Mistress Red Riding Hood

I had this for some time before realizing that is a werewolf variation on the story of Red Riding Hood.


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2 comments to Mistress Red Riding Hood

  • Ray MacMeeken

    I think this is a very creative cartoon!

  • whyguys

    Wolf: “B-Bb-But, MS HOOD WHAT big BRA you wear.”

    RED: “The better to keep your interest, My pretty little Lobo… I think YOU should try it on.”

    Wolf: “OH, MS HOOD, what a BIG STRAP-ON you are buckling around your waist.

    RED: “The better to WIDEN your HER-izons my little She-wolfette.”

    Wolf: “NO *ow-w!* PLEASE DON’T *ew-a-ewww* NO-OO-o STOP *ahh-ah-ew* How-OW-HOOOWLLLLLLL-HOWL-HOW-WWLLL-HOWL!!!”

    RED: “That’s it Wolfi- come on GIRL, LET IT OUT, HOWL like the little BITCH you are!”

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