Making a Man Cry

OTK Hairbrush Spanking

Would you like for a woman to punish you until you break down and cry?

Woman Hairbrush Spanks Man Until He Cries

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4 comments to Making a Man Cry

  • steven

    My mummy doesn’t believe that a spanking is any good unless i finish up crying. As she is a world class expert in spanking with her hair brush, she never fails to achieve her objective. This guy looks about my age (24) so i can really understand and FEEL his pain!

  • smartarse

    Yes I always cried when I got the belt fromm mummy , I thought everyone did.

    • ray

      My mummy always said that a spanking wasn’t finished until the naughty boy was crying. I was always crying loudly when she and her hairbrush had finished with my bottom.

  • Judy K.

    I don’t spank my males often, only when they need it. But when I do, I do not stop until they are crying like little girls.

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