Only For Money

Professional dominatrices? I don’t know. Since the artist is Eric Stanton we can feel fully licensed to assume they are women who would enjoy doing pleasurably cruel things to men like us.

Eric Stanton ProDomme

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Party Talk

No Femdom thrills here you say? Since this is an Eric Stanton cover we can assume the women will have the men on their knees before long.

Eric Stanton Femdom Party Talk

I think Stanton rented that green dress from Bill Ward.

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Late Eric Stanton

I don’t know what the title of this sequence was.



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Amazon appears to be a ‘zine for devotees of big and strong, even gigantic women.

Amazon Giantess

I’d like to see covers of other issues.

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Eric Stanton: Mummification

Is she a giantess or have they been minaturized?

Eric Stanton Image Mummification

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Polishing Her Boots

Wonder what this Eric Stanton boot polishing cartoon is from.


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Women Beats Man With Umbrella

After ripping off the cloth covering a woman punishes a man with the naked umbrella spokes.

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Having found some new material I’m updating the Eric Stanton Archive.

She Dominates All Men

Eric Stanton’s sadistic women often take time to peform especially cruel acts on the buttocks of the men they enslave. I particularly remember a couple of women who used one man’s but as a dartboard.

Eric Stanton : She Dominates All Men.

You are wishing some woman would do this to you, aren’t you?

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Pinned to the Ground

This drawing of a woman pinning a guy to the ground always makes me smile because Stanton supposedly had a fairly Amazonian wife to whom he was very happily married.

Amazon pins man to ground.

Would you like to be pinned under someone like that?

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Eric Stanton Domme’s Castration Party

Imagine the Femdom deviltry that would ensue of Eric Stanton’s dominant women gathered together.