Femdom Artists

Sissy Humiliation: Forced Kissing

Mistress laughs at the kissing sissy slaves.


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Sissy in Orgasm Denial

Do you think Mistress will ever permit this sissy slave an orgasm?


Prettifying Their Sissyboy

Three dominant women enjoying a sissy that they’ve been feminizing.
The Mistress’s fingers form a sinister shape, perhaps hinting sissy’s finale stage of emasculation. The Mistress in the rear is impatient to use her strap-on.


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Sad Sissy

Miserable looking feminized man.


Sissy’s Wear Pink

All sissies show their true nature best when wearing bright pink.


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Get To Work Sissy!

Cuckold wife wants sissy hubby to learn new skills.


Cheating Boyfriend’s Humiliation

With the internet public humiliation for a bad boyfriend may go viral.


Sissified Cuckold’s Taste of Cum

Mistress Wife permits her sissy wimp husband to taste some of her boyfriend’s ejaculate.


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Creation of a Sissy Maid

Femization by Gene Bilbrew signing as Van Rod.

Bilbrew feminization

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Adult Baby Sissy’s Enema

This adult baby sissy man appears to be locked in a grim institution where forced enemas are a regular form of discipline.