Femdom Art Comments

  • Rick { Super idea, will check it out. Thanks. } – Jul 22, 8:06 PM
  • Rick { Very Cute ! } – Jul 22, 8:03 PM
  • Throne { I love that he's been kissing and leaving lip prints on her well defined muscles. Talk about role reversal! } – Jul 22, 7:28 PM
  • Johnny { I am trying to identify why women (females in general) look "evil" or "Kinky" with a smoldering cigarette? } – Jul 22, 7:06 PM
  • martin { hm j'adore } – Jul 22, 11:17 AM
  • martin { j aimes bien } – Jul 22, 11:16 AM
  • Mattzz { Ohhh WOW i likes this site. i like this bondage galleri. } – Jul 22, 8:06 AM
  • Gudrun { I'll try an alternate translation: "oh lo and behold, that's Mr. Schulz, my former math teacher?" } – Jul 22, 4:52 AM
  • Sni { One of my favorite transgirl artists. } – Jul 22, 3:47 AM
  • cc { Interesting variation on the CMNF theme? } – Jul 21, 6:46 PM
  • Barry { I hope she sits down in the chair, leaves the door open. Takes him across he lap and wales away until bright red. Then puts him in the corner for all to see. } – Jul 21, 4:27 PM
  • Rick { A real "Ball Buster". } – Jul 21, 2:00 PM
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Sissy’s Muscular Mistress

You know this sissy servant must be very proud to have such a physically powerful and strong Mistress.


Surely Voloh is Venezuela’s greatest contribution to Femdom.

Tight Corsets For Feminized Men

Seems light a brutally tight, restrictive corset is just what a feminized male needs to remind him of his subservient position in life.


Sissy’s Caning Leaves Welts

Mistress’ latest punishment of her sissy slave is scarring the inferior creatures legs with welts. Mistress has paused for a refreshing cup of coffee. Sissy’s cane whipping will continue momentarily.


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Cum Eating Sissy Cuckold

A weakling sissy cuckold’s husband’s degrading moment.


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Sissy’s New Rocking Chair

Won’t this sissy have fun in that new rocking chair.


Sissy is a Dunce

Sissy’s no good at math. Domme teacher gave sissy an “F” and a spanking.


Sissy should be wearing a frilly pink dunce cap.

Femdom Computer Game

Man is punished in real life for losings a Femdom computer game.


Sissy Learns About Cosmetics

Learning how to look pretty for Mistress is an important part of every sissy’s education.


Sissy in an Open Field

This seems a strange place to take a sissy. What can Mistress have planned?


Sissy & the Tough Girls

Look like these tough girls want to make sure sissy knows his place. Perhaps they have some advanced lessons for the poor sissy.