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Sissies in Bondage

Three sissy bondage drawings by Allyssa.




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Happily En Femme


Sissy Boi Cheerleader

The girls laugh at the sissy boy who wants to be a cheerleader.


Sissy’s Laundry Day

Mistress is angry that her submissive sissy servant isn’t handing the laundry to dry with more dispatch. She invited her friends to see how well trained the sissy is. Harsh punishment is sure to follow while she demonstrates her skill in disciplining her servants.


Cuckold Husband Always Pay the Bills

Wimpy cuckold husband is grateful that his wife has at least one use for him.


Adult Sissy Baby is a Virgin

This ADB is a virgin? Well, who would want to make love to such a silly creature?


How Much is the Adult Sissy Baby in the Window?

What will the passing public think of this poor ABD?


Turn Your Man into a Woman

Adam’s Conversion:

Adam’s wife Stephanie has arranged an exciting weekend away at a mysterious place called The Halt. When they arrive there, Adam is told that roles are to be reversed, he will be a Woman called Coral and Stephanie will be a man called Steve. Poor deluded Adam/Coral thinks it is to be a weekend of swingers, but the truth is very far from that! Stephanie/Steve knows Adam/Coral has been playing around and wants to put a stop to it. What better way than to turn your Man into a Woman and show him what it is really like!

Janine Edwards : Adam's Conversion.

This Olympia Press novel doesn’t show up on Amazon even as out-of-print. I know I’ve seen copies for sale on eBay.

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Cuckolded Sissy Husband Services Wife’s Bull

No longer sexually interested in her now totally feminized husband he forces him to gratify the lusts of others.


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Sissyboy’s Paddle Punishment

I think this Mistress greatly relishes the paddling she gives her sissyboi.


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Sissymaid in Training

Mistress has to work hard to train her new sissymaid to be a useful and humble servant.


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Happily Sodomized Sissy

What a generous woman. She’s found someone for sissy to play with.


Is Raven the name of the artist?

Sissy Servant’s Unwelcome Intrusion

Poor cuckolded sissy, he tries to do good but all he earns is threats and insults from his wife’s boyfriend.


Give the Gift of Sodomy

As an anniversary present a thoughtful wife has decided to bring depth and reality to her feminized husband’s sissy fantasies.


Sissy & the Motorized Dildo

DIY Domme has developed a mechanized dildo chair and a set of pulleys and rope to expand her sissy slave’s anal capabilities.


Sissy Kitty

Inventive animal role-play by sissy’s creative Dommes.


Woman Will Dress Sissy in Lilac

Lilac or even lavender is an attractive alternative the usual sissy pink.


Femdom Art of Satyn






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Feminized Male’s Contemptible Penis

A woman laughs at a feminized male as she yanks on the sissy’s penis. What a worthless little thing he has attached to his body.


Trained Sissy For Sale

After training a sissy male two women offer him for sale at a public auction.