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  • Sni { A terrified looking sissy with an erect clitstick. Always a perfect combination. } – Jul 28, 2:26 AM
  • Sni { Yeah the female vampires in Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel were far more memorable, especially the way they dominated Jonathan Harker and nearly drained him dry in the original story. } – Jul 28, 2:11 AM
  • Sni { I remember reading that story in Greek Mythology, I also remember one from Norse Mythology in which Thor had to be disguised in a dress and veil as a bride to a giant who couldn't wait to make love to... } – Jul 28, 2:04 AM
  • Sni { "Whip must have her 'pussy' douched once a week." "Whip must never play with same pussy without Goddess's permission." "Whip must never try to milk herself or give herself a ruined orgasm, only Goddess can do that." "Whip may however... } – Jul 28, 1:50 AM
  • Throne { Perhaps her goal is to get him addicted to this. } – Jul 27, 9:33 PM
  • Throne { If he still possesses any self esteem, a good long face-sitting from her will eliminate it. } – Jul 27, 9:31 PM
  • Richard { In the last couple of years I have seen so much erotic art with ten gallon breasts and five feet cocks that Ward's exaggerations have come to see pretty mild. } – Jul 27, 7:25 PM
  • bootlicker { Reminiscent of Ilsa in Siberia, perhaps? Cossack, by the way, with two "c"s. } – Jul 27, 7:09 PM
  • bootlicker { The posters are more exciting than the film. If only the producers would start with the posters, then make a movie which reflects that image, the films would be great! Of course, they'd never get past the censors, but we... } – Jul 27, 7:07 PM
  • bootlicker { I agree, Richard, that Ward's "G-cup" breasts are unrealistically exaggerated, and they ruin most of his cartoons. Even though most Femdom situations are by nature unrealistic in our society, we can dream about them under the "accept [just] ONE impossible... } – Jul 27, 7:01 PM
  • Rick { "Party-PartY" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! } – Jul 27, 2:40 PM
  • Timothy { thanks for pointing out the safety pin through his erect penis head...such exquisite torture...Tormentress displays Her succulent full breasts to add to his deprivation and suffering ...beautiful! } – Jul 27, 8:02 AM
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Barbara O’Toole

I’ve been meaning to get around to Barbara O’Toole for some time. I recalled her main theme being men embarrassed by finding themselves naked in front of women (CFNM) with a special subset of medical examination humiliation.


But I discover that she produces quite a bit of domestic discipline style spanking art.


© Barbara O’Toole

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  • Femsup

    Superb pictures all.I really love her artwork.The males submit to women who are often not the stereotypical idea of beauty.I.E they are often middle aged or old.The male submists to her authority regardless of looks.

    You can imagine the first pic of the grown male that has been living at home with his older relative beign so embarressed at being nude in front of the nurse.

    She is looking disgustedly at his genitals as he drip from within his chastity device.”Does he always drip so disgustingly” the nurse sneers.

    “Yes he does a lot can you help”

    “How often does he um shall we say manipulate that” she strikes his caged cock getting it to sway violently spraying small droplets of his shame everywhere.

    “Oh never well strictly speaking I think only once as I hope I caught him having had his first how shall I say emission of his filth”

    “He has not had a chance to play with himself since”

    “No not these past 29 years.The cage never comes off”

    “I can see why he drips so much now.You need to put him in a more enclosed cage.The dripping is usual for males who do not orgasm”

    “You mean produce that disgusting dirty water I caught him expelling”

    “Yes its how the male orgasms”

    “I am ignorant of such things and whether they are normal or usual. I inherited him from my sisters husbands family. I have never been married.

    “Dont worry but he will have to be milked regularly from now on and kept in a more all encompassing chastity device”

    “Thank you nurse I am so relieved we can stop this filthy behaviour.He is soiling his sheets and clothes constanly with his slime”

    “Just leave it to me madam we will make sure he is prostate milked regularly.Just bring him fortnightly here and I will personally divest him of his naughty slime.”

  • Lobojack

    Very promising prospects !

  • Thanks for posting these, never saw them before! I love the realism of Barbara O’Toole’s pictures as well as their explicit kinkiness. The very formal composition adds to the hotness. These are scenarios of punishment as they could really happen! You can hear the words of the encounters in your mind, just as femsup shared above. I believe I first saw Barbara O’Toole’s work in the pages of that great magazine WHAP (Women Who Administer Punishment) back in the 90s. I consider her and Jay Em two of the best artists depicting stern ladies.

    I like femdom art that creates its own distinct universe that you can enter and re-enter–whether it be Stanton’s, or Bilbrew’s, or O’Toole’s, or Jay Em’s, or the great Namio Harukawa’s, to name a few favorites.

  • mmp

    There are some great Femdom Artists out there but Barb is the best.
    As the comments above have said, i just love the realism of thepeople involved.
    Barb is not scared to include the more Mature Female in a very good light.
    The sterotype of conservative dress plus the Dominance of actions and expression.
    Again as said above its similar to WHAP.
    Femdom is not something played out in a dungeon, its lived at home to the workplace and medical situations too.
    Barb is the best.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any place to get the complete spanking/femdom pictures of Barbara O’Toole?

  • Bart stone

    The drawing of the boy standing and getting spanked with a hair brush is a perfect image of a spanking I got. It started standing but I was not able to stand still I found myself wrestled down over a sofa where to spanking was complteded with me a more secured target

    • Eric Janke

      Barb’s artwork never fails to activate a boner for me. I identify as the boy punishee easily. The imagery forces me to recall my own growing-up punishments up to age 17 administered mainly by females, always bare bottom, and always embarrassing and/or unbearable. This is exactly what a boy needs and/or deserves and I support cp at home, in schools, in locker rooms, from the babysitter, or however it can be delivered to a waiting boy’s bare bottom.

  • Lobojack

    I do concur. Barb’s femdom scenes are not at all theatrical. They are quite realistic, therefore it’s easy to identify with them. They show the kind of ladies which we all yearn to meet, with a lot of luck.

  • Jettero

    Does anyone have any more information on Barb, who she was, and if she is still creating artwork?

  • smartarse

    domestic discipline as it really is.

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