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  • Rick { A real "Ball Buster". } – Jul 21, 2:00 PM
  • Rick { Great content. } – Jul 21, 2:00 PM
  • Rick { SUPER SUBJECT !!!!! } – Jul 21, 1:59 PM
  • Tim { "I wonder if this kind . . . ": I've read that it did. I was around then, but a kid, and more or less oblivious. } – Jul 21, 11:10 AM
  • wmitty { I think what it basically says is "Your Ass is MINE!" } – Jul 20, 9:47 PM
  • Irv O. Neil { I love this art and I'm going to check out these titles! I agree with Ray above, Aphrodite's Curse is especially nice. } – Jul 20, 6:09 PM
  • Irv O. Neil { I disagree; I think a Namio movie could be done in Japan, because they certainly have an incredible variety of adult movie actresses with the curves to capture the face-sitting Harukawa woman. But to properly evoke his universe would not... } – Jul 20, 6:07 PM
  • Irv O. Neil { Check out Allan Dwan's late 1950s career for fetishy stuff in Slightly Scarlet, where Rhonda Fleming in a pair of short-shorts is better than any special effects; and The Most Dangerous Man Alive, wherein Debra Paget gets quite sexy with... } – Jul 20, 5:58 PM
  • Bibliophile { For what it's worth, the caption reads: "Scantily-clad Dominoes embraced each other in wild abandon." Why shouldn't old men have their own magazine? } – Jul 20, 3:36 PM
  • Ray MacMeeken { Fantastic Photo covers. I love the first one of Aphrodite's Curse but the other are great too! } – Jul 20, 3:31 PM
  • Johnny { Yum!! Lunch!! } – Jul 20, 2:58 PM
  • Rick { WONDERFUL ART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! } – Jul 19, 2:29 PM
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Her Chamber Pot

The bound young man looks very nervous. Fumetti cover.

Femdom Chamberpot

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Financial Domination

Financial Femdom

The whole money mistress and money slave kink leaves me ice cold. Clicking on a donate button would give me not a particle of thrill.

But here are a couple of images for you guys who are into the financial domination scene.

Financial Femdom

Femdom Gold Diggers

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On the Shoulders of Men

Another lovely Georges Barbier image of implied male submission.

Goddess on the Shoulders of Submissive Men

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Mistress Has a Red Riding Crop

Ben Newman does only a small amount of kinky art ant that is pretty much M/f. He has a blog.

This young woman has a riding crop the standard device to imply that a pin-up girl is a dominatrix. (Who says women wear the pants in female led relationship.)

Ben Newman Dominatrix

She has a baseball bat and their seems to be lots of blood.

Ben Newman Femdom Art

© Ben Newman

A Prison Run By Strict Female Officers

Mr X who sent this to me (thank you) shared the feeling the images of female gangsters inspired.

This is one of my favorites from the great Wally Wood; love the way the tough female inmates have totally turned the tables on their male prison officer … I was thinking how erotic it would be if i was sentenced to do time in a prison totally run by strict female officers. It would ne “ma’am, yes ma’am” to ask to do anything. I guess I’d have to wear a humiliating bright pink uniform with “offender” and my number on it in big letters with canvas sneakers..Even better I could be sent to a womens prison run by the same female officers and be treated just like one of the bad girls? Do theses ideas sound fun to you? The officers would wear big boots, literally wear the pants inside (maybe us inmates would have to wear shorts) and shirts.

crime comic book femdom

See more Comic Book Femdom.

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Lady Wrestler Always Wins

She’s tougher than the strongest man.


Woman With a Whip

The woman wielding the whip is Loretta Young a hugely successful actresss of the prior century.

Whip Woman Loretta Young

Who is she about to strike with that whip? You!

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Bald Woman with Whip

Probably one of them fights evil. I can’t guess which.

Bald dominatrix femdom

I should have a write a caption contest some time.

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A Man Hasn’t a Chance

Prehistoric Mistress

Cavewoman Dominatrix

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Plantation Femdom

White Women With Whips

Race play is one of the most emotionally complication BDSM fetishes. Though most of the discomfort may be felt by men and women who don’t participate in racially charged scenes.

Mistress of the Lash

Plantation Femdom

More often men wore the boots and held the whips: Plantation Gothic Kink

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