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Sub Hubby’s Public Spanking

I’d think a public spanking would beat CNFM.

I don’t know if that big bow tie is supposed to be feminizing. It sure makes him look silly.

Jay Em Submissive Husband Public Spanking

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4 comments to Sub Hubby’s Public Spanking

  • Ms Becky

    I have spanked by husband while outdoors but not with anybody present. However, the fear factor of someone coming along enhances his punishment. I have exposed his secret vebally in public. Also, he’s been spanked withing earshot of others like hotels and gas station bathrooms.

    • markiee

      Have you ever had sex with your husband after his spanking?

    • Penny

      I spank my husband whenever I decide he needs it, but I would never spank him where others might see or hear what’s going on. This is a private matter, and I have only told a few girlfriends who have promised not to talk about it, and above all not to tease him.

  • markiee

    My wife has spanked me outdoors as well. When we go camping she often will find time to strip me for a spanking. Onetime while over her knee two ladies in their 60′s were hiking down the trail and came upon us. The only thing separating us was a small ravine. They wolf whistled and egged my wife on more, to which she thanked them and gave them a good show as she spread my legs more.

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