Female Sadists

These rubber clad female sadists are wearing iron crosses suggestive of the Nazi females, Gestapo gals of the old men’s magazine covers.

Rubex female sadists

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  • max

    ……i’m back in auschwitz after being recaptured……again……this time the female commandant has given two of her guardresses free reign over me……they drag me by my hair to a cell where they stand over me
    in their tight leather uniforms……they kick me for over an hour then whip me……and they are flushed with sexual excitement……i occasionally manage to glance up their skirts and glimpse their damp and soiled white panties……they become so excited they remove their panties……one girl stuffs her panties in my mouth then the other girl
    places her panties over my face so that i can see only through the thin white and stained material……they whip and kick me again and order me to lick their boots……they remove all of their clothes and then the scene becomes something more than just a military punishment …… they tear off my clothes and then it is purely a female against male conflict……they both whip me for a long time until i am a mess of blood and stinging flesh and bone……they piss on me and then pull on their fresh pairs of little white panties and dress in their uniforms again before locking me in the cell……they tell me that my fellow escapee has been recaptured and that he is in the next cell awaiting his punishment……they laugh wildly and wickedly……can’t resist a few more kicks to my face……then they leave me with only the sounds of punishment from the next cell in auschwitz concentration camp.

  • Lobojack

    It’s a pity that the production of Rubex has been so scarce. He was unique ! I love that rubber atmosphere and the facial expression of his sadistic females.

  • Lobojack

    Altogether I managed to collect about 60 pieces of his art. The best ones I found in an issue of AMAZON magazine, published in the (late ?) Seventies. They probably did not go beyond issue #1, which is a pity. Anyway this is how I discovered the art of Rubex (and of a few other great talents)

  • smartarse

    cruel nazi women…..a natural subject for femdom lovers. wouldn’t we like to be at their mercy…..
    except mercy is not in their vocabulary

  • Five thumbs up – way up.

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