Often in Rubex’s femdom art there the suggestion that some very awful fate is about to be inflicted on the helpless male. This drawing seems to pretty clearly depict preparations for castration.

Rubex femdom castration

A – to me – surprising number of masochistic men have castration fantasies. Some have even managed to accomplish it in real life.

How about you?

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  • benjamin

    Absolutely… have castration fantasies all the time. Always has to do with ‘living the lifestyle’ and something that the domme lady absolutely wants to have happen. Don’t ask me to explain it.
    BTW, I ran an ad in Phoenix CL a while back… ‘wanted woman with castration fantasies’ … got four replies from real women. They were interested in the idea, not so much the actual act.

  • That black apron reminds me of that awful scene in the Japanese film “The Audition”


  • subwillyboy

    I would love to be your model!!!!

  • My fantasies center on the woman wanting to take the man’s manhood.

  • Cevinex

    Again, not my thing – but I’ve heard it posited that all F/m submissive fantasies are at root castration fantasies. Not sure if I buy that entirely, but I understand the argument.

  • ts.42

    After I had been her toilet slave for 6 months

  • Lobojack

    Once in NYC I was tightly bound under control of an Austrian domme. She took a sharp knife in one hand, held my dick with the other one, smiled devilishly and rubbing her knife on my balls, she said: “What is this miserable piece of meat between your thighs ? Don’t tell me that this is a penis. Just a wienerli, not a dick ! And I am really hungry.”. I was frightened to death, she might have been insane and nobody had seen me enter her dungeon.

  • rod harris

    i would love it if it were,that all men over thirtyfive have to be castrated!!

  • Ah yes, men and their brave fantasies. But there r times…….

    • Lobojack

      Ayesha, You aroused my curiosity and I went to discover your website. All I can say: it’s excellent. Congratulations !

        • Lobojack

          As the Germans say: “Gern geschehen”. All the more after I discovered that most of your fav books also happen to be mine.

          • Kiko? C’est pas vrai! Pero bisami: Es realmente la verdad? Jeeez, that’s wonderful, Herr Wolf! En weet je wat? Ai Sprooch isch nie gnueg, hehehe.

          • Lobojack

            Ksa jeleniu, tolka gavariu pa russki :-)

          • Lobojack

            Mais aussi le français… und deutsch… o bien castellano… or good old English… Alas not yet Chinese :-( Perhaps a Chinese mistress will help…

          • Za bazár otvétish’!!

          • Lobojack

            Which means ? zabazar I do not understand
            atvetish looks to me like “reply”, as in Russian it would be “otvetish”.
            Anyway what language is this ? Yiddish ?

          • Chinese? Now why would u come up with that? Still, it’s a brilliant idea! Act on it. Make travel arrangement to Longshuihu. Over there women rule. Don’t know where that is? It’s is in the Shuangqiao district of Chongqing. Most people speak Sichuanese Mandarin in that area. For u, as a beginner, inì suó sázi and hàoduóqiàn (grin), could come in handy.

          • Lobojack

            I have long be wishing to learn Chinese but the Ministry decided that it was too difficult and time-consuming. So I learnt Russian instead, which was the right decision. So Chinese will remain a dream, although I have been there.

          • Lol! Zaier shain gezogt, but no…..not Yiddish at all! It’s a kind of Russian, no foreigner would easily come by or understand,farshtaist? And fyi, it’s also not related to Irina Allegrova, but as a consolation, here’s a more or less appropriate song sung by her ;)


          • Lobojack

            Ayesha, you are obviously a very smart woman, whose IQ assess at about 140, perhaps even more. If your looks are as attractive as your mind, than you are out of this world. Perhaps n extra-terrestrial ?

          • Lobojack

            I like your comments about Rubex. You hit the point. Just too bad that his production was very scarce, because he is unique. Seems he decided to give it up. according tho the scant info we have about him.

          • Having a high IQ is great. Well, i mean if one knows how to use it. For instance, too many Mensa people r squandering their potential. But to me, a high EQ is even more important, especially when living a life which is mostly alien to the vanilla world.

            “If your looks are…….”? Damn, u must have missed my picture(s) the time u were visiting my blog :-<

            "extra-terrestrial"? Not that i know of, hehe. But i sure as hell am not a descendent of Adam & Eve. I belong to the Other People.

            Re Rubex: I came to believe that most self professed femdom artists r suppressing their feminine side, making it very difficult for them to depict any feelings dominant women might have on d/s. Hence they r only drawing pictures from their patriarchal male perspectives. Often lacking r/l femdom experiences as well, makes their products even more distant from what's going on in feminine femdom circles and only based on what emerges from their manly fantasy world. But…….it doesn't really matter, as the majority of self proclaimed femdom admirers r of the same flock, and thus will eagerly devour this kind of art, jerk off on same, and not caring one bit about what us women (the ones they so deeply want to be enslaved by, hehehe) feel/think about same. Nothing new there tho. In vanilla/mainstream femdom, it’s, contrary to what they're trying to convince us of, the male who is calling the shots. Still, there r a few, like Rubex and Nanshakh for instance, who occasionally (not constantly!) know how to touch that little extra i was talking about, that way showing us their potential to eventually really become a slave to a woman, and as such enabling them to create pictures even i can appreciate and enjoy.

          • Lobojack

            Your picture ? Of course I saw it but I felt, it’s too good to be true Oh my…. nature has been kind to you !
            On Rubex, we agree. As for Nanshakh, for what I can see, too. Those scenes do come from the fwemale perspective and for the female’s enjoyment. This is really what femdom is all about. But in general, it seems to me that we see a lot of “topping from the bottom”, which I find absolutely uninteresting.

          • Lobojack

            Going back to Rubex and Nanshakh, I definitely think that Rubex is more interesting, both in graphical talent and also plot-wise. Having been the muse of Nanshakh I understand that you give him high marks, but I feel that he is very much overrated. Take Eric Stanton at his best, he was far superior. Of course Eric produced a lot of rubbish in later years. Let’s see how Nanshakh will evolve.

          • When it comes to art, for me the most important thing is if the artist is capable, willing, and driven to put something personal in his/her creations, to show us what’s screaming inside her/him, what’s living in the core of his/her personality, without compromising! All the rest, like for instance if her/his products find grace in the eye of the beholders, is secondary. Nanshakh is one of those. Many of his drawings r breathing his yearning for being a slave to a woman, unconditionally. During a couple of years we exchanged many thoughts on the matter. I learned from this, and from many other writings coming from his hand, that he belongs to that elite group of males that were born a slave, and not only longing for occasionally participating in recreational slavery where people r hopping in and out of so called sub/dom-space at will or when they get a chance when time or the kids permit. That his pictures stray from that sometimes, and lose the splendor of femdom, is understandable. He too realized (and decided) that drawing and writing according to the desires of his mainstream audience is necessary, although a curse, if one wants to make some extra cash from one’s talents. It’s sad, but it’s the reality. Maybe Rubex had the same realization, and for that reason stopped drawing altogether. Stanton is just Stanton. Hard for me to pinpoint. He had some great pictures, but i never got the impression that he personally was addicted to femdom. The same counts for Sardax. He too is capable of drawing great stuff sometimes, but i never got the feeling he’s really into what he’s trying to sell to others. Well, maybe he’s into vanilla femdom, but certainly not into feminine femdom. But….um…..that’s just me eh, a beholder.

          • Lobojack

            Be careful, Sardax is on FemdomArtists, I know for sure. So I’ll just say that he openly admits that one has to make a living. Just the same as Stanton in later years and also Chris Pizzinga. More comments about your interesting text later, if you don’t mind.
            Paka (as we say in Russian)

          • Lobojack

            Dear Ayesha, I fully understand that as Nanshakh’s former muse and surely model, you have high appreciation of his work. Especially as you were quite aware of his inner feelings, which he expressed in his works. But I am an outsider and as such I only appreciate and compare the end-product, not the feeling behind it. And in this context I invite you to use Google and look under “Frollo+BDSM”. You^ll discover a fabulous artist not appearing in Femdom Artists: Leone Follo, born in 1931 in Venice. He depicted mostly F/m but also a few F/m (in black and white). His talent towers over any other artist in the BDSM field. Just go and look !

          • OMP….Master Sardax is watching us? Guess i better go into hiding then. I mean till he calms down again eh? Well…um…..come to think of it……he’s such a sweetie, and would never even dream of getting back at me. And u know? I think he might go a bit weak at his knees should we meet in person.

            Я буду кроткой :)

          • Lobojack

            Even before meeting you, my knees get weak, just as I watch your picture !
            More comments follow

          • Si, si, si, le illustrazioni del maestro veneziano. Che figo! But what made u think i wasn’t familiar with his work? And he’s not on FA? Come on, search better.

          • Lobojack

            I had been looking by name of artists and did not find anything. Mind you, I do not underestimate you, itwas just to open up a discussion by showing what I meant by top-level BDSM. Are you familiar with his excellent F/m in black-and white ? F/f are generally in colour.

          • It’s not only Frollo who knows how to handle his drawing equipment in a (more or less) superb way. Take for instance Milo Manara or Giovanna Casotto. And remember, we diverge when it comes to assessing art. Hence Casotto is more appealing to me than Frollo, no matter his drawing skills.

            As for F/f and f/m, go for instance to and learn my take on this.

          • Lobojack

            As you correctly point out, Casotto and (even more) Manara are both interesting. In fact there are a number of Italian “fumetti” artists in the field of BDSM. I would call this the New Italian School of BDSM and erotica, just same as there were the famous Da Vinci, Raphael and so forth in the Renaissance. Who bast is a matter of personal taste. Depends whether you prefer the graphical talent, the plot, the BDSM angle. And what do you think of Monsieur Montorgueil ? I like it a lot, except when he goes M/m…. I have aversion towards maledom.

          • Monsieur Bernard had his moments, and if u would have followed the link “Woof” in my blog entry of november 09 last, u wouldn’t have asked me this question. Still, he belongs to the clique of those who never could have been a slave to a woman r/l.

            Re: Maledom. It’s a silly and laughable concept. Read:

          • Lobojack

            I am just an economist, not an archeologist, reason why I never try to unearth in your blog whether or not you have dealt with a specific subject. I am interested what you think now.

            Monsieur Bernard was surely not a submissive to females, but I could not care less. What matters to me is the beauty of his art, the scenes he depicts and if you are fluent enough in French, the great texts illustrated by his pictures.

            As for maledom, kindly allow me to dissent: de Sade’s writings and Histoire d’O are typically maledom, which in my opinion covers both concepts of M/f and M/m, just as femdom can be F/f and F/m. What matters is for a submissive person to make a pair with a dominant one. Then it works fine, they are complementary.

          • U must be the lazy economist archeologists told me about.

            The stories of le marquis as well as that tale by Anne Desclos r comparable to the shady trilogy by Erika Leonard, picturing vanilla male dominance and its boring derivations. I know that many people r turned on by sexual abuse, humiliation, degradation, and other foul activities as depicted in literature like that, but so not me. Stuff like that only disgusts me, or makes me laugh with sadness.

          • Lobojack

            I would put it more simply: it’s boring to death. But luckily the book would drop from my hands as I was falling asleep. Le meilleur des soporifiques ! Even more efficient than many political speeches.

          • Lobojack

            Meanwhile I have done my homework and found you in “The Glow Inside”…
            By the way did you know the now defunkt “” ? I have been is touch with the Russian owner of this great site, when he tried to sell it. You can find a lot about it through the “Wayback Machine” which recovers lost internet pages.

          • Homework? I can easily be found in many places, as in contrast to the virtual lurking mob, i’m commenting on a variety of blogs, even outside of the adult sections of the cyber metropolis.

            Steve is just a grumpy vanilla person, nor believing that femdom exists. Still he keeps babbling about chastity, and other meaningless mainstream d/s stuff, i.e. reviewing so called femdom art.

            The dead russian site u mentioned here, is one of many that see it as their mission to steal as much as possible from other sites, than publish same. As i recall, most of Nanshakh’s drawings appeared on that site against the artist’s will. Yes, that russian owner certainly was held in high esteem by other cheap parasites in need of feasting their eyes on other people’s products, and jerking off on them, without having to pay a dime.

          • Lobojack

            Congratulations, you obviously knows the landscape quite well. I am interested in others fields than femdom too, but contrary to you (I suppose) I use different names, for instance one for the field of Politics and one for the field of (non-BDSM) Art, including the art I produce. And of course one for YouTube. I also know at least one female fedom artist who does same.

          • I’m interested in many things. Some major ones r listed in my Blogger profile. Although femdom is mentioned there as well, it’s not only a field of interest. It’s my life.

            When entering the Cyberworld a decade or so ago, i created ‘devafemdom’, but i believe it was always linked to my first name. Soon afterwards i saw no reason to hide behind a nick like most others do. Since then i’m using the name my parents gave me. Out of laziness i kept ‘devafemdom’ alive in AST and a few other groups.

          • Lobojack

            So we are both many-faceted. But unlike you I prefer to cover myself under various identities, because my taste for femdom is a very private matter, nobody’s business, for instance when I am active in financial or political circles and forums. I keep it very private. But I had correspondence with Charles de Gaulle and shot portraits of Salvador Allende and Comandante Tomas Borge. Basically I produce images, thru painting and photography while absorbing music (Parker, Ellington, Debussy, Russian composers). I like to project images, also in verbal discussionsbut I cannot produce music. I absorb it and it come out as images or movement, I.e. dancing. My ideal is the “complete man”, asDaVinci was, but in our times the reality is too complex, one has to cover a few selected aspects.

          • Nice trio. A bit controversial too. La grande asperge died in 1970, so u must be of a rather advanced age now.

            Basically i further and complete the primal passions of male and females by enslaving them. And on the side, when i feel like it, i further and complete the misery of fascists, kkk-members, and other vanilla lowlifes.

            Music and dancing? Oh yeah! Knowing u r averse from reading my previous entries, oh Man of the Present, stubborn as i am, i still leave u with 2 url’s revealing some of my actions with these 2. And….grrrrrr…… in case u should dump them again, then who knows, maybe someone else will pick up these gems.



          • Lobojack

            You are right, my dear Watson, I am a little older than you. But as we shall probably never meet in person, do it really matter ? Concerning “la grande asperge”, as you call him, he was not only un “homme grand” but more importantly “un grand homme”. Le nain de jardin Sarkozy ne lui arrive pas à la cheville, on both counts. De Gaulle fought fascism, which you abhor, so if you are hopefully consistent, you should have respect for le Grand Charles. Talking fascism, what is your position in the context of the way Israel treats the Palestinians ? Sorry to bother other people here, but since we have no bilateral contact, it’s the only way to maintain a channel of communication.

          • “…….it’s the only way to maintain a channel of communication.”? Nonsense! There’s my blog, not moderated, open for any comment. Then there is my yahoo group. There’s email too. And besides…….weren’t u on many other forums etc? Perhaps a political or philosophical one would do? Just let me know, or invite me, and i’ll be there. Just picture it: Ayesha femdom pur sang entering the house of a bunch of intellectuals discussing world problems.

            De Gaulle, Sarkozy, Hollande, Allende, or any other self professed ‘world leader’, i don’t give a rats’ ass about any of them. I learned that most of them, if not all, r only in it for themselves, and never for the people they say they represent. Leadership is a pest. I wrote about this many times as well.

            As for de Gaulle specifically, here’s a letter Ben Gurion wrote to him in 1967.
            And if that’s not enough to let u see at least the third side of the coin of this “grand homme”, than think Algérie and his inconsistent behavior during that black page in French history!

            “Talking fascism, what is your position in the context of the way Israel treats the Palestinians ?” Silly question, as u could have found the answer to it in my blog in several places. Anyway, my position is clear, and, unlike the one of many others, based on first hand experience. But i’m not going to supply u with the relevant url’s any more. I’m done with that! From now on, u must find them urself.

            Oh, and regarding the brave leadership of the Gaza people, here’s a recent comment (er…..not from my hand and not on my blog) on that:


          • Lobojack

            OMG ! BHL. of all people… ! This pseudo intellectual and philosophe à la noix de coco ! It speaks. A few years ago I bought his book about JP Sartre and after some 20 pages, I wondered: who is this character weriting such crap and so full of himself. Then I did some research (never heard of him before, he is so insignificant) and found out what he is. I could not read one page more and used his book as toilet paper. He is just a sabre-rattling jerk. Now if you don’t like my opinion, we might as well call it quits. I just raised the issue of Israel to get you out of the woods, and it worked beautifully.
            PS: I have lots of Jewish friends, but they are not in the Netanyau line.

          • Lobojack

            In the framework of Ben Gurion’s letter to de Gaulle, kindly go to YouTube and look there for
            “Le sionisme vu par le Général de Gaulle”. Parts 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.Those are INA historical archives.

          • “…if you don’t like my opinion….” Which opinion is that?

            “…we might as well call it quits.” Ah yes, when the going gets a little bit tougher than the not so tough ones and righteous brave-hearts r used to, that’s the common approach, especially for those who r celebrating and adoring this, as far as i’m concerned, heavily overrated (and outdated) “harmony” model, or simply lack the guts to come out of their safely hidden box/closet, enter the arena, and dare to subscribe to the “disagreement” model as it is, for instance, beautifully marketed by Margaret Heffernan. Come on Sir Jack, throw away ur Tarnkappe, and join the ranks of those who r so full of themselves that they r willing to let others freely share in their abundance, and passionately risk total disapproval of those who r (still) enslaved and imprisoned by culturally/scientifically imposed protocols and a lame establishment.

            PS: Why does it matter that u have ‘lots of’ Jewish friends?

            PPS: “…and used his book as toilet paper.” U must have a sore ass now.

            PPPS: So BHL certainly doesn’t belong to ur Jewish friends, i got that, and if he was abducted by Hamas, tortured for his awful writings, and only freed if he would repent and promise to publicly burn all his books in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle, i’m sure u would applaud this unconditionally. But what about his wife Arielle? Don’t u just love her?


          • Lobojack

            What a lot of gobbledegook ! I had been in touch with you a few years ago (under a different name) but I notice that you have not evolved for the better. Still as juvenile and full of yourself as ever. Is there any hope ? I doubt it. It boils down to your character, and life experience runs on it like water on a duck’s feathers. Alas, alas, alas, as le Grand Charles would say. Sie sind einfach nicht lernsfähig.

          • Lobojack

            During a recent official mission in the Ivory Coast, I learnt that the African Elephant was in danger of extinction. I managed to alert the UN, and they put together a cooperative team of international consultants. The German delivered a 4-inch thick “Kurze Einführung in die Problematik des Afrikanisches Elefantes”, followed by the French with his “Habitudes sexuelles de l’éléphant africain. Then the British consultant, with his “Hunting African Elephants”, followed by the Yankee with a “The world market for African Elephant subproducts”. Finally came in the Israeli consultant, who delivered his study: “The African Elephant and the issue of Israel’s borders”. I strongly suspect that you were this consultant.

          • Huh? “….gobbledegook”? Gosh, and to think i committed myself to avoid my usual idioglossia as much as possible in the virtual world, so my comments could be more comprehensible to the less literate. Or is it simply yet another one of ur sly ways to change the subject, and/or a maneuver to get away with ur habit of not answering my questions?

            “I had been in touch with you a few years ago (under a different name)……” U mean, “Ayesha, You aroused my curiosity and I went to discover your website. All I can say: it’s excellent. Congratulations !”, posted november 09 last, and a few other things following, were all lies? Oh u naughty boi u. Tssss, tskkk!

            “Still as juvenile and…….” See? That’s also one of my flaws! I never could get myself to grow up and join the ranks of them Adults, a.k.a. the Wise & Righteous Clan, known for their lust to wage war, to contaminate, to lie, to save the world, to squander what isn’t theirs, to belittle us juveniles, and a zillion other great quests. But then again ….. And pulleeezzz Master Jack, this time pay especially attention to the lyrics. Hmmmm, maybe those r like китайская грамота to u as well?

            “……that you were this consultant.” Obviously that would be impossible. But psssst….in a way u r right. To divert attention from what really was going on, it was I who orchestrated the whole thing. So, while u and ur brethren were busy with ur noble task of criticizing these fine reports, I was moving these animals to my homeland to labor on my kibbutz. I’m still wondering tho. What happened to the Swiss consultant? Do u know? I’m sure u do, hehehe.

          • Lobojack

            Ater all you are fun. I’ll reply later. The elephant joke was told to me years ago and I always found it enjoyable. I just recycled it in the framework of our exchanges. Still, I wish you were more consistent in your political opinions, wish you had a Weltanschauung extending beyond depending Isreal with teeth and nails. I have long been pro-Israel, but…seuls les imbéciles ne changent jamais d’opinion. More later !

          • Lobojack

            After all you are fun. I’ll reply later. The elephant joke was told to me years ago and I always found it enjoyable. I just recycled it in the framework of our exchanges. Still, I wish you were more consistent in your political opinions, wish you had a Weltanschauung extending beyond depending Isreal with teeth and nails. I have long been pro-Israel, but…seuls les imbéciles ne changent jamais d’opinion. More later !

          • Lobojack

            PS: One thing will never change, it’s my my opinion about BHL. He is definitely and for ever an unbearable asshole.Most of the French intelligentsia have long ago understood that. Le Monde diplomatique, to start with. And Le Canard enchaîné too.

          • Lobojack

            Well, let’s sign an armistice. We shall never agree on Politics but dissent is healthy and democratic. There are a number of other fields of interest and as far as femdom is concerned, you are an authority and have clear concepts, which I do endorse. As for me I have long understood (just like most intelligent men do) that strong-willed, clever, educated females are a big plus for any male they take interest in. It is a great privilege to serve them. This being said, I am ready to pursue the dialogue about Politic, and as a first step, I would recomment that you read this masterful study: Josep Fontana, “Por el bien del imperio”, una historia del mundo desde 1945, publishec by Pasado y Presente, Barcelona, 2011.

          • An armistice? R u flattering urself by having the illusion there’s a war going on between the 2 of us? Damn, that’s a good one ;) Btw, armistices r like compromises, only pursued after by cowards, losers, and imbéciles.

            Master Jack, listen up and for once pay attention. Since u see urself as a smart specimen of the male gender, that must be possible no? Here goes:

            1) “……are a big plus for any male they take interest in” Really one of ur better sexist jokes till now. Bravo. BHL will be proud of u.

            2) “It is a great privilege to serve them.” No femdom ever would want a servant for a slave.

            3) I’m more interested in herstory, b4 and after 1945. So no, i’ll pass. Unless of cors if u would come, tuck me in, and read it to me as a bedtime story.


          • Lobojack

            Here we go again. You are now outdoing yourself in your creation of feminist Newspeak . I particularly enjoyed this term you coined, “herstory”. It’s up to the level of the German feminists, who replace “man sagt” by “frau sagt” and also replace “Fussgängerstreifen” by “Zebrastreifen”. This is why I now make sure that in the shops, I ask whether they sell Kugelschreiber or Kugelschreiberin, in order to avoid being perceived as a Cromagnon macho. Then if you are consistent you should say “shesterical” instead of “hysterical”. More generally I find that in your spelling, you are constantly destroying the beautiful English language. It’s a typical American (bad) habit but you are really going overboard. You tend to write phonetically, same as the Swiss-Germans do. And then one has to pronounce your words in order to understand what you mean. Otchen trudna, as we say in Russian.

          • Lobojack

            Tuck you in and reading it to you ? Fabulous idea ! I am all for it ! Alas, you do not mean it seriously. Plus the fact that you seem to live in the States (as far as I can judge from the timing of your messages) , it’s a long way to you. If you live in the great NYC, all the better, I love that place.

          • “as far as I can judge……” Bang, now u’ve hit the nail on the head. U can’t. As so often, ur judgment is of the blurred kind. Me a Gringa, or one living in Gringo-land? That’s as silly as assuming i could be a feminist, or worse….a German feminist, or side with freaky Womyn like that. Yuck!

            Um, that would be shyststerical eh? Consistencia tío, recuerdas?

            How come distance is a problem for u? After all, u r a globetrotter no, traveling to République de Côte d’Ivoire, and Lilith knows what other exotic places. Weren’t u the one who accompanied BHL to the Far East during the Bangladesh Liberation War?

            “……in order to avoid being perceived as a Cromagnon macho.” What? Na so eine Heisse! What’s wrong with the Cro-Magnon people eh? R u a racist, Uncle Jack?

          • Lobojack

            Mamma mia ! Ce qu’il faut lire… But it’s entertaining for sure. Yes, you are right, I’ve been travelling a lot, nearly 80 countries. Nearly died in a few of them, like falling from a cliff in San Francisco, being sucked away by the tide in Corn Island, molested by a crowd of angry fundamentalists in Kabul, attacked by an aggressive cow in Kathmandu, frisked by the police as a potential terrorist in Medellin, winning a street fight in Bangkok and questionned by 12 policemen in Almaty during 3 hours for having photographed trains. By the way I’ll return to Almaty on December 19th. I’ll stay there for 3 weeks and shall surely miss our exchanges and especially your sharp pointes.

          • Of cors u booked an executive room in the Rixos. Now don’t forget to pack ur thermal underwear eh? December in Alma-Ata…..brrrrrrrr! And hey, beware of the scam taxis, as they’re still there!

            Come to think of it, remembering ur pro-Israel position, u must be a loyal acolyte of Vladimir Zhirinovsky now.

          • Lobojack

            Pro-Israel ? This is the joke of the year, dear Ayesha ! Jirinovsy ? He is the best Russian clown, always giving a good show on TV (RTR Planeta), but not quite as good as those two great artists on GORODOK. Unfortunately one of the dies recently. I put a few clips of them on my YouTube and people liked them. Now is you ask me, the one I liked was General Lebed, but he has been murdered through sabotage of his aircraft. Now don’t ask me about Kasparov ! He stinks and is just throwing his weight around with financing from U.S. NGOs. As for Putin, it’s another ample theme. No, I shall just stay in a private apartment rented through Airbnb for 50 bucks a day. And comint to weather, it’s my 10th stay in Kazakstan, so I know the climate there. And as a polar bear, I enjoy the cold, the colder the better. I have been in Moscow with minus 25 degrees centigrade and I was very, very pleased.

          • Lobojack

            With me, what you see is what you get. Just have a look at your Yahoo mailbox…

          • Lobojack

            Alors, Madame la Dominatrice, je vous ai coupé le sifflet ???

          • Yes, i immediately recognized u (third one on the left) in that picture.

            What? Not in the Rixos? R u a beggar or something?

        • Lobojack

          Watched your Chanel 5 ad. How right you are, the right perfume is the best trap to catch a Loup. For my part I simply cannot resist the attractiveness of a fine perfume.

          • Ah yes, a fine perfume. Absolutely irresistible indeed. Still, it’s nothing when compared to the natural scent of a femdom, wouldn’t u agree?

          • Lobojack

            Indeed ! Especially when I am forced to give oral service for hours… Also the smell of leather, of rubber, of latex…

          • Forced? But of cors……i almost forgot. That’s how it goes in recreational femdom circles: forcing people while keeping it ssc, with emphasis on c. |)

      • Coming up with silliness like that, apparently u missed my comment of november 28 last. And besides, didn’t u write to me privately on tuesday this week: “I am fed up with cluttering this nice FemdomArtists site.”? Or is this simply wishful thinking on ur side, and/or another manifestation of ur multiple faces?

        • Lobojack

          Well, as you were keeping mute on both counts, I was just wondering. Now I know that you are still alive, which is excellent news. Have a nice week end !

        • Lobojack

          What a beautiful liar you are, Ayesha. I have found out that you are 9 time zones behind me, and there is only one place in this area: California !

      • “I have found out…….” What a smart and clever animal you are Master Jack. California? But of course, you said it.

        • Lobojack

          Thank you Madame. I do appreciate your comment. I always had a feeling that you live in Gringolandia, although you clearly do not endorse the militaro-industrial complex which wields the power there, with or without Obama. Mind you, I often challenge you but I do endorse many or even most of your standpoints. As for your roots, you are apparently a Latina, probably living in Frisco, a fav place for dominant ladies. Much better than Switzerland, as far as femdom is concerned. Frisco is a great place, where I very much enjoyed the typical noise of the cable car.

          • Huh? You always had that feeling? Like when you said I have a Facebook account, which I have not? Amazing that! Truly out of this world.

            Switzerland? Surely you’ve found your way around in the zones of Bern and Basel. Ever visited Mistress Maya and/or Lady Alexa? And don’t forget Fürstin Saskia holding court in Zürich eh? Yes Zürich, definitely more my town :)

          • Lobojack

            Facebook ? I read this somewhere, but then it was a mistaken information, it seems. Glad about it, because Facebook is very dangerous, a sort of Big Brother and I would never touch it. Glad that you also keep away from them. The same gos for Twitter and other “social networks”. I only use YouTube, under a different name, but not in the field of bdsm/femdom.
            As for those dommes active in Switzerland, thanks but no thanks. Too expensive for what they offer. I prefer private relationship with a genuinely dominant lady, for mutual satisfaction. But I am not going into specific, genuine details here.

          • Yessss….very dangerous. Way too dangerous for a fellah like yourself, who had to confront evil interrogators, ruthless street gangs, and other mega filth, while roaming red districts, corrupted political bastions, sleazy corporate neighborhoods, during your visits of remote villages and mundane metropolises scattered around this planet. Indeed those social networks realms are way beyond that, to be avoided like Yersinia pestis!

            Yessss…. you truly must be Aphrodite’s gifted messenger to the femdom empire.

          • Lobojack

            Yes, Facebook is very dangerous and not only for you and for me.
            As far as my world adventures go, I have and still am enjoying them fully. You only live once and hence only die once, as late as possible. What I did not tell you is that I shared a Mexican lover with a U.S. vice-president, who never got caughtwith his pants down, and a Nicaraguan one with Comandante Daniel Ortega. She acted as a spy/messenger for the Sandinistas during the revolutionary war. I have also been related with Jack Kennedy through the bedromm, but a bit less directly. It’s no feat, he had so many lovers…
            Being a gift to females ? Let’s say that I owe being appreciated to my first mistress, who taught me exactly how ladies like to be treated. I owe her a lot.

          • Yep, i figured you were one who gets excited by being cuckolded.

          • Lobojack

            Na barod ! Ya eto dielal ! I do not have the vocation of a cuck and besides my forehand is not strong enough to wear horns ! But I would never steal a lady from a poor man. Only from those men who feel ever so powerful. Redistributive justice…. But stealing a lady from a man who is low down is mean and cruel. It would be adding insult to injury. There would be more anecdotes to tell in this line, but they would be too politically “heikel” and also indiscreet…

          • Paul Hughett

            Lobojack I am the one who would be excited by being cuckold.

          • Lobojack

            I see. So you like the “Venus in furs” ? I prefer a scene with dominant females only. Other males can quietly stay at home. Same with Puyal’s art: it’s great but I prefer when he shows only the submissive male and dominant female(s). But I know that many males fantasize about being cuckolded, even more if it’s by a black cock. Not my oniric world.

          • Yep, i figured you were deep into vanilla morality.

            Now tell me, what about stealing a woman from a woman?

          • Lobojack

            First of all, these ladies I mentioned were dominant ones, even the ones I referred to between the lines (or sheets). You would be amazed at the number of powerful/important males who are submissive in private. It is well known that the higher you go in society, the higher the proportion of submissive males. It’s almost inexistent in the lower strata.
            Stealing a woman from a woman ? I have been in threesomes with two ladies, but I did not steal one of them from her lover. They just used me for their pleasure as my cock and my mouth handily replaced a dildo or vibrator.

        • “You would be amazed at……” Hmmmm, what (still) amazes me is the amount of people claiming to be dominant/submissive while they’re a far cry from that.

          Powerful/important males? Lmao!

          “It’s almost inexistent in …….” Well maybe in your “well known” population, a.k.a. MIO’s( Massive Ignorant Ones”, but you would be amazed at the number of slaves living in slavery coming from what you call “the lower strata”, which btw is a label only valid in sick vanilla societies.

          Even if you wanted too, you could never steal a woman from a woman. Um……of course I’m not talking about these silly domesticated descendants of Eve here, because as the treacherous and slimy specimen of the female gender that they are, they would, even for you, be an easy prey.

          • Lobojack

            You are really amazing, Ayesha ! A real “puits de science”. able to pass judgment on any issue, assured that you have the monopoly of wisdom. the rest of this planet being populated by morons, with the exception of those who recognize your unattainable superiority.

          • Yes, and although at times it is difficult for you to act accordingly, you are one of them.

    • Lobojack

      Ms Ayesha, I feel that the ultimate mixture is femdom combined with pavlovian training, turning the male into an obedient, fetishist slave. In my case I am absolutely unable to escape the spell of a female wearing high-heel boots or shoes. This pavlovian reflex started to haunt me ever since I was a teenager.

      • Yes, for some, Pavlov’s insights seem to explain and trigger blissful part-time enslavement i suppose. I wouldn’t dismiss Skinner’s and Watson’s ideas too easily tho, as they too did some fruitful work on the matter.

        Behold tho, slaves (males and females alike) never have to be turned into “an obedient, fetishist slave”, never need to be trained for anything regarding slavery, as they carry the seeds to live like that already while still dwelling in their mother’s womb. And the ”ultimate mixture” is the meeting between born femdoms and slaves. As i wrote in my blog, a slave is simply the mirror of a femdom. Together they form one Gestalt, in mathematical terms…….a hyperbola, divided and yet one.

        • Lobojack

          In other words you believe in “in-born character”. I tend to agree on the whole but you deny any impact of “life experience”. For instance why do I find females wearing polka-dots blouses very arousing ? Because I had my first strong arousal as a teenager while looking at the picture of a pinup girl wearing such blouse. As simple as that !

          • No i’m not denying that at all! It’s more a question of what biologists call the difference (and connection) between genotype and phenotype. What’s not in it, can’t come out. But what’s in it will only come out under certain circumstances, in certain situations. Still, what’s in it will do everything to come out no matter what (like a baby in the womb), even under very unfavorable conditions. Sometimes with disastrous consequences. It’s one of the reasons why people with d/s potential often get frustrated, feel unhappy, get depressed, r scared to death that someone will find out about what’s really makes them tick, r taken advantage of by less scrupulous people, sometimes struggle a lifetime to get accepted by herds of vanilla morons, or give up and pretend to be vanilla. If u would know about the suicide rate among transsexuals for instance, u would know what i’m talking about!

            I was aware of my dominance since as far as i can remember. And it just had to come out in whatever form. That i’m fond of, or rather addicted to, wearing exquisitely supple leather, slutty rubber outfits, boots, using whips and firearms, certainly was not inborn, but evoked by the societies i grew up in, became a part of, and wanted to belong to.

          • Lobojack

            Interesting comments, even though I tend to give more weight to external factors than internal ones. Probably because you are closer to psychology whereas I am more influenced by sociology. As for me I discovered my yearning for dominant females as a teenager, when walking on the shore of a lake, a beautiful, haughty lady came my way, riding a horse. We exchanged glances and she understood immediately that I was ready to follow her to the end of the world…

          • Lobojack

            Did I ? This is just to explain with a practical example that positive/negative experiencedo do have a real impact. I was surely not born with a a positive leaning towards polka-dot blouses, but thereafter I did feel attracted by females wearing such blouses. Same with ponytails, by the way. I could even send you the pics of that polka-dot pinup, since I became later a friend of the artist who created that pinup.

          • Yes i got that, and of cors i agree, hehehe. But hey, i was talking about u standing there enthralled by the lake, ready to follow that fabulous haughty amazon, and wanted to know if u followed up on that delicious urge of urs. So i gently asked. Obviously u missed that one :(

          • Lobojack

            Not at all, it’s a pleasure to explain: I realised only a few years later that this moment had influenced me, even if we only exchanged glances and she went further alone on her way. I discovered BDSM two or three years later while reading de Sade’s books and “L’histoire d’O”. In both cases found this reading utterly boring. It did not realise that is was because they dealt with Maledom, which is not my cup of tea. By sheer luck I discovered and read “The Velvet Underground” and immediately realised tha Femdom was my universe. I reflected: Why ? Then I remembered this lakeshore episode and realised that it was hidden in my memory, just waiting to pop up like a bubble at the surface of reality. Satisfied, Ayesha ? Maybe you are right: hidden yearnings just wait to be awoken by circumstances.

  • rod shorty5

    i would like to see those nuts comeing off,not just played with.i have had mine off for two years now by a mean femdom…my wife!!

    • Lobojack

      I suppose she turned you into a male lesbian. Or was it into a slut, whose only use is (his) tongue and ass ? Anyway how did she do it in practice ? Dominant wives here might get a useful tip from you.

      • If these “dominant wives” would need his “tip”, i foresee a bloody fantasy mess.

        • Lobojack

          Well, are you bluffing or have you really been castrated ? Anyway, as far as castration goes, the evil, beautiful nurses of Rubex are best. I have patiently put together the whole collection of his works. Definitely influenced my approach to female gender.

          • “…….have you really been castrated?” Must be a typo on ur side, or did u really have the balls to ask me a stupid question like that? Anyway, i never had the urge to castrate a slave, as i’m not enthralled by the idea of a bunch of eunuchs populating my household. But when it comes to vanilla men, i surely was tempted a couple of times to rip off their balls and feed same to the dogs.

            Rubex’s drawings mostly depict that something extra which most ‘femdom’ illustrators have no clue of.

          • rod shorty

            my wife and her black lover had it done to me,it bothered me for about three, mounths.i have become a male whore, for my wifes lover im ok with ever thing now!!

          • Lobojack

            I am glad that you are feeling fine. It was your destiny, apparently. This also explain the name you have given yourself: you have henceforth a shortened rod :-)

          • Lobojack

            Sorry, I was not replying to your comment ! My reply was directed to that character who pretended having been castrated by his wife. So I taunted him…

  • Lobojack

    Sorry, I meant Frollo was mostly in F/f

  • Paul Hughett

    When women rule castration will be routine.

    • Lobojack

      Then there will be a huge market for dildos, strapons and vibrators ! And we shall have to learn how to use our tongues, when not busy as slaves and maids. . Great prospect, i can hardly wait for it .

  • Paul Hughett

    Lobojack, I already know how to use my tongue. I was well trained at 11 years old and fell in love with it.

    • Lobojack

      You lucky fellow ! I only learnt later , when I was 20 but ever since, I have been addicted to using it, again and again ! And the beneficiaries do appreciate it and ask for more.

  • Lobojack

    Ayesha, your blog is absolutely hopeless and depressing. But if you have something meaningful to say here, between equals and away form your stalinist censorship, I am ready to continue. But I shall not waste more time on your blog. Here I feel at home because the owner of this blog is a fine and creative person. He deserves my constructive support.

  • Lobojack

    …away from…

  • kofi

    I was cut ‘belly smooth’ at age 14 and it WASNT much fun and I desperately wish they had left me as an ordinary servant boy but now in my 20’s I have learned to live with it and even (with Rubex etc) learned to occasionally enjoy my condition using femdom fantasy…

  • david

    yet to find a female up for cutting my balls off and removing the ball sack anyone up for it

  • Lobojack

    Are you sure, David`? Jist read what kofi wrote. A 24/7 cock-cage would probably be enough for you.

  • Lobojack

    By the way I notice that this boasting Ayesha is no longer throwing her weight around here. Surely not a loss…

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