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Anime Mistress

Another happy anime Mistress with a whip (unless it is a USB cord).

Anime Femdom

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Happiness in Slavery?

Can you find happiness in slavery?


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Voluptuous Dominatrix

Her gentle face conceals an unquenchable appetite for the pain and suffering of men.


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Japanese Mistress’ Long Strap-on

Long and narrow strap-on. Looks a bit odd but it might be to your taste.


Bloody Young Women

Terrifying and cute. I know nothing about theme.




Manga ‘Nazi’ Girl

The use of Nazi elements in manga and anime is more a fascination with emphatic but simple design elements that Nazisploitation.

Nazi Girl with riding crop.

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Mistress Cop Orders Stop

I’ve seen the signature before but not with a name attached.


Mistress With Her Whip

More Japanimation female dominance.

Mistress with her whip (anime).

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Japanese Mistress

I’ve always been fond of these Japanese anime style illustrations of a guy on a woman’s leash. This is the first I remember seeing.

Slave boy Japanese mistress

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Man in Chains

A change from the moppet anime dominatrices.

Submissive man in chains

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Mistress Holding a Leash

At least one expects – hopes? – there’s a male slave on the end of her leash.

Anime mistress slave on a leash

As always comments giving the provenance of this are welcome.

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Manga Males in Bondage

On my old personal blog I was slightly surprised that dominant women would express pleasure in some of the images that I ran. Being a proper child of the era of the Womens Liberation Movement I have a complicated relationship with fear of exploitation.

What would appeal to the women would be some idiosynratic element that marched something they saw in themselves or aspire to become. Variously it might be romantic heartless, savage or cool.

And men in bondage. Alone in bondage. No one else. But those were photographs. I can’t help but feel I should be able to come up with some better than (artists unknown):




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Mistress Licks Her Lips

This Mistress is licking her lips. In anticipation of what?
Inflicting a brutal whipping? Rough strap-on sex with a helpless slave?

Whatever you think is true.


Male Chastity

Lots of sensual contact must surely extract the most intensity from male orgasm denial.

Total Male Orgasm Denial

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Angry Anime Mistress

Interesting looking whip she has.

Anime mistress looks angry

If you know who any of these anime and manga dominatrices are please leave a comment.

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Girl Wearing Strap-On

An unusual strap-on drawing. How many of you I wonder hope to be or are a bend over boyfriend?

Girlfriend-Wearing-Strap-on-Dildo (39K)

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Rainbow Golden Shower

If that is her urine Mistress must really be a Goddess.


Manga Dominatrix

Cruelish looking manga / anime female sadist with perhaps overlarge breasts.

Manga Dominatrix with Big Tits

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Cute Dominant Girl

So it goes with all the Anime and Manga dominant girls.

Very cute dominant girl

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Dominatrix On Her Throne

Anime Mistress sitting on her throne waiting for you to arrive and prostrate yourself in homage.