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Woman Leads Man to Her Torture Dungeon

Sadistic woman leads a man to a dungeon where all of the spectacularly bizarre tortures drawn by Bill Ward await.


Feminized Man’s Hot Enema

Bill Ward drawing of a sadistic woman giving an enema to a man that she’s feminized.


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Feminization, Tease & Denial Bondage Costume

A special bondage outfit that combines male chastity with feminization. Mistress seems to enjoy teasing her slave.


Bill Ward: Feminization Mistress

Bill Ward Mistress Sissyfies Her Slave

Bill Ward Feminization Mistress

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Forced Coprophagia?

I’ve ponded this Bill Ward drawing for weeks and that is the only interpretation that seems to make sense …


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Bill Ward: Feminized Man Brutally Whipped

Two Bill Ward sadistic woman feminize a man and subject him to a brutal beating.


Sharp High Heels & Cunnilingus

Scenes like this always make me think of Kitten Natividad screaming “More Tongue!”


Sex Spanking

Bill Ward drawings of a man being made love to by one woman while another whips him.


Feminizing Bruce

Bill Ward cover to a sissification, forced transvestism story.


Getting En Femme

Bill Ward drawing of two women helping a man change into his girlie clothes.


She’s His Daddy

Vintage Bill Ward transvestism gag.


Bill Ward’s Crafty Dames

Femdom? Professional domination?

Bill Ward drawing a woman on a throne would certainly suggest the former. And the viewer can see what he wishes.

Crafty Dames suggests that at the very least these women are manipulators of men.

Bill Ward's Crafty Dames

This is tame for a Unique Book. Often the cover art was kinky in a baffling way that was more confusing than arousing.

Write your own story.

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Her Mink Coat’s “Sponsor”

From Bill Ward’s glamour gag period. When this market collapsed he had to accept lower paying assignments. This lead to his high volume of Femdom artwork.


Chained Penis Stretching

This dominatrix has that helpless man’s completely bound with those chains. That gear and pulley mechanism will enable her to inflict the most horrifying CBT.


She Would Become a Money Mistress

This moment was the first step in this woman’s future success as a financial dominatrix.


Mr Curtis is All Tied Up

Bill Ward F/m bondage cartoon.


Bill Ward: Two Women & One Man

These two Bill Ward devil dolls have decided to spent Sunday tormenting and spanking this hapless male.

He met them Saturday night at a bar. Flattered and aroused by their

attentions he drank too much bourbon and became easy prey for their cruel games.


Penis Truncheon

That hard rubber truncheon can certainly bash and crush the feminized penis into permanent uselessness. But the dominatrix will probably restrain herself. Novel and terrible torments will require a functional phallus. Her restraint is not mercy.


Bill Ward: She’s Got a Big Strap-On

This Bill Ward dominant woman has a massive strap-on. That helplessly bound man will be pounded silly. While his face expresses distress his penis proves his real excitement.


Hung Like a Worm

When the naked young woman spoke those words she changed this man forever. Never again would he be able to sustain an erection.