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  • Ray MacMeeken { Can't get enough of the great Giantess drawings and photos. } – Jul 29, 3:31 AM
  • Ray MacMeeken { I love this drawing. } – Jul 29, 3:30 AM
  • sissywayne { To me, she seems that she has done this many times to this slave and many others, so she really has no emotions one way or the other concerning the slave. When the women do take over.....and many, many years... } – Jul 28, 11:54 PM
  • sissywayne { To me, the wall thing looks like "scissors" or "claws" that have him tight so that there is a little blood coming out. The shoes are really sweet. He can't step on either foot, the spike's will tear into the... } – Jul 28, 11:47 PM
  • sizedsmall { I love the concept here, but all his males are ugly gargoyles, not real men. } – Jul 28, 9:41 PM
  • Sni { A terrified looking sissy with an erect clitstick. Always a perfect combination. } – Jul 28, 2:26 AM
  • Sni { Yeah the female vampires in Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel were far more memorable, especially the way they dominated Jonathan Harker and nearly drained him dry in the original story. } – Jul 28, 2:11 AM
  • Sni { I remember reading that story in Greek Mythology, I also remember one from Norse Mythology in which Thor had to be disguised in a dress and veil as a bride to a giant who couldn't wait to make love to... } – Jul 28, 2:04 AM
  • Sni { "Whip must have her 'pussy' douched once a week." "Whip must never play with same pussy without Goddess's permission." "Whip must never try to milk herself or give herself a ruined orgasm, only Goddess can do that." "Whip may however... } – Jul 28, 1:50 AM
  • Throne { Perhaps her goal is to get him addicted to this. } – Jul 27, 9:33 PM
  • Throne { If he still possesses any self esteem, a good long face-sitting from her will eliminate it. } – Jul 27, 9:31 PM
  • Richard { In the last couple of years I have seen so much erotic art with ten gallon breasts and five feet cocks that Ward's exaggerations have come to see pretty mild. } – Jul 27, 7:25 PM
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Penis Police?

This gun-toting, rubber skirt wearing sadistic woman isn’t a Nazi but her costume is reminiscent of the female Nazis of popular culture. The symbol on her arm band suggests she might be a officer in the Penis Police.

Rubex nazi femdom

Your guess is always welcome.

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9 comments to Penis Police?

  • benjamin

    Definitely Penis Police. I’m guilty, arrest me. Whip me. Scold me. Make me wear uncomfortable, yet erotic undergarments.
    Where are the Cops when you need one?


  • max

    i am on my back at her feet after she whipped me madly and viciously for an hour since my recapture from another failed escape attempt from auschwitz concentration camp……her boots are gleaming only because she ordered me to clean them with my tongue and i am unable to ask her to stop walking all over me and pissing on me because she has stuffed her soiled white lace trimmed panties in my mouth……only when she has walked on me for an hour screaming and shouting obscenities at me she then sits on my face covering my head with her black leather skirt and only them wanks me with her black shiny gloves on which i gush my load of hot sticky mess then she kicks me out to the snow and slushy mud of auschwitz.

  • Lobojack

    I desperately yearn to get caught by her….

  • Cevinex

    My man Rubex again. Beautiful rendition that reveals the heart and soul of the Femdom experience (well, at least for this fan of his work): powerful, cruel amazonian beauty on top; diminished, humbled and deflated male slave – helpless, brutalized and crumbling at her feet. His bondage is so comprehensive and stifling, the sense of his utter, powerless defeat (prevalent in all of Rubex’s art) is palpable. One comes away with the feeling that nothing but doom awaits her victim. For so many, this is not sexy, as the scenario – with it’s fascistic overtone – is perhaps overwhelming. But for some, as is the case with me, the art is transcendent.

    For those who enjoy the still-quasi-tabu subject of Nazi/fascistic Femdom fantasy, I highly endorse the work of dIGI and his incredible (and incredibly cruel) illustrated tales featuring the adventures of The Virtual Uniform Grrlz:


  • smartarse

    She is dressed like a nazi, behaves like a nazi….It seems to me that she is a nazi.
    I would be genuinely afraid .
    and yet.
    She is every submissive mans dream lady.I expect no mercy

  • losttlab

    remindes me of a women i know out west . a real hater because she dosnt have man parts .

  • Crimson Kid

    Except for the symbol on her armband and possibly her blue-black stockings, she’s wearing a classic Nazi S.A. (party storm trooper) uniform.

    References to Auschwitz still make me uncomfortable though, it’s one thing to portray quasi-fascistic fantasy females and quite another to have a sexualized scenario set within a historic mass murdering which really occurred… –C.K.

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