Nazi Amazon ... ?

Another cover of Spanish-language Nazisploitation magazine,Sadismo in el tercer Reich.

Nazi Amazon Woman riding-a Horse

I have no idea if she is a force for good, evil or anything other than titillation.

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Nazi Queen of Pain

Man’s Best?

Her Screaming Whip Was the Nazi’s Secret Weapon

Nazi Dominatrix Queen of Pain

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Devil Kitten of Hitler’s Lust Dungeon

Danger Monthly

Nazi Femdom Dungeon

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Mistress Erika

Another sadistic whip-wielding woman who wants to keep you behind barbwire in her concentration camp.

Erika Nazi Concentration Camp Dominatrix

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Torturing Tart

Torturing Tarts of Frankfurt

This issue of Big Adventure hit the American newsstands in 1961 (via)

As F/m Nazisploitation goes it is very straightforward. Not a lot of barb wire, no slavering wolf hounds. Just a sadistic woman whipping a man tied to a pole.

Sadistic Nazi Woman Torturing Helpless Man Bound to Post

Fifty years later freedom in the US has progressed so much that no pharmacy or grocery store would dare carry this on their magazine racks.

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Blond Nazi Girl

A blonde Nazi drummer girl is surely an exaple of female evil.


See more fumetti artwork.

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With Her Knife

Another cover of a 1960’s American men’s magazine. Sold at newsstands in drug stores and supermarkets.

This Nazisploitation cover seems comparatively mild until the lampshade registers.

Sadistic Nazi Woman with Knife

If this cover upsets you I’m afraid it is hardly the most disturbing that will eventually appear on Femdom Artists.

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Mistress Nazi

The ever-popular Nazi woman on the cover a an Italian comic book.

Hessa Nazi Woman.

What do you think of her?

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Evil Nazi Women

Norman Saunders, one of the great popular illustrators of the 20th century. He did covers of golden age comic books, magazines and paperbacks. While 1960s American men’s magazines mostly featured male Nazis tormenting women on rare occasions the genders were reversed.

Nazi Woman
Embrace Me and Die Amerikan Schweinhund

Nazi Women

I Was the Lust Slave of the Volkssturm Nymph Squad

Nai Women Beating Men
Tortured Slave of the Whip Goddesses

Nazi Women Torture Man
Scream for My Kisses

In 1960s America depictions of this kind of female sadism were otherwise almost unknown.

Visit Norman Saunders.

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Hitler’s Harlot

Hitler’s Harlot like most exploitations movies (Russ Meyer excepted) promise and hint at far more than the viewer will get in the way of titillation and erotic thrills.

Well-traveled porn starlet Nancy Martin toplines as a Nazi officer referred to simply as the commandant. Film takes place in two nondescript rooms, one displaying a Swastika flag, and Nancy spends the hour’s running time torturing people with sex. It is pointless enough to let one’s mind wander -in my case, I couldn’t decide whether the anonymous pornographers were depicting Nazi Germany, occupied France, or just some “dress-up” nuts in San Francisco. (From Review)

So instead of a cruel Nazi dominatrix you probably get a woman who threatens “ve have ways of making you screw!”

Hitler Harlot Dominatrix

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