Femdom Artists

Wife to Hubby: Drop Your Pants

Wife orders husband to drop pants for a hairbrush spanking.


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Spanking Wives Club

A group of dominant women who gather to punish their submissive males. The women aid one another ind developing superior spanking technique. The males more humiliated by public exposure.

disciplinary spanking wives club

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Stern Spanking Mistress

This strict Mistress’ painful disciplinary spankings are legendary among submissive men.


Artist: Photino

Alice in Femdom Wonderland

The paddled begged Alice, “Use me hard and long.”


Artist: Badfranz

Naughty Husband’s Spanking


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Richard’s Domestic Training

Richard obviously lives in a totally female-led universe. So he is being trained to be the submissive male servant of a demanding dominant woman.

His behavior must be flawless in all respects. Especially in his domestic chores. Here he is punished for failing for imperfection in making the bed.





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Being Whipped For the Pleasure of It

Historical consensual erotic flogging.


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F/m Over-the-Lap Hairbrush Spanking

Ledagram F/m hairbrush spanking cover.

Ledagram magazine F/m hairbrush spanking.

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Woman Spanking Man With Belt

As an ignorant your masochists I knew nothing of quirts and tawses. My mind ran riot with a variety of belt spankings and whippings.


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Spanked & Masturbated

Historical F/m spanking illustration.


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