How to Spank Your Husband

The two wife spanks husband illustrations were printed on cards that were mounted and then viewed through some sort of stereo optical device. I don’t have stereoscopic vision so this sort of experience is meaningless for me. I’ve done no research.

Wife Spanks Husband Illustrated

A closer view of the two steps of spanking a male.

Hand raised.

How to Spank Your Husband

Hand comes down with force.

How to Spank Your Husband Part Two

Educational to no end.

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  • Anonymous

    The wife’s right arm looks as if it’s on a separate piece of card, hinged at that rather ‘odd’ line across the top. I reckon these are two views of a single ‘animated’ card Pull a tab (seen protruding underneath) and the arm flips over and moves swiftly to the target – repeat…

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