Man Tied to Spanking Bench

This is one of my favorite F/m spanking images.

Partly it is because his position somehow seems to match youthful fantasies in some obscure but potent way.

The rough surface of the log provides a satisfying touch of discomfort.

His face. The woman’s posture and expression.

These elements somehow satisfy me more than many technically superior drawings.


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  • Rob

    I like this very much too. The way her astride-stance strains her skirt is immediately arousing. Why, I wonder, is this position so magnetic? The scene is caught just before she delivers the first stroke, which is also a most arousing thought.

    He still does not know – cannot imagine – what it will be like when she steps to the side, measures her distance, and delivers the first cut. Especially he doesn’t realise that she always starts with six, delivered straight off. He’ll have a hard job keeping quiet after them.

  • I like this piece too, both for the reasons you cite and the notes given by Rob above.

    I also like this artist’s work in other samples I’ve seen, but I don’t know who the artist is. This style appeared in the Nu-West and Leda publications, if I recall correctly.

    One reason I think I like it is because it recalls or imitates the style of Kurt Schaffenberger, who drew for DC Comics in the 50s, 60s and 70s and had a kind of vanilla style that, to me, made Lois Lane into the same kind of outwardly ladylike but nonetheless erotically charged figure I perceive in other button-down 50s types like actress Jane Wyatt in Father Knows Best.

    Here is a link to Schaffenberger’s Wikipedia page:

    And here is a link to more Schaffenberger art:

    Do you see what I mean about a similar style? Perhaps the femdom artist was encouraged to evoke the mainstream Schaffenberger style?

    • I love Kurt Schaffenberger.

      The artist probably also worked in comics. Wish there were more than a single drawing so I could make a real effort to recognize him.

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