Strapped Down

I hope that is anaesthesia. Though who can image a Rubex nurse ever showing mercy or pity?

Strapped Down Gassed

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Just what are the sadistic nurses about to do to this man. Look likes it may be an attack on his genitals. Castration? Penectomy? Rubex’s nurses usually look evil enough to perform the most horrifying deeds.

Rubex femdom penectomy

Do you have evil nurse fantasies?

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His Lovely Tears

I would never want myself undergoing surgery at the hands of Rubex’s rubber clad nurses.

Look at his lovely tears Greta, and you have not even started on him.

Femdom Surgery

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Female Sadists

These rubber clad female sadists are wearing iron crosses suggestive of the Nazi females, Gestapo gals of the old men’s magazine covers.

Rubex female sadists

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Penis Police?

This gun-toting, rubber skirt wearing sadistic woman isn’t a Nazi but her costume is reminiscent of the female Nazis of popular culture. The symbol on her arm band suggests she might be a officer in the Penis Police.

Rubex nazi femdom

Your guess is always welcome.

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Often in Rubex’s femdom art there the suggestion that some very awful fate is about to be inflicted on the helpless male. This drawing seems to pretty clearly depict preparations for castration.

Rubex femdom castration

A – to me – surprising number of masochistic men have castration fantasies. Some have even managed to accomplish it in real life.

How about you?

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