Femdom Art Comments

  • Missy { Please add me to the list. Would love to meet like-minded, kindred spirits. Hugs, Missy } – Jul 30, 11:47 AM
  • martin { superbe } – Jul 29, 2:49 PM
  • Frank { I think he is about to learn about financial domination! He will soon be a money slave. Believe me, I know. } – Jul 29, 1:52 PM
  • Ray MacMeeken { Can't get enough of the great Giantess drawings and photos. } – Jul 29, 3:31 AM
  • Ray MacMeeken { I love this drawing. } – Jul 29, 3:30 AM
  • sissywayne { To me, she seems that she has done this many times to this slave and many others, so she really has no emotions one way or the other concerning the slave. When the women do take over.....and many, many years... } – Jul 28, 11:54 PM
  • sissywayne { To me, the wall thing looks like "scissors" or "claws" that have him tight so that there is a little blood coming out. The shoes are really sweet. He can't step on either foot, the spike's will tear into the... } – Jul 28, 11:47 PM
  • sizedsmall { I love the concept here, but all his males are ugly gargoyles, not real men. } – Jul 28, 9:41 PM
  • Sni { A terrified looking sissy with an erect clitstick. Always a perfect combination. } – Jul 28, 2:26 AM
  • Sni { Yeah the female vampires in Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel were far more memorable, especially the way they dominated Jonathan Harker and nearly drained him dry in the original story. } – Jul 28, 2:11 AM
  • Sni { I remember reading that story in Greek Mythology, I also remember one from Norse Mythology in which Thor had to be disguised in a dress and veil as a bride to a giant who couldn't wait to make love to... } – Jul 28, 2:04 AM
  • Sni { "Whip must have her 'pussy' douched once a week." "Whip must never play with same pussy without Goddess's permission." "Whip must never try to milk herself or give herself a ruined orgasm, only Goddess can do that." "Whip may however... } – Jul 28, 1:50 AM
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Sissy’s Ballet Lessons

So you think there’s any hope that ballet lessons can make sissy graceful?


ABD Sissy Plays With Dolls

What a sad looking adult baby sissy male. Does he enjoy playing with dollies or is that Mistress Owner’s order?


Feminized Slave in the Dungeon

After feminized her slave man his Mistress Owner has chosen to leave him alone languishing in her dungeon.


Sissies: Born to Scrub Floors

A sissy maidservant fulfills his basic role, slaving away to give Mistress a spotlessly clean home. And it keeps sissy in the proper position: kneeling.


Sissy’s Muscular Mistress

You know this sissy servant must be very proud to have such a physically powerful and strong Mistress.


Surely Voloh is Venezuela’s greatest contribution to Femdom.

Tight Corsets For Feminized Men

Seems light a brutally tight, restrictive corset is just what a feminized male needs to remind him of his subservient position in life.


Sissy’s Caning Leaves Welts

Mistress’ latest punishment of her sissy slave is scarring the inferior creatures legs with welts. Mistress has paused for a refreshing cup of coffee. Sissy’s cane whipping will continue momentarily.


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Cum Eating Sissy Cuckold

A weakling sissy cuckold’s husband’s degrading moment.


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Sissy’s New Rocking Chair

Won’t this sissy have fun in that new rocking chair.


Sissy is a Dunce

Sissy’s no good at math. Domme teacher gave sissy an “F” and a spanking.


Sissy should be wearing a frilly pink dunce cap.