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Watching a Spanking

Just what thoughts are passing through the man observing this spanking?

Man watching woman spank another man over her knee

Should I keep running F/m art like this?

Originally posted 2009-10-22 09:22:29. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

10 comments to Watching a Spanking

  • Dave

    I could never fantasize about someone who looks old enough to be my grandmother. I don’t understand the appeal.

  • Hap

    Having been disciplined as a youth by females only, I find it quite easy to fantasize about a strong maternal figure.

  • michael

    Yes keep posting F/m art like this. Franco is great and captures the inter fantacies of many male submissives,even if they don;t admit it lol.

  • Wallace

    Yes, absolutely keep posting these types of images. I love the depiction of a mature woman ruling her household.

  • smartarse

    keep posting this kind of artwork…If I stumbled upon this situation like the spectator in the picture,I think my first instincts would be …..do I keep quiet and so enjoy the whole episode or make myself heard on purpose , with the hope
    of being next in line for a spanking

  • bob

    I have had a few of my hairbrush spankings witnessed by amused individuals, who find it smugly enjoyable to view my undignified adolescent correction. I assure you I receive absolutely no sympathy, since they feel I must deserve the punishment. I wear women’s panties so this public exposure is especially embarrassing and extremely effective. I am most humbled when having to face someone who has seen me shamefully spanked. yet, I would also be smirking in sheer delight, while watching another bottom being properly spanked.

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