How to Train a Male

The Dominant Female
How to Train a Husband

This reminds me strongly of the sequence Gene Bilbrew drew as Van Rod. So much so that the latter seems like either an attempt to do it better or was requested by an editor who saw this earlier F/m effort.

Bowing while offering service:


Have your husband’s – or this is the 21st century, boyfriend’s – clothes tailored by a maker of straightjackets.


Use food, how he eats to remind him that his status is that of an animal. If he’s lucky of a pet.


And keeping him busy with forced physical labor will keep his mind free or rebellious urges and his body unable to resist.


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  • Paul Hughett

    How to enslave your husband. Stop all orgasms, maybe for ever. Keep him naked in the house. Whip him often, maybe daily. Administer cock and ball torture to let him know those belong to you, not him. Orally satisfy you daily. He is to never how money or real freedom. He can never speak to you without permission. Ask for your permission to use the bathroom. Ask you for permission to give you rubdowns and do your finger nails and toe nails. Do all the household chores. Do most of the cooking and dish cleaning. Give you all of his pay checks. Keep all his body hair shaved. Always wear panties under his pants when going to work or anytime out side of the house. Never sleep with you, that is someone else freedom. A slave never asks for sex, because his wife never sees him as a real man. Must wait or serve his wife male friends. Must give his wife oral sex after she has been with one of her male fiends and thank her for the privilege and honor. Other duties may be added.

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