HunnyB’s Feminized Sissies

A small collection of sissyfication art by HunnyB.









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  • Wow, this Hunny is a terrific artist! Another talent I’d never heard of before, so thanks.

    Not only do I like the kinky scenes, but the skill and complexity of the presentation–the details, the perspectives, the colors. These are the kinds of hot and well-done pictures that set off whole stories in my mind as a femdom fiction writer.

  • Lobojack

    These pics seem to illustrate my fav scenario: to get kidnapped by a group of dominant ladies and undergo forced and final sissification/feminisation.

  • Throne

    These scenes are quite inventive. The focus on ridicule and humiation adds so much. And, as Irv O. Neil points out, they suggest longer narratives. Talk about one picture being worth a whole bunch of words!!!

  • Downlow

    I’m going to find a pro at a house to do the plastic wrap scene above, and invite the other house dommes in. I love that one! I love all of them!

  • They are inventive, right, Throne? The scene on the subway train (2nd from the bottom) suggests this to me: in a totalitarian matriarchal future, sexual segregation has become the law of the land. There are separate subway lines for the superior sex, women, and the inferior sex, men. (The women have the cleaner, quicker subway lines.) In this strange future time, one particular crossdresser’s goal is to ride on the women’s subway line without being “read” as a genetic male. But…his secret is detected by two suspicious women, with the results so memorably captured in Hunny’s picture. “Look, grab him, he has falsies and a bulging cock in his sheer panties! He’s a boy!” “Hahahaha!” “Strip him! Make him squirt!” “He can’t fool us, hahahahaha!” “Look, look, he’s squirting!! Told you he would!!”

  • walle1823

    I agree with lobojack being kinnaped by a bunch of overpowering ladies and forced to become a sissy put on display i would somewhat enjoy it

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