Penectomy or Castration?

She has knives in her hands so you can’t tell if the woman has bitten or cut off it or them.

Emails long ago taught me that many, many men have fantasies of biological, physical demasculinization.

Woman Bites Off Man's Penis

Not the worst ¡Historietas Perversas! we’ll see this week.

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7 comments to Penectomy or Castration?

  • Jim

    It is well documented that captured enemy were turned ove rto the females of the conquring tribe. Often the women were the widows of tribesmen killed by the captured enemy. Penis skinning and other tortures were often perfomed.

  • Izaias Ferreira da Silva

    eu gosro muito disso

  • sicko666

    oooo yes please, i wish there were more artists creating fantastic art work dealing with this subject matter!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!

  • Another illustration falls to the clumsy graphic design of the cover designer-I’d never have guessed she had knives in her hand. Or perhaps it had to be censored out somehow?

  • RazorX

    What a raw and visceral cover. It looks to me as if our hero has not been emasculated…yet! Instead it appears as if that Indian vixen is sucking his cock against his will, with the clear implication that those knives will be put to bad use when he shoots his load. And the desperate look on his face suggests that he is literally seconds from cumming.And it sure doesn’t look as if anyone is rushing to save him from what’s about to happen.

  • Tucson

    The Penis skinning is something that should be encouraged in Female Led relationships as it’s more likely to happen then a penectomy, less blood and can be done anywhere without fear of dying . A male can show it’s devotion by removing just one ball . All this would happen more often if there were support groups instead of all this horny single man porn out there .

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