Love and Death

L’amour et la Mort by Belgian painter Marcel Louis Baugniet.

Why did she kill him?

Femdom Love Male Death

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Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed

I was a boy when I saw the Hammer Studies film adaptation of She. It seemed to me one of those Hammer movies that focused more on exhibiting large breasts than telling a story. In this Ursula Andress’ breasts as she portrayed Ayesha.

By the time that I learned She was originally an H. Rider Haggard novel I felt no interest in reading it. I can’t stand lost race fiction. The square-shouldered, manly embodiment of colonialism and imperialism always sets the poor ignorant natives aright.

Haggard’s Ayesha novels have been reprinted many, many times. Below is a gallery of Ayesha cover illustrations.


Ayesha-Ancient-Femdom-Goddess Ayesha-Divine-Woman Ayesha-Dominatrix Ayesha-Femdom-Goddess Ayesha-Femdom-Mistress Ayesha-Goddess Ayesha-H-Rider-Haggard Ayesha-Mistress Ayesha-She Ayesha-She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed Ayesha-She-Who-Must-Be-Worshiped Ayesha-Superior-Woman Ayesha-Woman-Worship

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Riding a Man Like a Beast

This image of a woman riding a man and digging her fingernails into his flesh is probably from the cover of a fumetti (Italain comic book) or maybe a movie poster.

Fumetti Mistress Rides Man

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What a Funny Little Man

All men are clowns.

Man is Funny Clown

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From De Figuris Veneris

De figuris Veneris:

De figuris Veneris (On the figures of Venus) was an anthology of ancient Greek and ancient Roman writings on erotic topics, discussed objectively and classified and grouped by subject matter. It was first published by the German classicist Friedrich Karl Forberg in 1824 in Latin and Greek as a commentary to Antonii Panormitae Hermaphroditus, an erotic poem sequence in renaissance Latin Hermaphroditus by Antonio Beccadelli, though it was later also published as a separate work. It was later also translated into English (published by Charles Carrington in 1899 and again by Charles Hirsch in 1907), French and German (one French edition was illustrated by Édouard-Henri Avril). It concludes with a list of 95 sexual positions.

Femdom Image Figuris Veneris

The image above is by Édouard-Henri Avril.

I would like to know the story behind the action depicted.

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Kneeling Merman

Men Are Just Poor Fish

Submissive Merman Male Mermaid

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German Politics Spanking

Female-led political imagery.


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Offering Her Tribute

Whatever the artist’s original intent this image can be seen as a submissive man begging a woman to accept gems and riches.

Submissive Man Offers Woman Gems Jewelry

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Attack of the Alien Dominatrix!

As I recall this story (it has been a long time) the villainess was a queen be from outer space who managed to enslave the male members of the team. The cover is probably by Mike Sekowsky, the inker might be Sid Greene but I’m not sure. This was about as sexy as mainstream comic books got back in the 1960s.

Immortal Queen Bee Alien Dominatrix.

Remember Sadistic Lois?

&copy DC Comics, Inc

See more Comic Book Femdom.

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She Slits His Throat

Mistress with a fatal fetish. You can only do this to a man once. But men are easy to find.


Artist: MordredofOrkney.