German Politics Spanking

Female-led political imagery.


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Satana, The Devil’s Daughter

I’ve posted at least one prior image of this daughter of the devil, Satana.

By John Romita, Sr.:


By Arthur Adams:


By Estaban Maroto:


By ??:


© Marvel Comics

See more comic book femdom.

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Trapped in Mistress’ Web

Asian women are always depicted as either haughty and cunning manipulators of men or as very submissive to men.

This image is the cover of a Mexican comic book. Our clean-cut, brave and true hero is at the mercy of an oriental woman – it used to be called yellow peril.

Asian Mistress Man Bound in Web
Bound in Her Web

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Bitchy Mood

Wrathful, powerful bad girl in the gym.


Artist: Strixy

Mistress Punisher

Bad men everywhere live in fear of her.


Artist: Eroginous

Dragon Lady

For years I have meant to post something about Milton Caniff’s Dragon Lady as an example of the wicked and cruel femme fatale.


At Her Feet

Viking warrior maiden or goddess?

Viking Femdom Goddess?

I don’t have a clue.

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She’s the Boss

I’ve been hoping to run across the original source but have never had luck.


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American Politician Spanked

Columbia spanks Stephen A. Douglas


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Cuckold Wife in Spring


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