Bill Ward: Island Bondage

When the man washed up on the beach the island woman made him her slave.


Bill Ward: Tease & Denial

He will be permitted to service her but never will she allow him to take off his chastity pants.


Sissy Man Wearing a Bra

Dominant wife demands that her submissive husband wear a bra at all times. A mild scene for Bill Ward.


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Nurse Hates Male Masturbation

I understand why Nurse Chastity has bound his hands and body. But why force the man’s eyes open?


Bill Ward: Femdom Prison Punishment

Bill Ward female prison guard giving a male prisoner one of his several daily beatings.

femdom drawing prison beating

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Bill Ward: Getting Sissy Dressed

Two women preparing a feminized male for a sissy party. What can be more fun than to demonstrate how gifted your are in the art of sissification and show off your latest sissy slave.


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Sissy Cliffhanger

Will sissy escape? Come back to this theater next week for the final exciting chapter of The Woman Who Hated Sissies!


This reminds me that I still have a few serials that I should finally watch.

Female Demons

Being ridden like a horse can be pretty exciting but that is certainly the scariest riding crop I’ve ever seen. (“No available in stores” I’m sure.) Like many Ward women she does indeed look demonic if not top-heavy.

Female Demons

Is this something you’d like to experience? What do you think of the drawing.

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Male Sissymaids Serving Their Mistress

It would be humiliating to wear that frilly headgear in any circumstances.


Watching Femdom Porn

Is what the woman is showing the man something he experienced, his future or just what arouses him sexually.