Happy (Femdom) Halloween

One of Sorenutz’s giantesses enjoying her Halloween by punishing a male.

Halloween Dominatrix

Giant Nurse Spankings

Medical Giantesses

Two images of giant nurses spanking helpless men. One by Sorenutz. I don’t recognize the poser artist.

Giantess Nurse Spanking Man

Giant Nurse Spanks Man

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Submissive Male’s Hairbrush Paddling

It has been a while since I posted one of Sorenutz Amazonian Giantesses.

Giant Amazon Woman Spanks Submale Slave

Femdom Vet’s Office

The Femdom Vet specializes in castrating male human pet slaves.







Mistress shows off castrated slave pet’s testicle amputation with a little CFNM.


My thanks to Sorenutz.

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Visit to the Castratrix’s Office

The castratrix allows him one final orgasm.

Castratrix Mans Last Orgasm

Her orgasms go on forever.

Castratrix Castrated Man

My thanks to Sorenutz for sending me the images.

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