Femdom Artists

Humbly He Kisses Her Hand

Prettily expressed male submission.<


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I know how much some of you treasure images in which a woman murders a man, in this case beheaded him.

Amazon Warrior Woman Beheads Man

This looks very much like it could be the original cover art of a fantasy novel. Perhaps one of you knows the name of the artist.

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Beware Women with Red Hair

When I was a little boy there was a girl with deeply red hair. I’ve never forgotten how amazing her hair seemed.

Redhead Female Sadist

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Trapped in Woman’s Web

I like the womanly web almost as much as the female puppet-mistress. Art by C. Coles Phillips.

Trapped in Woman Seductive Web C Coles Phillips

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He Looks So Sad

While I have no idea what is going on in this image his humble, penitent expression caught my eye. Why does he look like that? What did he do? Or fail to do?

Sad Humble Man

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Whimsical Dominatrix

Perhaps she used her riding crop to whip that custard into shape.

Whimsical Dominatrix

Andrea Kett has been creating her whimsical greetings cards and prints for a number of years depicting all manner of outrageous characters including posh pirates,pin-up girls,zombie showgirls,dodgy mermaids and devilish brutes.

She doesn’t really do female domination illustrations but that doesn’t make her work any less enjoyable:

Andrea Kett

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Beware Her Mousetrap


Indian Mistress Conquers Man

I almost wrote Native American Mistress but she’s clearly a pale European girl.

Native America Femdom female overpowers cowboy.
Woman Conquers Cowboy

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Halloween With Mistress Magenta


© Nik Guerra

Humble Male Adoration of the Feminine

I guess the object of the kneeling man’s adoration is the Queen.


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