Femdom Artists

Mistress Wears Opera Gloves

When Mistress dons her black opera gloves you know that she is getting ready for some fun.


Artist: Esfenico

Violent Girls

I’ve seen a few girl gang movie but know nothing about this.

Cruel Violent Leather Girls

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Leon Frollo Domme

She looks like she might be a very severe Domme.


Under Woman’s Foot


On His Knees At Her Side


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Naughty Penises Must Be Whipped


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He Shines Her Shoes

Actually he is shining the woman’s foot. I don’t know a thing about the British magazine the artwork is from.


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La Reine des Barbares

La regina dei Tartari aka La reine des barbares English language release entitled Queen of the Barbarians.

Tanja is the sole survivor of a raid conducted by the Tartar tribe of Barlas. She grew up, raised by their leader. During a battle, which causes the death of his adoptive father, she was elected queen of Barbas.

La regina dei Tartari La reine des barbares Queen of the Barbarians

About the actress (Wikipedia):

Chelo Alonso is a former Cuban actress who became a star in Italian cinema, and ultimately a 1960s cult film heroine and sex symbol in the U.S. She was well-known for playing femme fatales with fiery tempers and sensual dance scenes.

I’d probably enjoy the movie. I may have already watched the film and forgotten it. I wouldn’t expect it to live up to the poster.

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Captured by a Red Adventuress

Adventuress is a word whose luster seems to have dimmed.

Red obviously refers not to her hair. It indicates that the wicked woman is a communist. Probaly a Chinese communist. They were great bugaboos of times past. Now Americans fear Chinese capitalists.

Man Enslaved Adventuress

My sexy bad girl stuff mostly goes elsewhere.

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Her Warped Passions for Revenge

Presumably the man on the ground has been the subject of her desire for revenge.

Passionate Tigress Femdom Revenge

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