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Hessa #2

Select pages from the second issue of Hessa.

Hessa was – yes – a Nazi heroine. You can make of that what you will. Hessa is the boss of the SS Sex Sonder Sturmtruppen. A group of women who use sex as a weapon.

Unsurprisingly she was in love with an member of the underground, agent of the Allies, one of the good guys.








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Manga ‘Nazi’ Girl

The use of Nazi elements in manga and anime is more a fascination with emphatic but simple design elements that Nazisploitation.

Nazi Girl with riding crop.

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SS Dominatrix

From an unaired episode of Hogan’s Heroes.


Artist: The Satsui

Hitler Femdom

Yet another Femdom comic sequence with Adolph Hitler being pummeled and punished.

Lady Gaga Dominates Punishes Adolph Hitler Femdom Comic Strip

I think Lady Gaga is amusing. But haven’t thought of her as a “dominatrix.” How about you? Do you fantasize that she has you collared, is subjecting you to the lash of her whip?

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Merciless Nazi Girl Whips Man

The evil Nazi girl’s red outfit lets us know that she’s a devil. Nazi women didn[t appear very often on the covers of American men’s adventure magazines. I’m sure in those mostly porn-free times the images made a strong impression on all the repressed male masochists.


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Concentration Camp Femdom

Another poster featuring Dyanne Thorne as Ilsa, the most celebrated of the concentration camp dominatrices.

Ilsa Concentration Camp Dominatrix

The Most Dreaded Nazi of Them All!

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Concentration Camp Femdom

Another 1960s men’s magazine sleazy cover.

Concentration Camp Femdom

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S.S. Girls

Whenever I see SS Girls I start hearing West End Girls. Guess I need to pull out my PSB CDs.


I’ve ever seen this Nazisploitation film.

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Hitler’s Harlot

Hitler’s Harlot like most exploitations movies (Russ Meyer excepted) promise and hint at far more than the viewer will get in the way of titillation and erotic thrills.

Well-traveled porn starlet Nancy Martin toplines as a Nazi officer referred to simply as the commandant. Film takes place in two nondescript rooms, one displaying a Swastika flag, and Nancy spends the hour’s running time torturing people with sex. It is pointless enough to let one’s mind wander -in my case, I couldn’t decide whether the anonymous pornographers were depicting Nazi Germany, occupied France, or just some “dress-up” nuts in San Francisco. (From Review)

So instead of a cruel Nazi dominatrix you probably get a woman who threatens “ve have ways of making you screw!”

Hitler Harlot Dominatrix

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Mistress Greta

Greta, la Donna Bestia is the German release of Ilsa, the Wicked Wardenem>.

Dyanne Thorne Greta Nazisploitation Dominatrix
Dyanne Thorne as Nazisploitation Dominatrix Ilsa

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Valkyrie began her career during the Golden Age of American comic books as an agent of the Nazis.

Cover and splash page art by Fred Kida.



Valkyrie has enjoyed revivals and reprint editions.

Cover art by Joe Chidodo.


Cover art by Dave Stevens.


Cover art by Paul Gulacy.


Valkyrie worked for the Axis only briefly. She fell for blond combat pilot Air Boy and came over to the Allies.


See more Funnybook Femdom.

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Blond Nazi Girl

A blonde Nazi drummer girl is surely an exaple of female evil.


See more fumetti artwork.

JapaNazi Femdom

The cover art must depict a scene from The Ordeal at Jap “Camp Agony.”

Japanese Women Torture American White Men

Having seen this cover I’m surprised that images of Japanese women weren’t as popular as the blond Nazi concentration camp dominatrices.

I’ll confess the two stereotypes I have running in my fantasy life about Asian women:

  • Cute, very sweet looking. She treats men as slave pets.
  • Arctic and acid. Somehow mixing great cruelty with seeming complete indifference.

Not that I tend to fantasize about Asian women frequently. I didn’t at all until I ran across photographs and illustrations on the web.

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Hessa Returns

I don’t know what went on in Nazisploitation comic book Hessa. I don’t know whose side she was on. Or what she had to do with the Loch Ness Monster.

Hessa Nazisploitation Comic Book

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Nazi Amazon ... ?

Another cover of Spanish-language Nazisploitation magazine,Sadismo in el tercer Reich.

Nazi Amazon Woman riding-a Horse

I have no idea if she is a force for good, evil or anything other than titillation.

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Spanish Nazisploitation Femdom

Sadismo in el tercer Reich was a Spanish-language Nazisploitation magazine.

Spanish Nazisploitation Femdom

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Nazi Female Sadist

Nazisploitation Mistress torturing a chained and helpless male prisoner.


Mistress Erika

Another sadistic whip-wielding woman who wants to keep you behind barbwire in her concentration camp.

Erika Nazi Concentration Camp Dominatrix

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Nazi Dominatrix’s Deadly Strap-on

I’d say being murdered by Mistress Nazi is preferable to being sodomized with her frightening strap-on dildo.


Camp Agony

Man’s Life cover illustration for the story The Ordeal at Camp Agony.

Mans Life Femdom Cover Art Camp -Agony

Enjoyable if odd Nazisploitation brutality.

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