Spanked Boyfriend

Or her husband. No way to tell from the drawing. So you can choose which ever option pleases your imagination best.

She must be a very physically strong woman to hold the guy like that.

Woman Spanks Her Boyfriend or Husband

Is this kind of F/m domestic discipline something that you crave, dream of at night?

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6 comments to Spanked Boyfriend

  • steven

    It’s EXACTLY the sort of picture that i love! i’d love to see lots more like it

  • mnspankee

    Lovely drawing, and the around the waist grip she has on him is a definite plus ;)…also like his skimpy little undies that don’t hide much even when not around his knees.

  • John

    Waist grip? She’s got her arm around her waist but she is using something much more exciting as a handgrip!

  • I must admit I would love to be in that predicament! ;)

    And I can also see the aesthetic value in that picture. Like chewing gum and rubbing my tummy at the same time, I can be both horny and analytical, for all the good it does me…

    My, I’m in a droll mood tonite…

  • markiee

    Nothing like a big, strong bodybuilder to get her point across to her husband as she puts him to bed.

  • Bart stone

    Many years ago I got spanked by my mother in law who was much bigger and stronger than me. She made me feel like a little boy as she easily over powered me and gave me a whooping that resonates all these years later. It only happened once but several times she cornered me and asked if I wanted another session. She could get my attention with just a certain one saw her tanning me but my sisters in law heard and never said a word. My wife who is not nearly as big or strong gave me many spankings and just the idea of her saying something to her mom scared the hell out of me

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