Watching a Spanking

Just what thoughts are passing through the man observing this spanking?

Man watching woman spank another man over her knee

Should I keep running F/m art like this?

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13 comments to Watching a Spanking

  • Dave

    I could never fantasize about someone who looks old enough to be my grandmother. I don’t understand the appeal.

  • Hap

    Having been disciplined as a youth by females only, I find it quite easy to fantasize about a strong maternal figure.

  • michael

    Yes keep posting F/m art like this. Franco is great and captures the inter fantacies of many male submissives,even if they don;t admit it lol.

  • Wallace

    Yes, absolutely keep posting these types of images. I love the depiction of a mature woman ruling her household.

  • smartarse

    keep posting this kind of artwork…If I stumbled upon this situation like the spectator in the picture,I think my first instincts would be … I keep quiet and so enjoy the whole episode or make myself heard on purpose , with the hope
    of being next in line for a spanking

  • bob

    I have had a few of my hairbrush spankings witnessed by amused individuals, who find it smugly enjoyable to view my undignified adolescent correction. I assure you I receive absolutely no sympathy, since they feel I must deserve the punishment. I wear women’s panties so this public exposure is especially embarrassing and extremely effective. I am most humbled when having to face someone who has seen me shamefully spanked. yet, I would also be smirking in sheer delight, while watching another bottom being properly spanked.

  • Chachi

    Grandmother was my disciplinarian…father was long gone..grandmother was a dominate woman that would not tolerate…it was her way..or across her lap like the young man in this sketch… so … I can totally relate to this … however…it was grandmother’s lady friends that were witness to my punishment…comments they made…then to go to each guest and apologize for my disobedience then stand in the corner so all can see my punishment…

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