Older Woman

Franco’s domestic discipline art often features older women administering punishment to young men.

Older woman spanking young man

Do you wish that you were over her knee?

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4 comments to Older Woman

  • guiller

    old woman femdom , strapon , enema douche anal . the old woman mistress . thank

  • michael

    Yes indeed I do. Older women with experience and know how.

  • smartarse

    would love to be over her knee…..older women are much better spankers

  • Mike P.

    This woman actually does remind me quite a bit of my own grandmother, who used to punish me quite often completely naked right up into my teen years as well, not only with her firm hand but also quite strictly with her special black leather strap (always hanging on a hook in the closet), and many times both.

    Grandma definitely knew the meaning of the words “spanking” and “whipping,” no doubt about that. She was a very strong woman who knew what it meant to severely punish an incorrigible young man like myself.

    Even today, as an older man, there are times when I wish Grandma were around (or somebody like Grandma) to punish me at certain times when I really need it. Thank you, Grandma–for making a MAN out of me today, even though I do have very painful memories of my very red and sore behind, even though I well DESERVED it!

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