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Branding Her Slave

By accounts of folks who have witnessed slave brandings at fetish venues if done quickly the branding doesn’t hurt.


2 comments to Branding Her Slave

  • bluecollarsub52

    I need to be branded by my Mistress/Wife/Owner, as Her obedient property.

  • Rudi

    Make sure that she only applies the iron for five seconds or less, just enought for the smell of burning flesh. also no circular of “O” patterns are made at one pass. this would have to be done as two “C” brandings on two seperate occasions and after first pass has healed. On each pass the wound should be sprayed with antiseptic. the body may go into minor shock in which case the lady should off neat brandy to drink, usually out of her high heeled shoes in accordance of the custom of our people

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