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  • Ray MacMeeken { Can't get enough of the great Giantess drawings and photos. } – Jul 29, 3:31 AM
  • Ray MacMeeken { I love this drawing. } – Jul 29, 3:30 AM
  • sissywayne { To me, she seems that she has done this many times to this slave and many others, so she really has no emotions one way or the other concerning the slave. When the women do take over.....and many, many years... } – Jul 28, 11:54 PM
  • sissywayne { To me, the wall thing looks like "scissors" or "claws" that have him tight so that there is a little blood coming out. The shoes are really sweet. He can't step on either foot, the spike's will tear into the... } – Jul 28, 11:47 PM
  • sizedsmall { I love the concept here, but all his males are ugly gargoyles, not real men. } – Jul 28, 9:41 PM
  • Sni { A terrified looking sissy with an erect clitstick. Always a perfect combination. } – Jul 28, 2:26 AM
  • Sni { Yeah the female vampires in Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel were far more memorable, especially the way they dominated Jonathan Harker and nearly drained him dry in the original story. } – Jul 28, 2:11 AM
  • Sni { I remember reading that story in Greek Mythology, I also remember one from Norse Mythology in which Thor had to be disguised in a dress and veil as a bride to a giant who couldn't wait to make love to... } – Jul 28, 2:04 AM
  • Sni { "Whip must have her 'pussy' douched once a week." "Whip must never play with same pussy without Goddess's permission." "Whip must never try to milk herself or give herself a ruined orgasm, only Goddess can do that." "Whip may however... } – Jul 28, 1:50 AM
  • Throne { Perhaps her goal is to get him addicted to this. } – Jul 27, 9:33 PM
  • Throne { If he still possesses any self esteem, a good long face-sitting from her will eliminate it. } – Jul 27, 9:31 PM
  • Richard { In the last couple of years I have seen so much erotic art with ten gallon breasts and five feet cocks that Ward's exaggerations have come to see pretty mild. } – Jul 27, 7:25 PM
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Women Beats Man With Umbrella

After ripping off the cloth covering a woman punishes a man with the naked umbrella spokes.

My thanks to CC for the image.


Having found some new material I’m updating the Eric Stanton Archive.

She Dominates All Men

Eric Stanton’s sadistic women often take time to peform especially cruel acts on the buttocks of the men they enslave. I particularly remember a couple of women who used one man’s but as a dartboard.

Eric Stanton : She Dominates All Men.

You are wishing some woman would do this to you, aren’t you?

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Pinned to the Ground

This drawing of a woman pinning a guy to the ground always makes me smile because Stanton supposedly had a fairly Amazonian wife to whom he was very happily married.

Amazon pins man to ground.

Would you like to be pinned under someone like that?

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Eric Stanton Domme’s Castration Party

Imagine the Femdom deviltry that would ensue of Eric Stanton’s dominant women gathered together.


Punishing Disobedience

I’m a bit puzzled by the sequence. She has a riding crop or cane, then a belt but ends up using her hand.

Not that those details really matter. Stanton’s great quality is the sense of authenticity. You are convince of the reality of the situation.

Mistress Whips Disobedient Male

She Whips Disobedient Male

Woman Spanks Disobedient Male

Again, my thanks to Lobojack for the images.

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Eric Stanton F/m, F/f Art Site

I meant to post a note about this a few months ago.

I no longer post Eric Stanton art to Femdom Artists.

I’m posting it to one of my other sites devoted to Stanton. Mostly I’m posting issues of his self-published Stantoon’s magazine.

Lesser work to be sure but lots of physically powerful, muscular women for those of you who enjoy seeing an Amazonian woman pin a man helplessly to the floor.

Other Stanton work as well.

Give Eric Stanton Archive a look.

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You folks are my erotic kith and kin in our pursuit of this damned crazy and beautiful passion.

But you do put me off at times.

I agree that Stanton’s last work was inferior to his prime. This is the fate of so many creative artists.

But if you look I don’t think Stanton was being lazy. He was rushed but much of the ability is still there.

Stanton wasn’t drawing for your pleasure. Nor his own. He was working like crazy to support his family.
That is one of the most honorable acts a man can perform. Not that you shouldn’t talk about your disappointed. I’m sad that such a large body of work affords me such slim delight.

But you shouldn’t make it sound as he was at fault or wicked in some nutty fashion.
























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Stantoons: Femdom Story & Art

Three sample pages of Femdom story and art from Eric Stanton’s Stanoons.


Women using their fists to brutally dominate men from Stantoons 29.


Woman spanking a man from Stantoons 39.


Male slaves at the mercy of Amazonian dominatrices from Stantoons 32.

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Femdom Ranch

Another of Eric Stanton’s shorter subservient men in the hands of dominant women.

Femdom Ranch Boss

How’d you like to be their ranch hand?

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Please Whip Me!

The sissyfied male servant’s sign reads:

If I don’t serve you prettily, please whip me!

Eric Stanton Sissymaid Slave

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