The Art of Husband Punishment

This sort of classic domestic discipline spanking sequence is the kind of material much to the taste of the submissive guys who prefer the term female led relationship to femdom.

Husband Punishment Art

Husband Punished by Wife Spanking Him

Husband Spanked by his Wife

Husband Punished by Wife

Husband Punished

Concludes with corner time. Standing in a corner would probably make me use my safeword!

Sorry, I don’t know the name of the artist.

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7 comments to The Art of Husband Punishment

  • I’m actually not crazy about the term “female-led relationship”–femdom is fine with me–but I do like this sequence of pix! Thanks for posting.

  • Joseph in louisiana

    My wife spanks me weekly. I am not allowed to have my own email address since she caught me flirting with a women on the web. I was forced to send that women a picture of me being spanked (we had traded nude photos already). Now I have no email address of my own and my wife has started a strict routine for me.

  • richard walker

    Hi ,
    I was spanked when a young boy by my aunty who I lived with , when I married my wife Ruth spank me from the start of our marriage for not behaveing and not following her instructions. She uses her hand and she has a strap also uses a slipper at times. I have to sleep in spare room unless my wife tells me to sleep in her bed . Seven years ago her sister Sahara came to live with us her husband died . Sahara younger than ruth she tells wife if i din,t behaved I have household chores to do what the wife instructs me to do . the wife works and ruth at home most of the day unless she goes out.
    Regards ,

  • smartarse

    I do like these drawings, and what a perfect marriage.

  • Paul Hughett

    This the way a wife turns her submissive husband into her slave. Now he is complete and happy. She gets the service she deserves.

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