Old Fashioned Spanking

Drawings of parenting spankings make me a bit uncomfortable in the context of fetish and kink. But I know familial corporal punishment resonates deeply with some submissive and masochistic men. Hence, this one of a mom who believes in using a firm hand to insure desired behavior.

Old Fashioned Hand Spanking.

Does this connect with your – real or imagined – childhood?

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9 comments to Old Fashioned Spanking

  • swamp dog

    This reminds of the time I was to sweep a ladies yard with a broom after cutting the grass.I thought it was stupid and called her a B—-. That was the first and only time I was spanked by an older women.

  • Erwin

    It’s a gracefull gift getting a
    handspanking by such a beautyfull young mom. Such punishments are unforgetable! Thank you so much for ever, my dear and deeply honoured cousin
    Gundula, thousend tears and kissis on your hands…

  • michael

    Good art work of a time past when Moms would let you know the error of your ways over her knee :)

  • Wallace

    It resonates with me on a very deep level….but not with mom or an aunt. For me it’s about a teacher as early as kindergarten who would not hesitate putting a boy over her knee in front of the whole class….and then up through grade seven in a school with a female principal who administered the strap across a boy’s hand in the privacy of her office.

  • mnspankee

    Yes it certainly strikes a chord here from my childhood since my mom was the main spanker in our house. Never anything crazy or over the top, but simple/straightforward otk spankings fairly similar to this drawing with the exception that my shorts and undies would have been to my knees or ankles by that point.

  • Matt

    Such a lady would alway expose the naughty boy’s bare bottom before she put him over her knee for a good old-fashioned spanking.

  • sissywayne

    I agree with Matt above.

    My Mom always had ME pull my pants down and boy did it sting.

    Oh, guess what, all of us that got a spanking lived thru it.

  • J.D.

    Brings back fond memories. However my well deserved spankings were always administered in the kitchen, on the bare bottom with a wooden spoon. And mom continued to deliver them as needed throughout my adulthood.

  • martin

    j aimes bien encore plus sévère

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