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Mistress: Win a Free Male Slave

This issue of The Modern Slave was offering a male slave as a prize back in 2010. I suspect that is a frequent contest as it is a sure circulation builder.


Mistress Mariko Hei

I suspect that when the Asian dominatrix’s face is in reponse she looks innocent. But once she has a man bound and helpless in her dungeon her hungry cruel comes to the fore.


Twin Dominatrices

Double the sadism. Double the pain.


Miniature Male Slaves


Decades from now one of Femdom Hospital’s research clinics will perfect the science of male miniaturization.

Women will literally be able to convert men into playthings. The men will probably spend time kept in small cages since even a common housecat will become a danger for the poor little things.

While there is no oblivious use for a miniature male the creative women of the future will surely employ them in novel if horrifying new ways.

Women Use Man as Target for Tomato Throw

On an idle whim women put a man in bondage and bombard his face with rotten tomatoes.


Feminized by Female Sadists

This foolish man thought his will was too strong to allow these two sadistic Dommes to turn him into a sissy. The welts along his body testify to the vigor with which the women broke that will. Now broken he accepts that he will begin to wear dresses. He’ll learn to apply cosmetics himself and keep his body and face shaven and clean.


Femdom Darts

Perhaps you recall the Eric Stanton story in which two women use a man’s butt as a target for a game of darts.

Women Use Man's Ass as Target for Darts

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Sissy Brother’s Cruel Sister

This sissy male and his cruel sister never felt any kindness for one another when growing up. She is now in charge and devoid of all family feeling. She will enjoy making her sissy brother’s life unending shame and pain.


Femdom Art of Emma S.

It has been quite awhile since I last posted some of the dark, grim illustrations of Emma S.




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Emma S.: More Femdom Art

Originally I intended to post some of Emma S.’s more intense – perhaps horrific is the right word – art. What I have must be buried in a forgotten directory. But this is enough.

Some might look at these images and in revulsion and horror say they are not sexy. I know what such a viewer means. But the wellspring of all Femdom art is masochism. And some masochists have have terrifying dreams.




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Male Slave Pulling Mistress’ Cart

Male slave as draft animal appeared in Venus in Furs. Cart and wagon pulling is exciting.





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Enslaved by Alien Women

More Outer Space Femdom

An earth man helpless and in the clutches of green-skinned alien women. What do those light rodes do?

Man Enslaved By Alien Dominant Women from Outer Space Femdom

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Male Slaves & Dogs

Both fighting with a dog over food and having a testicle leash attached to a dog’s collar are degradation fantasies I’ve had.

Male Slave Fights Dog for Food

Male Slave Runs Testicles Leashed to Dog Collar

Male Slave in Metal Head Cage

Spherical metal head cages and bondage “mittens” are easy to buy. The other apparatus isn’t.

Male Slave Metal Head Cage Bondage Mitts

Male Slave Electro Torture Metal Head Cage

Male Slaves in Cages

Men in cages. Where they belong? Where you wish you were?

Male Slave Locked in Cage

Male Slave Sold in Cage

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