Enslaved by Alien Women

More Outer Space Femdom

An earth man helpless and in the clutches of green-skinned alien women. What do those light rodes do?

Man Enslaved By Alien Dominant Women from Outer Space Femdom

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4 comments to Enslaved by Alien Women

  • bootlicker

    I’m guessing the red “rods” are a technology similar to the “lightsaber” or StarWars fame. They sting like fire, but leave no burned flesh.

    How come only one of the alien dommes is green? Is it just a trick of the lighting? Note also that the haman male’s ankles are held in place by electronic beams of some kind; probably his hands are too, but they are out of the frame.

  • bootlicker

    Ooops! Second look shows that you caan see his right wrist and the dazzling bracelet on it.

  • Rob

    The rods are multipurpose. When they touch his flesh, they transmit an electric current the pain of which stretches his muscles and ligaments. The dommes also use them to beat him with. Rob

  • Sni

    Not to mention the rods also work as probes, a staple of Alien abduction lore after all.

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