Femdom Artists

Green Hair Spanking

F/m OTK manga spanking.


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Sparkly Purple Dominatrix

Glittering manga Mistress


Sexy Young Mistress

Well, at least the young anime dominatrix has a whip.

Sexy female sadist with whip

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Male Slave in Bondage

Those arm-binders look to make for very effective bondage. She has a nicely wicked smile.

Male slave in bondage.

What the heck are those white round things?

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Aniasi: Podophilia

Aniasi is an obscure artist whose Femdom art has two main themes. One of which is podophilia: foot worship. (Funnily enough people with a passion for podcasting are often called podophiles.)






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Blond Bondage Domme

The straps keep her slave helpless and at her mercy.



The source appears to be an anime.

I suspect for Roman Catholic boys with submissive and masochistic natures who attend parochial school nuns being punished by nuns is a common fantasy image.

Nun as Dominatrix holding a rod.

Nun as Dominatrix: A Common Fantasy?

Those excessively large breasts don’t enhance the image at all do they?

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Slave as Chair

Another manga mistress / dominatrix, this one using her slave’s head to rest while she smokes.

Male slave as human chair.

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Mistress With a Whip

Very slick art.

[She] works as a dominatrix at a S&M club, where she has gained a cult following for her extraordinary ability to tame men’s twisted desires.

Mistress with a whip.

From Ghost Talker’s Daydream.

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Library Femdom

Some sort of kinky goings on in the library stacks.

Femdom in the library stacks

Can you tell what the young woman is doing to the guy?

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