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  • Sni { A terrified looking sissy with an erect clitstick. Always a perfect combination. } – Jul 28, 2:26 AM
  • Sni { Yeah the female vampires in Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel were far more memorable, especially the way they dominated Jonathan Harker and nearly drained him dry in the original story. } – Jul 28, 2:11 AM
  • Sni { I remember reading that story in Greek Mythology, I also remember one from Norse Mythology in which Thor had to be disguised in a dress and veil as a bride to a giant who couldn't wait to make love to... } – Jul 28, 2:04 AM
  • Sni { "Whip must have her 'pussy' douched once a week." "Whip must never play with same pussy without Goddess's permission." "Whip must never try to milk herself or give herself a ruined orgasm, only Goddess can do that." "Whip may however... } – Jul 28, 1:50 AM
  • Throne { Perhaps her goal is to get him addicted to this. } – Jul 27, 9:33 PM
  • Throne { If he still possesses any self esteem, a good long face-sitting from her will eliminate it. } – Jul 27, 9:31 PM
  • Richard { In the last couple of years I have seen so much erotic art with ten gallon breasts and five feet cocks that Ward's exaggerations have come to see pretty mild. } – Jul 27, 7:25 PM
  • bootlicker { Reminiscent of Ilsa in Siberia, perhaps? Cossack, by the way, with two "c"s. } – Jul 27, 7:09 PM
  • bootlicker { The posters are more exciting than the film. If only the producers would start with the posters, then make a movie which reflects that image, the films would be great! Of course, they'd never get past the censors, but we... } – Jul 27, 7:07 PM
  • bootlicker { I agree, Richard, that Ward's "G-cup" breasts are unrealistically exaggerated, and they ruin most of his cartoons. Even though most Femdom situations are by nature unrealistic in our society, we can dream about them under the "accept [just] ONE impossible... } – Jul 27, 7:01 PM
  • Rick { "Party-PartY" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! } – Jul 27, 2:40 PM
  • Timothy { thanks for pointing out the safety pin through his erect penis head...such exquisite torture...Tormentress displays Her succulent full breasts to add to his deprivation and suffering ...beautiful! } – Jul 27, 8:02 AM
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Over Her Knee

Classic hairbrush, over-the-knee woman punishing man image.

Femdom Domestic Discipline Magazine Cover.

Looks like some sort of Femomish domestic discipline ‘zine from a long time ago.

See similar in a photograph: Over the Knee Hairbrush Spanking.

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12 comments to Over Her Knee

  • steven

    i just love pictures like this. Thank you

  • I wish that was me over her knee getting spanked with a hairbrush or paddle

  • randy

    I have been a spoilt brat and just a good long spanking would work bare bottom.

  • I just wanted to be spanked over the knee like a child.

  • alan

    I love to be across a womans knee and spanked in a disciplinarian way.I find it so much more sexual than anything else.And always prefer the older woman to spank me.The picture is so sexy.

  • carla

    I just ended a weekend of continual spanking from my Domme….she would spank me first with my panties up and after a warming up my panties would come down…..she uses several different spanking instruments but the one that hurts the most is the leather paddle….she is well aware of that and uses it constantly

  • Bart stone

    I was spanked only once as a young boy, not by my mom but by a neighbor. That was the first time a woman other than my mom had seen me with no pants. I guess I deserved the spanking. When she first lowered my pants I covered my genitals very embarrassed. When she had finished spanking me all sense of modesty was gone my hands went to my behind and I didn’t care what she could see. She made me stand in the corner asking me questions and telling me to keep my hands on my head. That was decades ago and I can remember vividly felling no control and tremendous stinging. All I could think of was putting out the fire!

  • smartarse

    I think we all remember the first time we were seriously spanked by a lady , and I still
    get excited when I think about it.

  • evernaughtypantyboy

    I liked sneaking into laundry rooms when I was a teen…stealing some panties I could fit…wondering about ” getting caught “…and then go put them on in an attic room alone and get over some pillows and play spank my bubble butt up high until I squirted…yeah…I like it…

  • Neil

    Walloped hard before being sent off to work with your backside throbbing under your smart suit trousers, trying not squirm too much at your desk so your colleagues won’t find out… bliss

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