Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed

I was a boy when I saw the Hammer Studies film adaptation of She. It seemed to me one of those Hammer movies that focused more on exhibiting large breasts than telling a story. In this Ursula Andress’ breasts as she portrayed Ayesha.

By the time that I learned She was originally an H. Rider Haggard novel I felt no interest in reading it. I can’t stand lost race fiction. The square-shouldered, manly embodiment of colonialism and imperialism always sets the poor ignorant natives aright.

Haggard’s Ayesha novels have been reprinted many, many times. Below is a gallery of Ayesha cover illustrations.


Ayesha-Ancient-Femdom-Goddess Ayesha-Divine-Woman Ayesha-Dominatrix Ayesha-Femdom-Goddess Ayesha-Femdom-Mistress Ayesha-Goddess Ayesha-H-Rider-Haggard Ayesha-Mistress Ayesha-She Ayesha-She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed Ayesha-She-Who-Must-Be-Worshiped Ayesha-Superior-Woman Ayesha-Woman-Worship

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12 comments to Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed

  • Throne

    Nice choices. We can see why she was known as ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’.

  • Many tried to visualize/portray Haggard’s immortal. Many (if not all) failed, hindered by their rather pedestrian fantasies regarding powerful and dominant women, to create an image which would fit his description of this unique woman.

    The movie with Ursula Andress is a disaster, and the sequel is even worse. Common stuff when the needy, the dull, and the greedy, want to ride on other people’s wave.

    • Lobojack

      Here you go again with your incurable superiority complex !

    • Lobojack

      At least you cannot criticize Ursula’s looks. She was gorgeous. Her mother sold onions at themarket in Berne, Switzerland, my homeland. But luckily Ursula’s career took another course. Even now she remains a beautiful lady. Real beauty is eternal.

      • Agreed. She was the only reason to watch the movie. I’ve seen more variations of the She movie poster featuring her than for any other movie.

        • Lobojack

          I must say that Ursula’s looks survived the passing of time much better than Brigitte Bardot’s. But Brigitte has now other interests, which I share: Politics and Protection of Animals. Also protection of Nature and Landscapes, with her friend Franz Weber, who lives in Switzerland, a friend of mine.

  • Ray

    I could refuse her nothing either by choice or desire!

  • Throne

    Well said, Ray.

  • Lobojack

    Now I understand why this “Ayesha Fonseca” chose her pseudo… Alas, comparison is no reason !

  • Lobojack

    By the way, in my opinion, Pierre Benoit’s “L’Atlandide” is more thrilling than Haggard’s Ayesha. Both were published in the same period. “L’Atlantide” has been translated in English as “Queen of Atlantis”. It also inspired a movie, which turned into a flop. Anyway I have always been fascinated by Antinea and yearned to be her subject. See Google and Wikipedia for more details and pics.

    • I’ve never read Haggard. The whole white European among the savages is distasteful. I’ve only seen the movie, which bored me.

      I remember discovering L’Atlandide and posting some images but can’t recall where.

  • Lobojack

    You can find several pics in Google. This Antinea was my teenager’s dream and she made me discover femdom. I have read and reread this book several times, I was fascinated. I have the French original version, not the English one.

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