owner’s will.


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Bill Ward’s Woman Worship

From the better part of Bill Ward’s glamour cartoon period.

Bill Ward Big Breasted Dominatrix Goddess Worship

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Husband’s Black Eye

Two-fisted wife controls her husband’s reality.

Bill Ward Femdom Mistress Wife

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