Just what are the sadistic nurses about to do to this man. Look likes it may be an attack on his genitals. Castration? Penectomy? Rubex’s nurses usually look evil enough to perform the most horrifying deeds.

Rubex femdom penectomy

Do you have evil nurse fantasies?

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10 comments to Penectomy?

  • benjamin

    Castration, definitely… but shouldn’t he be lying down on the procedures table? But, the gloves are a nice touch, and the nurses aren’t wearing heels…. maybe they’re serious, after all. I’m not so much a fan of ‘nasty nurses’, but I do love a good castration fantasy!

  • whyguys

    “PENECTOMY ?? But Ma’am… what will I use to write the next Great American Novel?”

  • rick

    the nicest part is invisible: the long conversation between the two women – how to and why

  • Lady Stockingtops

    I love the idea of femdom penectomy. I think castrating women shold be elegant and self confident. These nurses look just right.

  • Jim

    I am sure they will cut his dick off first and let him live for a while cockless suffering each time he is forced to watch the women fuck real men. If they have mercy they will castrate him to put him out of his misery. Then he will be their personal fuckboy to be vioated by their gay male friends. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Jim, I like the way you think. But maybe the nurses will just give him a penis reduction, eliminating the shaft and reattaching the head. Then he can always get horny but never cum except by prostate milking… or perhaps by the violations you suggest.



  • Glenn

    I look forward to the days when women finally take control of this out of control world and mold into what it should have always been. A female led world order should consist of everything that makes women feel good about themselves, boost their ego and bring them the sexual fulfillment they have been denied for far too long. Men should have on two roles, cuckolds or lovers. The lovers will be shared by all women the way they wish. As long a lover is able to deliver the goods, he will keep his role. When he falls from grace, he will become a cuckold. The lovers will wear a well made metal chastity belt. It will be opened by all women with a smart phone so when she needs pleasures, she gets it then without any drama. It will be re-locked when she is satisfied. No lover will be allowed without a chastity belt. It should be a law that all cuckolds get a penactomy ASAP. Male nudity should also be a law showing the difference of the cuckold and a lover. This new cuckold will have the peace and happiness he deserves and live a better life serving women and the community in a much more productive way. I do hope women keep pushing forward with your dreams of complete control. Please make this world a better place for everyone and teach us how happy we will be living our roles as a team. Until then, please put all small, weak and cuckold men in a chastity device and take whatever control you can get. Please keep teaching us how to be better for your needs. My question to all women is, How is it that the last 2 elections women had the chance to bring a Female Vice President and a Female President into this country but failed by choosing the failed male leadership we continue to endure? For this, I still don’t understand women’s thinking. However, I will not lose my faith in women leading someday. Thank you, Glenn.


    Yes Glenn!
    You are on the right track; but I prefer the idea that Men could be abducted in a Female controlled world; by squads of Rubex style Rubber (or, even Leather clad) Nurses, and taken to special clinics, where they would be forcibly given cbt procedures, and made to pleasure their captors with oral and facesit; whlst such treatments were performed. After suffering hours of such medical experiments, the Men could be tagged, and made to return for further (regular) treatments and give the Nurses samples of their precious semen, under repeated and controlled milking processes.
    The idea of being kidnapped and forcibly stripped, then stimulated by dominant rubber/leather dressed Nurses, gets me really excited!
    A man’s dream Fantasy???

  • sizedsmall

    Yes, I do have evil nurse fantasies.

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