Hairbrush Spanking

I know that for many of you an uncomplicated hairbrush spanking is the most exciting image of all. Once again the color is wonderful.

Hairbrush Spanking by Sardax

© Sardax. Used with permission. Reduce from original size. Can be seen full-sized at Sardax’s site.

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3 comments to Hairbrush Spanking


    Having endured this as a horrible and terrifying punishment for getting caught wanking as a young boy this is now a powerful means of sexual release for me now. I don’t understand why and sure wish someone could explain my helplessness in not being able to stop masturbating to in now. A hairbrush is especially stimulating for me. Although I don’t have anyone to so it with right now.
    JimBo in Delaware

  • smartarse

    7an1half.My experience as a youth was similar, albeit a belt was used, even so I will masturbate over this drawing……but to explain it, I cant… I think sometimes we try to have a too intellectual approach to the subject instead of just enjoying it.

  • bbjc

    guys I was spanked often growing up. The act of being bare bottom so that all my “sex” was exposed to my brother, sisters and mom always resulted in an erection. I also witnessed my siblings the same way. I have masturbated to those thoughts and pictures such as this one. My ex-wife would spank me when she caught me masturbating…which was often

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