Male Sissymaids Serving Their Mistress

It would be humiliating to wear that frilly headgear in any circumstances.


Watching Femdom Porn

Is what the woman is showing the man something he experienced, his future or just what arouses him sexually.


Woman Trips Man for Fun

You know a woman is really sadistic if she makes a waiter fall just for her own amusement.


Whipping Men for Entertainment

Imagine a woman accusing an innocent man so she can enjoy seeing him be whipped.

Women Whip Man

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Handbook for Slaves

How did the British Edition of Handbook for Male Slaves differ from the American (or whatever)?

Handbook for Male Slaves

I don’t know if Victor Bruno was the author’s real name. But that name also appears on some femdom fiction: Pride and Punishment, Bianca’s Island, Prisoners of Pleasure, Barbaria. Slave state of the 21st Century .

The estimable Ms. Christine has some of these for sale.

If you know anything about the book – or Victor Bruno – please leave a comment.

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His Bleeding Butt Cheeks

Bleeding Cheeks, Sidney Harlan

Bill Ward Femdom spanking art.


Kneeling in Worship Before Her Throne

Bill Ward drawing of a bound man kneeling before a woman’s throne and kissing her shoes.


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Bill Ward BBC Cuckold

I don’t really favor modifying an artist’s work. Somehow I don’t imagine Bill Ward (but those of you who put captions on Sardax need to stop). And I know how many of you have BBC cuckold fantasies.


Cuckolded Husband’s Ultimate Fate

This seems to be a common endpoint for those fantasies – often published online as memoirs – of being cuckolded.

Cuckold Husband Forced Fellatio

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Dominatrices Revenge

Glossy, full color image of Bill Ward dominant female sadists in their dungeon.