Showpiece looks to be cuckoldry fiction at least in part. The young man is a jockey. He’s short, making it even easier for the woman to dominate him.

The failed perspective is annoying. It is as if the youth is levitating.

Showpiece Stanton Cuckoldry

Do you have a favorite Stanton story, drawing, theme?

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3 comments to Cuckoldress

  • All-time top is “His brother’s girl”. I can’t even explain why.

    Second place is a tie between “Partner’s choice” (which lets one imagine many stories happening at the same time) and “A lesson in Eros” (most for the contrast between the arrogant woman and the desperate guy, though we can’t see his face).

  • Ogham Stone

    Stanton’s work is amazing – love his themes and concepts. He handled poses and expressions well, and he was a master with clothing and textures – the drape, and reflectivity of fabric, especially satin and patent leather. But he seemed to struggle with perspective – often, everything appears to be on the same plane, and yes, sometimes levitating! Still, I so respect the pioneers!

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