Cuckold Husband’s Beating

I guess the guy with the cane is the “bull” as they call the man doing the cuckolding. Cuckoldry is a practice that simply chills me. Not that I despise the fantasies and fetishes of other men.

Cuckold Husband Whipping

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3 comments to Cuckold Husband’s Beating

  • Subthrone

    The idea of the Bull punishing the husband is very effective. It suggests that the cuckold is physically weaker and will never be able to reassert himself.

  • finyps

    Yes, I agree! The drawing is very suggestive.The husband is being thrashed while his wife is shown in a fit of uncontrollable laghter. I can just see the next scens as she stands up in front of her anguished husband and lifts up her skirt to reveal panties and corset as she ecooragrs her new bull boy friend to beat him even harder.Ultimately she will force her husbands head up and down onto the bulls huge shaft.
    Lovely and wish I could draw like this. and

  • xabiarmando

    Precious drawing with three fundamental points of interest. The photo of the wedding. The happiness of the Wife who cannot stop re-going. And the submission of his old husband to hands of his young woman and powerful lover, while it tortures it. A delight of scene. Great work. Thank you for sharing it. Cordial regards.

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