Two Manga Giantesses

Two voluptuous manga giantesses with little men scurrying at their feet.



Giantess & Human Pet


Men Are Such Small Things

Would a macrophile be satisfied with being a small man instead of enslaved by a gigantic female?

Small Men at Giant Woman's Feet

Tiny Men Worship Giant Woman

I’ve always been grateful to be tall. But during play I sometimes wished I were a few inches shorter than her.

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Giantess Domination

Podophilia & Macrophilia



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Elegant Giantess

Blonde giantess by Milo Manara.

Beautiful Sexy Giant Woman

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Milo Manara’s Giantess

Something fresh for the macrophiles.

Milo Manara Giantess

Milo Manara Giant Woman

From Manara’s idiosyncratic take on Gulliver’s Travels.

© Milo Manara

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I suspect that is Lemuel Gulliver on the giant woman’s leg.

Lemuel Gulliver Sexy Female Giant

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Lost Between a Giantess’ Breasts

What will be the man’s final fate?


© Boris Vallejo

Naked Giantess

Femdom Macrophile Fetish


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No Sex For You, Ever

Giantess Keyholder

Tall Mistress makes it clear to her little man that his orgasms are a thing of the past.

Femdom Keyholder Male Chastity