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Man Squashed by Giant Woman

Dating giantesses is a bit risky.


Two Manga Giantesses

Two voluptuous manga giantesses with little men scurrying at their feet.



Giantess & Human Pet


Men Are Such Small Things

Would a macrophile be satisfied with being a small man instead of enslaved by a gigantic female?

Small Men at Giant Woman's Feet

Tiny Men Worship Giant Woman

I’ve always been grateful to be tall. But during play I sometimes wished I were a few inches shorter than her.

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Giantess Domination

Podophilia & Macrophilia



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Elegant Giantess

Blonde giantess by Milo Manara.

Beautiful Sexy Giant Woman

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Milo Manara’s Giantess

Something fresh for the macrophiles.

Milo Manara Giantess

Milo Manara Giant Woman

From Manara’s idiosyncratic take on Gulliver’s Travels.

© Milo Manara

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Amazonian Giantess Spanking

Women should always be treated politely. There’s an extra dash of foolishness in angering an aggressive woman who is physically larger and far more powerful. She might tie your little self to a bench and spank you. Or even ….



I suspect that is Lemuel Gulliver on the giant woman’s leg.

Lemuel Gulliver Sexy Female Giant

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Lost Between a Giantess’ Breasts

What will be the man’s final fate?


© Boris Vallejo

Naked Giantess

Femdom Macrophile Fetish


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No Sex For You, Ever

Giantess Keyholder

Tall Mistress makes it clear to her little man that his orgasms are a thing of the past.

Femdom Keyholder Male Chastity

Little Man

Macrophilia Variation

Giantesses aren’t the only form of macrophilia fetish. Normal sized women with shrunken or miniaturized converting the guy into a human doll of sorts.

Little Man Human Doll by Eric Stanton

Miniature Male Slave by Eric Stanton

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Little Men Have Their Uses

That must be exhausting.

Giantess Cunnilingus

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Giant Nurse Spankings

Medical Giantesses

Two images of giant nurses spanking helpless men. One by Sorenutz. I don’t recognize the poser artist.

Giantess Nurse Spanking Man

Giant Nurse Spanks Man

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Macrophile’s Delight

This giant woman should satisfy any giantess fan’s fantasies.

Macrophile Giantess Giant -Woman

Advertising Agency Serviceplan, Germany Creative Directors Alex Schill, Christoph Everke Copywriter Cosimo Moeller Art Director Alexander Nagel

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Trapped Between Her Feet

A bound little man pressed between a giantess’ stocking covered feet.

Giantess Feet Stockings

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He’s Helpless in Her Arms

Man Helpless Amazonian Giantess

How to Use a Man for Sex

Femdom Dildonics

You say you want to be a woman’s sex toy?

Male Slave Human Dildo

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Jason’s Giantesses

More fantasies for macrophiles. I don’t know anything about Jason.