Femdom Fun: Electric Cattle Prod

Electric Prod Training


Femdom Alien Abduction

The sample earthling men proving satisfaction the alien dominatrices returned to Earth and enslaved the entire male population.


Cruel Women’s Sadistic Game

This has a number of elements frequently used by EmmaS but no signature.


Tears of a Punished Slave

A mouse impartially observes the weeping slave man’s punishment. Seeing the rodent’s indifferent gaze only reinforces his sense of his insignificance as a chattel.


Femdom Breath Control

Breath control gives a Domme a keen and vivid sense of the absolute power she holds over slave men.


Father & Son Enslaved Together

The Mistress special ordered a father and son pain of slave men. What exceptional degradation does she have planned for the pair?


Cruel Femdom Game

Cruel women make beating a hooded male slave into a game. After all of them have a whack at the helpless man the ask him who performed what torture. If he answers correctly his torment ends. Otherwise another sequence of punishment begins.

Of course he can never know the answer. So the women torment and beat him until they grow bored of watching his helpless wriggling.


Amazon’s Pain Slave

This forlorn man has been sold to a particularly cruel group of Amazons. His whimpers and wails will provide public entertainment for a very long time.


Enema Degradation

One male slave suffers the most disgusting and degrading punishment Mistress could conceive.


$1.00 Sissy Blowjob

Dissatisfied with her sissy slave’s recent behavior Mistress subjects the pathetic creature to public degradation.