Punished Before Mother-in-Law

Domestic Discipline

Submissive husband punished by wife before their daughters and – I assume – her mother.

Submissive Husband Disciplined and Punished by Mistress Wife Mother in Law

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14 comments to Punished Before Mother-in-Law

  • And it looks like he even has his own custom spanking paddle, with his name on it. Perfect :-)

  • Crimson Kid

    This looks pretty embarrassing for him, especially once he starts crying and begging–but enthralling too… –C.K.

  • smartarse

    great to be punished in front of the mother in law and the girls…lovely scene….lucky man.

  • richard walker

    Hi All.
    I been spanked when I lived with my aunty and when I married my wife spanked me for not behaveing.I am unemplyed retired and look after home while wife still works . Seven years ago her sister husband died and she came to live with us she at home most of day here till she goes out. Ihave to do household chores in underwear or naked as wife inctructions. I sleep in spare room till wife allows me into her room.

  • My wonderful mother in law always used her hand with me across her knee which was more than once and soooo lovely laying there at her mercy.Couldnt get enough of her.

  • Throne

    I wonder if the other gals will take turns tanning his bottom. And that looks like a bottle of lotion on the table, perhaps to sooth his blazing buns while he tries to staunch his tears. Or is it a baby bottle for him to suck on after his punishment?

  • Bart stone

    I was spanked by my mother in law. It was in the room next to where my wife’s sister’s were sitting. It was not just a little spanking’ it was not erotic. I was warned but really didn’t think she was serious. I had no idea of what I was in for when she told me I was going to get it. She left the room and returned with a short leather strap and I saw my sisters in law get wide eyed. She grabbed my ear and led me to the next room. Once inside she ordered me to drop my pants. When I hesitated she slapped my face so hard I saw stars. When she ordered me to drop them I did so. I was now scared as she was quite a bit bigger than me and she was pissed. She grabbed my left arm and started strapping my butt which was covered only by my under pants . It hurt like hell and I jumped and tried to block the strap with my right hand. As she stuck me again and again I tried to get away but we just kind of went in a circle as my pants were around my ankles and I couldn’t really walk or run. Any way she had a tight hold of my arm and I was shocked by how strong she was. After going in a circle several time she bent me over the dresser secured my right arm behind my back and really let me have it. I was crying and begging her to stop . By the time she let me up I was promising anything as she was asking me all kinds of things as she strapped me into complete submission. When she left the room it took me quite a while to compose myself before returning to face my sisters in law.

  • Chuck

    My first spanking came from grandmother..mother started my training when I was very young..mother would bathe me.. at 11-12 mother noticed I was drooling pre-cum…mother did not want her sheets to be spotted nor stain the mattress…that was the night that mother took my first ejaculation… the next day grandmother was over, when I came home from school mother called me into the living room to say hello to grandmother I was fortunate father was well endowed and I did inherit his attribute.. Grandmother was from Russia where she had a farm.. and their product was livestock… pigs sheep goats.. grandmother was very wise and knowledgeable about males…mother undressed me and presented me to grandmother (God Mother)..grandmother pulled me up on her lap face up.. examined my genitals told mother I was growing nicely and to show me off to her coffee club ladies.. then.. turned me over and began to spank me..I did not realize that I was getting an erection from the spanking.. and she continued I think that grandmother felt my erection against her inner thigh or knee.. and she continue to spank me until tears rolled down my face.. then grandmother stood me up.. and low and behold I became submissive.. and not only did the tears roll but also pre seminal fluid leaked and I was not allowed to touch wipe sooth just to stand there with a turgid erection drooling semen and tears….

    • sizedsmall

      I was also spanked and diapered by my grandmother who took care of me for my working mother. Between 0 and 14 I wet the bed and granny had to diaper me before bed and clean me up if I peed during the night. I was a small kid and hung like a parakeet but at 14 I started to reach puberty and was embarrassed at having my grandmother see me naked and vulnerable. when I started to get erections when she would wake me up and remove my wet diapers she would spank me to try and make it go down. That only made it worse and I got rock hard.

      • Chachi

        Thank you for your comment..but there was purpose … I don’t know if my father was submissive to my mother I was young 6-7 when father passed away.. however, the mold was there for me to fit into.. and grandmothers training was to show me vulnerability with the support of my “aunts”..supporting and reinforcing .. if “like a kid” I would renege to serve coffee.. or tea.. that was a spanking in front of her guests at 12-13 I was so embarrassed.. and of course my training was for submissiveness not just to grandmother or mother but to all women.. I really don’t mind “knowing my place” has served me well alll these years…

        • I’m glad it has worked out so well for you.

          • Chachi

            when I rented this room for my landlady and her daughter.. I was interviewed for several days..before I was accepted.. relating my upbringing with grandmother mother and my dominate aunts I guess my landlady was impressed.. with my training..the only condition that I really had to accept is spanking from either for misbehavior disrespect…(which covers a lot of ground).. in me accepting spankings I got the room.. however… there is no door on my room.. and I did infact get a spanking last week for leaving the house without permission..so I have kept my word and my promise..

  • Bart's wife

    Bart showed me his post and the drawing and comments. I know he has been preoccupied with his memories of getting his butt busted by my mom many years ago, it’s funny to me because he doesn’t like the many spankings I have given him over the years . I want there went mom showed him what happens when you acted rude or bratty in her house. My sisters and I had been on the receiving end of her brush and strap many times growing up. I think this drawing and his “meeting ” with mom’s strap are a turn on because of being witnessed . While my sisters didn’t see Bart getting strapped they heard it all, my sisters never made fun of him because they knew first hand what was happening . I have never spankec him with anyone watching even though I know he thinks that would be exciting, I don’t think it’s appropriate . I had threatened him years ago with calling my mom when he was acting up That always him got his full attention

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