Femdom Hairbrush Spanking

Spank him until he weeps. Then spank him some more.


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Domestic Discipline

F/m OTK domestic discipline hairbrush spanking drawn by Kami Tora.

Kami Tora Femdom Artists

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Valentine’s Day with Kami Tora

These two Kami Tora illustrations – strap-on sex and spanking – are probably the two best known F/m Valentine’s Day images.

Valentines Day Mistress Spanks Male Slave Kami Tora

Valentines Day StrapOn Sex Kami Tora

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Clothespins on His Testicles

Kami Tora female sadism drawing.


Foot on Testicles

Looks like her foot is really squeezing his testicles.

Woman presses foot on man's genitals.

What do you think of this Kami Tora genitorment drawing?

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Spatula Spanking

Classic F/m situation: OTK spanking after girlfriend discovers boyfriend’s porn stash. Probably healthier than the rage or tears that usually follows such unwelcome surprises.

She: Sigh! Its not the girly mags, honey!
She: But don’t you think the foundation of any relationship is honesty?
He: Believe me, babe, I agree c-completely!

Kami Tora: Over-the-knee spanking with spatula.

This kitchenware spanking is surprisingly mild for Kami Tora.

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Wrestling Match

Looks like a very painful punch.

Kami Tora : Wrestling Match

Do you like Kami Tora’s work?

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