Spanked Sissies

Eric Stanton Sissy Punishment Art

A couple of panty boys being spanked by a dominant female.

Eric Stanton Crossdresser Spanked
Woman Spanks Crossdresser

Eric Stanton Transvestite Spanked

As fond as I am of Stanton, F/m transvestism does nothing for me. So I hope you men who dream of are actually expressing your feminine side with a strong women do enjoy these images.

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6 comments to Spanked Sissies

  • crayle

    Yes we do–Thank you!

  • Great classic art. More like these would be super.

  • tiapet

    I want to say right off the bat that I love your site.

    Butttt…well…its disconcerting, to say the very least, to click on any
    forced fem art that you publish and see *yet again* you passing judgement in the comments on those into the fetish, or distancing yourself as far as you personally can
    from the subject.

    We get it. You’re not into it. That’s fine.

    But I see all sorts of stuff on your site…some of it quite horrific. Beheadings, castrations, gruesome depictions of torture. I don’t see you passing judgment or distancing yourself from these subjects at all. “You know, beheadings do nothing for me…” yada yada yada.

    Us subs who are into forced fem and such things….we get a lot of flak both within and without the BDSM community as is. I don’t know what all you are into but whatever makes you happy, God bless. I’m not going to pass judgement on you. Can you do us the same courtesy?

    yourself on *these* subjects

    • I regret that my remarks have disturbed you.

      Many of my sexmates and lovers have been feminine – even hyperfeminine – gay males. I always had a special affection for them. And hated how their open femininity caused them to suffer much abuse.

      When I first enountered feminization in the F/m context it was very difficult for me to understand gender humiliation. Aside from seeming very sexist I dislike the implication that a fey male was an inferior or degraded person.

      Eventually to come to grips with the issue I even wrote a short story.

      I suspect that the comments are mostly or entirely on old posts (some of which don’t reflect the original date.

      I actually try to find sissifcation stuff both for here and stories for another site. And yet another site.

      The mutilations, etc. don’t evoke personal feelings.

      Again I do regret any pain that I may have given you.

  • tiapet

    No pain, no hard feelings, not apology necessary I assure you.
    As a fan I’ve always appreciated the art you have posted and I will
    be sure and check out the links that you’ve posted!

    My feelings about the comments were like…I dunno, finding a housefly land
    in an otherwise perfectly good bowl of soup. Not the end of the world!

    Your story ‘Alex-Alexia’ was lovely, very tender. It rings true. I enjoyed it
    very much :)

    As for F/m feminization….I know, to an outsider who does not have the fetish it may be difficult to understand. And I cannot and will not speak for all submissives who have that particular fetish, but I assure you…while there may well(I allow for the possibility) be a few misogynistic submissives somewhere working out their feelings towards women or feminine males in that fashion: I venture to say that it is uncommon or rare.

    I think many people come to fetish (whatever it may be) for many different reasons, and the fetish itself…its only the outward manifestation of a need. Two or more people may have the same fetish…but for different needs. The reasons why are different.

    I’ve spent a lot of time examining the inside of my own head to examine my own needs for fun, believe it or not. If interested I invite you to check it out here.

    Crossdressers…especially fetish-driven crossdressers as opposed to someone transitioning…we get a lot of flak. To the vanilla world we are objects of ridicule and derision, something to be abused in the open. To the gay or transgender world…well…we really aren’t accepted by them either. And the fetish world…can be downright hostile at times. Which is a pity really.

    Anyway, thank you for the understanding.

  • whyguys

    Two beautiful, very similar and yet widely different Stanton drawings. Like them both, but the first especially as it captures the devotion of the feminized male in his reduced role and some of the joy that a Woman might experience tearing done the male façade of ‘manliness’.

    The second shows the violence and vehemence that might be needed to get a less willing male to see the new feminine role the Female Master has in mind for him. She seems perfectly up to the task of breaking the male’ resistance and firmly institutionalizing Female Supremacy as the guideline in their interaction in spite of his not wanting it so.

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