Femdom Artists


Administering firm discipline to her stepson with her hand.

Stepmother spanks her stepson

Do you wish she was your stepmother?

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Mature Disciplinary Women Who Spank Naughty Males

Franco sent me this batch of mature women spanking men for their sins back in April. My apologies to him for being so tardy in posting them.











Franco: Femdom Xmas Spanking

I thought I had a better copy of this Franco drawing.


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Grandmotherly Spanking

Grandma demonstrates that no man is so grown up as to not need to be spanked. A peeping tom peers though the blinds watching with envy (that is probably you). I don’t see his signature but surely this must be Franco.


Brotherly Spanking II

A naughty young man laughs mockingly seeing his brother spanked. Soon his gloating will turn to tears as she teaches him the cost of enjoying the suffering of others.


Brotherly Spanking I

Unsure which of the young men were responsible for rowdiness and irresponsible horseplay she takes the easiest option and punishes both males.


Femdom Research Science

Femdom Hospital isn’t engaged only in the routine care of males. It is a research hospital studying many areas of Femdomological science. Manipulation, control, exploitation of the male body in all its branches being constantly explored by research teams.

It is the researchers’ goal to not only make discoveries but translate the results into clean and simple prose that insures their endeavors provide practical benefit to everyday women.


Peeping Tom Spanking

A peeping tom lurks outside to sneakily watch a mature woman giving a young man the spanking that the lurker himself desperately craves.


Mature Enema Nurse

This mature nurse is one of the senior members of Femdom Hospital’s nursing staff. Now an administrator she likes to keep in practice. No one is more skill in giving males enemas. Her sure touch and timing insures that the most routine enema implants deep and memorable memories in her hapless male patient.


Butt Plug Therapy

Some of Femdom Hospital’s outpatient clinics allow male doctors to perform spankings. The administrators are decided if the spanked male spankee will find it more humiliating.

But the pleasure of administering butt plug therapy the nurse reserves for her self.