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He Kisses Her Hand

A gentle expression of a man’s humble regard for a woman.


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She Could Tame You Too

And make you jump through hoops.


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Loving Cunnilingus

Man lost in the delight of oral woman worship.


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Mean … Moody … Magnificent

Bad Girl Jane Russell

Given her shoulders, carriage and demeanor actress Jane Russell must have been a fantasy Mistress / Dominatrix for many men during the middle of the last century.

Mistress Jane Russell Femdom Icon Fantasy Dominatrix

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Sexy Nurse with Riding Crop

I’ve seen other images of this pin-up girl. But I’ve never learned the name of her creator.


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Halo in Lust

Looks like she’s beaten the crap out of him with that shoe.

Halo in Lust : Femdom Fiction?

She doesn’t look dressed for back alleys.

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Oral Service

Many submisive men – all? – think of oral sex as a form of woman worship.

FEmdom Image Oral Sex Cunnilingus

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The Wicked Lady

Wicked in this instance is meant to be suggestive of libertinage.

Wicked Lady has been popular as a title and below is the poster from The Wicked Lady starring Faye Dunaway. This a 1983 remake of a 1945 about a 17th century female highwayman.

Wicked Lady Woman with a Whip 17th Century

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Fah Lo Suee

Images of Fu Manchu’s Daughter.

Sax Rohmer’s Fah Lo Suee, the Daughter of Fu Manchu is a good example of the dangerous, manipulative Asian woman. A racial stereotype mostly faded.

Though Lucy Liu …

The best images of Fah Lo Suee are from the early 20th century serial. But they are mostly photographs.


Since I adore Myrna Loy and am a fan of Boris Karloff I enjoyed the series greatly.






Painting by Ron Miller.


Anna Mae Wong played a different daughter of Fu Manchu. I haven’t seen the movie but fear she may be a forced for good.



Katharine Hepburn of all people. I ran across this picture of her as a potentially sinister Asian woman when looking for depictions of Fah Lo Suee.


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Worshiping His Maid

Were I able to read the text I might not have posted this image here.

Man Enslaved by Maid

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Omphale Feminizes Hercules

A painting of Omphale’s feminization of Hercules. An even deeper humiliation in classical times than now, especially for a warrior.


Painting by Erika Meriaux

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Sumuru, Female Supremacist

Our Lady, Madonna Sumuru

I’ve only read the first Sumuru novel. Sumurua is the head of an organization, cult devoted to fulfilling her wishes.
Sumuru believes that the world must be ruled by beautiful people. Particularly women. With Sumuru at the apex.


Sumuru was a late creation of Sax Rohmer, a hack author best known for creating Fu Manchu. Superfically Sumuru is like the middle and late Fu Manchu novels. World conquest for the good of the world. Pitiless and ruthless in the pursuit of goals.


Sumuru seems a perfect fantasy object for the admirers of female supremacy.


Continue reading Sumuru, Female Supremacist

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Prehistoric Origin of Femdom

Cavegirl defeats caveboy at the dawn of homo sapiens.

Prehistoric Femdom Woman Defeats Man

Howard Post cover art.

© DC Comics

More comic book femdom.

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Bride Gives Husband a Black Eye

I’ve posted another image of a young bride wearing boxing gloves with her new husband in a “ring” but can’t remember what title I gave it.

Femdom Honeymoon

More Honeymoon covers.

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Power Over Penis


How To Get Rid of a Husband

Accidentally on purpose?



I’ve discovered the popularity of women receiving enemas. I post this in case some of you enjoy drawings of men getting enemas.

Femdom Enema

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Money Mistress

Have a financial domination fetish? Here’s a fantasy Money Mistress for you:

Femdom Money Dominatrix

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Servile Male

I wish I new the source of this.


Sexy Vampire Woman

Drawing of female fumetti vampire, Lucifera drawn by Leone Frollo.