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Female Assassins

A very violent and bloody Historietas Perversas (Mexican comic book) cover. They’ve certainly worked that poor fellow over.

Femdom Art Female Assassins

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Sissyfied (Mexican) Husband?

The cover art of Mexican ¡Historietas Perversas! tends to be emphatically macho and male dominant. What seems to be a feminization illustration ia a big surprise. (Translation appreciated.)

Mexican Husband Feminization Sissyfication

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Mistress’ Machete

Another brutal ¡Historietas Perversas! cover. I cringe a bit when I post images this brutal but guys have expressed their thanks for them.

Dominatrix Machete

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She Treated Him Coldly

You can always count on ¡Historietas Perversas! to be extreme. This frozen scenario is one of the few times I’m posting an image that I doubt is actually any man’s fantasy.

Cruel Girl Treats Man Coldly

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Oscar Bazaldúa

Oscar Bazaldúa is an illustrator known for his covers of Historietas Perversas, Mexican sex comics that often have odd and violent covers art.

Oscar Bazaldúa

By report – having never been lucky enough to have the experience – a woman with a knife in her hand irresistibly an erection.

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Sadistic Puppetress

I’m very fond of illustrations showing man as woman’s puppet. They are good-humored and affectionate. But one can’t expect that on the cover of a Mexican ¡Historietas Perversas!. This woman is a very cruel puppet mistress.

Sadistic Woman Uses Man Like Puppet

What do you think of F/m Historietas Perversas art:

  • Too sadistic?
  • Arouses your masochism?
  • Both?

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Captured by Jungle Women

Being captured and at the mercy of jungle Amazons has been a popular pulp magazine comic book fantasy.

Man Enslaved Jungle Amazons

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La Venus Negra

A ¡Historietas Perversas! – the black dominatrix seems to be exerting herself fiercely with the feminized man she’s punishing.

Black dominatrix feminizes man on his knees.

See also:

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Remember Lynndie England?

It is one thing for you silly foreigners to yammer on about the evil of America. Just imagine being an American and waking up one day to discover that self-satisfied, self-serving folks in charge have done something evil.

I remember my own shock when photographs of Lynndie England with the prisoner on a collar and leash surfaced. Would her behavior at Abu Ghraib be eroticized by guys who would embrace her for their fantasies of female domination.

At least one of Mexico’s publishers of ¡Historietas Perversas! saw a market:

Lynndie England Abu Ghraib Femdom

Either this or tomorrow’s entry will probably stand as the most ‘offensive’ entry on Femdom Artists.

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Biker Chick

Any ¡Historietas Perversas! bad girl is going to be a dangerous – murderous – bad girl.


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Mummification Gone Mad

Did the female cop do that to the man or is she searching for the perpetrator.

Mummification Femdom

The other ¡Historietas Perversas! cover on Femdom Artists.

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Chica Mala

Chica mala translates as bad girl. Feeding a man to rats is very bad indeed. ¡Historietas Perversas! are never mild. (via)

Chica Mala Mexican Bad Girl Dominatrix

Woman Rides Man

This is the first Femdomish cover of a ¡Historietas Perversas! – Mexican comic book – that I ran across.

Woman Rides Her Boyfriend Like a Horse.

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Penectomy or Castration?

She has knives in her hands so you can’t tell if the woman has bitten or cut off it or them.

Emails long ago taught me that many, many men have fantasies of biological, physical demasculinization.

Woman Bites Off Man's Penis

Not the worst ¡Historietas Perversas! we’ll see this week.

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Violent, Bloody Female Sadism

How satiated and serene this young woman appears to be after beating the man to a bloody pulp.

Violent Bloody Female Sadism

On and off I’ve tried to decide which species of comic book had the most grisly and grpahic depictions of sadism: Mexican ¡Historietas Perversas! or Italian fumetti. Despite the brutality of this cover I suspect it is the Italian comic books that would win. The Italian comics show women being tortured and abused to a degree I’ve neve seen on a Mexican funnybook. And in the fumetti mutilation – especially of penises and other primary and secondary sexual body parts – are routinely burnt, sliced and diced.

You could easily have more experience and a more informed perception of the sadomaoshistic qualities of the comics.

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Fanged Femdom

How happy this young woman appears to be as her dog’s fangs rip into the man’s flesh.

Woman Feeds Man to Dog

Yes, gentle reader, some men do have very dark fantasies.

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Fear of a Woman

Have you ever heard of Kekkô Kamen (Keiko Mask)? She’s a Japanese heroine who fights wickedness by exposing herself. The sheer beauty of her vagina renders evildoers helpless.

That came to mind when I saw this ¡Historietas Perversas! cover.

Men Fear Woman Frightened by Her Sexuality Terrified of Her Vagina

I can’t really imagine one of these Mexican sex comics actually portraying men being afraid of female sexuality. But it sure looks like they are afraid the woman is going take off her thong (?).

What does your imagination suggest?

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Femdom Historietas Perversas

Another Oscar Bazaldúa cover.

Oscar Bazaldúa

Is she threatening the man with a rolling pin because he didn’t do the laundry? Or is the washing machine at the left an object without significance?

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