Femdom Artists

Being Whipped For the Pleasure of It

Historical consensual erotic flogging.


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F/m Over-the-Lap Hairbrush Spanking

Ledagram F/m hairbrush spanking cover.

Ledagram magazine F/m hairbrush spanking.

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Woman Spanking Man With Belt

As an ignorant your masochists I knew nothing of quirts and tawses. My mind ran riot with a variety of belt spankings and whippings.


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Spanked & Masturbated

Historical F/m spanking illustration.


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Administering firm discipline to her stepson with her hand.

Stepmother spanks her stepson

Do you wish she was your stepmother?

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Vintage Domestic Discipline

I don’t recognize the artist of this domestic discipline drawing.

Vintage Femdom Domestic Discipline

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F/m Over-the-Lap Hand Spanking

Dominnat woman spanks a submale while other women watch with enjoyment.


Know anything about this artist?

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Women Spanking Male Masochist

Women engaging in recreational punishment of a masochist. The standing male is a special spanking servant that uses his masculine muscles to help the ladies in inflicting pain. Judging by the masochist’s facial expression they need to redouble their effort. Make him cry.


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Historic F/m Punishment

Historical scene of two dominant women discipline a man with corporal punishment.


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Barbara O’Toole

I’ve been meaning to get around to Barbara O’Toole for some time. I recalled her main theme being men embarrassed by finding themselves naked in front of women (CFNM) with a special subset of medical examination humiliation.


But I discover that she produces quite a bit of domestic discipline style spanking art.


© Barbara O’Toole

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