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Spanked by Girlfriend

Her girlfriend.


Strict Female Disciplinarian

Every male that she met remembered the severe intensity of her punishments.


Split Knee Spanking

This woman feels there are many fun ways in which to spank a male and is eager to share them all with her sister Mistresses.


Time For His Spanking

A very dominant wife take a submissive man in can for his afternoon corporal punishment.


Woman Spanking Man With Belt

As an ignorant your masochists I knew nothing of quirts and tawses. My mind ran riot with a variety of belt spankings and whippings.


Sexy Spanking

A Femdom threesome.


Morning Wake-Up Spanking

Better than coffee.


Secret of a Happy Marriage

Marital advice from a 17th century German woodcut.

Beat Your Husband for a Happy Marriage

Entire original:

BDSM Happy Marriage

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Repentant Submissive Man

You can tell by force of will alone she could induce a man to repent his behavior. But she believes punishment insures that his repentance is genuine.


Bound Man Whipped With Cane

Man tied to bondage framed and whipped with a cane.

I’ve seen a few F/m corporal punishment drawings by this artist but have no idea of his name.


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How to Spank Your Boyfriend

Her boyfriend needed a firm lesson, a spanking. But she was uncertain of how she should go about it. A willing friend well experienced in punishing men offered to give the young woman a few lessons in instilling respect and obedience in a male.


Family Spanking Session

Maternal use of hairbrush to discipline naughty males.


Drop Your Panties For Your Spanking

You can tell that this – sissy? – male dreads the coming corporal punishment.


Shower Brush Spanking

A long-handled shower brush makes for an effective spanking.


Mature Woman’s Hairbrush Discipline

She’s seeking to insure that this man will never again dare to be disobedient or insolent.


Angry Woman Spanking

A familiar style. Can you tell me the name of the artist of this spanking illustration?


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Her Hairbrush Hurts

F/m Hairbrush Spanking


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F/m Over-the-Lap Hand Spanking

Dominnat woman spanks a submale while other women watch with enjoyment.


Know anything about this artist?

Bride Spanks Groom

Marital Spanking Drawing

Dominant bride begins her female-led marriage by spanking the groom.

I’ve seen other drawings by this artist without learning his name.


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Spare Bed Becomes Femdom Punishment Room

A special place for disciplining and punishing naughty, disobedient submissive males. He can be left their for extended periods of time the better to anticipate his forthcoming corporal punishment and lecture.


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