Kneeling Merman

Men Are Just Poor Fish

Submissive Merman Male Mermaid

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German Politics Spanking

Female-led political imagery.


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Offering Her Tribute

Whatever the artist’s original intent this image can be seen as a submissive man begging a woman to accept gems and riches.

Submissive Man Offers Woman Gems Jewelry

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Attack of the Alien Dominatrix!

As I recall this story (it has been a long time) the villainess was a queen be from outer space who managed to enslave the male members of the team. The cover is probably by Mike Sekowsky, the inker might be Sid Greene but I’m not sure. This was about as sexy as mainstream comic books got back in the 1960s.

Immortal Queen Bee Alien Dominatrix.

Remember Sadistic Lois?

&copy DC Comics, Inc

See more Comic Book Femdom.

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She Slits His Throat

Mistress with a fatal fetish. You can only do this to a man once. But men are easy to find.


Artist: MordredofOrkney.

Wild Penis Wrangler

This seems the perfect emblem of so much of Femdom fantasy.


On His Knees At Her Side


Mistress Spring

Who knew that Spring is a dominatrix?


Artist: Jacques Clement Wagrez.

Her Switch Will Spur Him On

La Vie Parisienne cover illustration by Georges Léonnec.


She Put the Man in His Place

This French Canadian has drawn many images of Amazonian woman. This page is probably from a graphic novel.


Galerie de François Miville-Deschênes