Men Are Just Dogs

Don’t be fooled. One man may live in a dog house and the other eat from a dog food bowl. But these women really care for them. Otherwise would they be wearing high heels and lingerie?

Male Slave Lives in Dog House Male Slave Eats From Dog Food Bowl

© Juan Puyal

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4 comments to Men Are Just Dogs

  • ..but they might like wearing lingerie and high heels for their own enjoyment? ;) I know what you mean, of course.

  • Of course it depends on the fantasy. Perhaps her lingerie keeps him hopelessly enslaved. But, yes I agree with you. I prefer the idea of the mistress wearing something that’s sexy because it’s luxurious and sensual.

  • bootlicker

    MISTRESS in no-nonsense leather is ready to whip Her slave and have it lick Her boots. Wearing lingerie, She looks like She might just collapse on the bed and let Herself be “taken” by a male. Half-undressed like that, She is vulnerable and weak-looking — just as a naked slave is vulnerable to whatever fate its Mistress may be pleased to administer.

    Some believe that a male in any sort of female-style clothing is taking on airs, dressing like his betters, pretending to be a member of the Superior Gender. Many feel that a slave should be kept naked — vulnerable, humiliated, defenseless against Mistress’s whip — and not allowed any clothing. Nothing but a collar and perhaps cuffs if needed for securing to a whipping frame. The “slip” (as They call it in the OWK) or minimal leather codpiece, is a concession to vanilla viewer morality and the sensibilities of a few.

    A true Domina has no problem with a naked male slave, its erect member saluting Her beauty and authority. She knows that it is there to be kicked by Her boot or lashed by Her riding-crop for Her amusement.

    Of course, the argument is made that a Goddess in skimpy clothing should show Her physical pulchritude to a male that will never be allowed to touch Her alluring body, just to torture him with the frustration of being so close to forbidden pleasure. This is a valid argument, certainly based on hard(!) fact. Comments above, however, about the appearance of vulnerability and (dare one say it?) whorishness, do apply nevertheless.

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