Matriarchal Spanking

Matriarch delivering an over-the-knee hand spanking.

Matriarchal over the knee -hand spanking

Do you like these kinds of pictures?

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18 comments to Matriarchal Spanking

  • Wallace

    For me, there has always been an allure for the mature dominant woman, heading up the houshold and providing the necessary discipline, for her husband, and for all others.

  • max(i) labrat


    and that she know that i will squirt and cum over her knee too…and wants me to just do it…because that is healthy and i just can’t help it…

    max(i) labrat

  • smartarse

    mature ladies punish best

  • AJ

    I like the scenario, but Franco’s adult spankers all look like mutants to me.

  • Vickie

    I always wanted my teachers to take me over thier knees

  • alan

    I adore Franco’s mature female as I always fantasise myself of being across their knee. They are so severe in appearance which is very arousing.

    • Rich

      Alan, I know what you mean. I work at an airport directing traffic to get people safely across the street. Sometime I have to bark at folks to get them to cross quickly. I did this to a lady that had to be over 80 and man she gave me hell. I felt my face flush and I was shocked when my dick got hard. All I could think about the rest of the day was her pulling my pants down and giving me a good butt whacking. Now it’s one of my top fantasies. The idea of a stern little old lady putting me in my place just makes me so hot. Rich

        • Hi Richard
          just read your reply to my comments.80 years young eh! That would have turned me on like crazy.I can well understand your feelings and desires after that little experience.The older more mature female is always the best IMO. My mother in law was well into her 80’s when my wife caught me pleasuring myself about her mother and looking at a photo of her mother in a sitting down pose with lovely knees exposed.
          In all honesty I often prefer OTK punishment to sex as OTK is sex for me.
          I worked in a police force and I was amazed at the number of these macho men desired a spanking otk of their female colleagues. WE NEVER GROW UP DO WE !!!

          • rich

            I’m sure the 80+ woman that put me in my place would have spanked all the guys on the police force where you worked long and hard.

      • Orla

        older mature women are very good at dishing out discipline to young guys/gals, I got it from a granny Xmas 2013

  • Matt

    The mature Christian woman knows the importance a being properly dressed. And how to give the most severe otk bare bottom spankings to very naughty boys.

  • The more I look at these wonderful arousing drawings the more excited i get.My wonderful strict mother in law has now gone but these drawings are a wonderful substitute.Cant get enough of it.

  • Bart

    My mother in law spanked me when I was quite young. It only happened once when she was about 50. But several times over the years she asked me if I wanted another taste of her strap and even at the age of 80 I was stopped in my tracks by the thought of her taking that strap to me. Franco’s drawings catch the essence of her power over me for decades

  • J.D.

    I prefer to be spanked by women older than me, because of the maternal authoritarian presence they bring to the event.

  • J.D.

    I have always fantasized about being spanked over the knee of Mrs. Barbara Bush. She is the ultimate maternal matriarch authority figure.

  • Orla

    I get spanked on a regular bases by my friends Mum she is 55 and really lays into me,,

  • Orla

    sorry forgot to say my friend does not know

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