Sexy Naked Giantess in Outer Space

EC Comic book cover swipe.


Coy rocket ship design.

Naked Giantess

Femdom Macrophile Fetish


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Sex With Giantesses

I don’t think the poor man can last long enough to satisfy the entire line of giantesses.



Amazon appears to be a ‘zine for devotees of big and strong, even gigantic women.

Amazon Giantess

I’d like to see covers of other issues.

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No Sex For You, Ever

Giantess Keyholder

Tall Mistress makes it clear to her little man that his orgasms are a thing of the past.

Femdom Keyholder Male Chastity

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Men Are Such Clowns

Yeah, I’m very fond of small men being mocked, discarded and variously used by women.

As always: if I don’t credit an artist I don’t know. Attributions are always appreciated.

And comments are always a delight.

Man Femdom Mistress Clown Plaything

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Under Giant Domme’s Heel

Tiny slave serves as Mistress’ heel?


Everything is Funnier With Laughing Gas


BBW Electrocution

BBW Giantesses prefer their slave men well done.


Men Are Such Small Things

Would a macrophile be satisfied with being a small man instead of enslaved by a gigantic female?

Small Men at Giant Woman's Feet

Tiny Men Worship Giant Woman

I’ve always been grateful to be tall. But during play I sometimes wished I were a few inches shorter than her.

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