Femdom Artists

Femdom Evolutionary Theory

Female Led Relationships take on human evolution.


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Femdom Haute Couture

Some folks are fans of the fashion advertising that exploits femdomish situations in a light and playful fashion.

I’m in the process of dumping a number of F/mish fashion ads:

Female Led Images

More complete fashion editorials, all recent:


Female Domination

And those old:

Vintage Dominatrix Costumes

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She Slaps His Face

For face slapping fans. Your guess as to why she slapped him is as good as mine. Likewise the disarrangement of her attire.

Sadistic Lady Cab Driver

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Most Beautiful Man’s Head She’s Ever Seen

Collector discards unwanted portion of new prize possession.

Woman Chops Off Mans)

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Young Women Laugh at the Dead Man

That certain men derive erotic pleasure by imagining being murdered by beautiful women was a kink that startled me.

Years ago I found an obscure site devoted to stories of women who amuse themselves by torturing men to death. In one story Britney Spears killed her male dancers by kicking them in their testicles and groin. Outré and brutal.

Hanging from a rope this young may seems to have committed suicide.

Pretty Young Women Mock Dead Man Erect Penis

Why are the young women amused by his corpse?

The answer lies in Gamiani Ou Deux Nuits d’Excès from which the illustration is taken. Alfred de Musset’s story is probably available in an English translation as well.

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The Left Hand of Satan

The Left Hand of Satan features more lesbian or bisexual cuckoldry.

Nick knew Ginger had been slipping women into her bed, but he was shocked to see that Betty jo was one of them.

Lesbian Cuckold Adultry

Wow! Even Betty Jo!

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The Natural Superiority of Women

I hadn’t though of Ashley Montagu’s The Natural Superiority of Women for decades. Checking I see that the fifth edition was published in 1999.

“Women are the mothers of humanity; do not let us ever forget that or underemphasize its importance.”

Natural Superiority Women Ashley Montagu(23K)

Montagu was an anthropologist and exceptionally humane man.

None of the other covers I’ve seen of The Natural Superiority of Women are entertaining.

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At the Mercy of an Angry Woman

Nothing like being tied to a chair and slapped in the face.


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Virgin Mary Spanks Jesus Christ

The Blessed Virgin Chastises the Infant Jesus Before Three Witnesses: André Breton, Paul Éluard, and the Painter, painted by Max Ernst.


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She Couldn’t Be Faithful

Beginning young cuckoldress.

Unhappy Boyfriend: I — I thought you were in love with me, Diane!

Diane: That was yesterday, baby!

Unfaithful Cuckolding Girlfriend

Art: The unhappy boyfriend on the left makes me think of Dan Spiegle. The boy on the right, Vince Colletta. Don’t really know.

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